For some reason, this story disappeared about a week after it was posted. I am re-posting this story again because it contains an event that will be carried on throughout future SSBM stories, so this story must not disappear. Therefore, this story MUST NOT disappear.


One normal day, Peach is on her way home from the grocery. She came to a street where a carnival is being set up. She knew that today a Chinese circus will be set here and it will surely be a big hit. How great it would be to see the Chinese performance!

"Peach!" a voice called out to her. She turns around and sees Yoshi running towards her and in his hand he is a carrying a Yoshi plush doll.

"Look at what I got!" he said to Peach, "A plushie of me! I won it from the ring-throwing game!"

"That's good!" Peach said, "But did you have a hard time?"

Yoshi replies, "Well..."


"Whatever the ring lands on it yours!" says the man-in-charge to Yoshi. Yoshi threw lots of rings, but none of them land on what he wants. But then, one of the ring lands on the man's head!

"Give me your head!" shouts Yoshi. The man runs off screaming with Yoshi chasing behind him, saying, "Give me your head!"

The man tells him he'll give him a Yoshi doll if he stops craving for his head.


"That's not very nice..." says Peach.


"Who's that?" said Peach upon hearing the laugh.


"Who's laughing?" Yoshi says.

Suddenly, a metal hand shoots toward the both of them! Yoshi pushes Peach out of the hand's reach, dropping the Yoshi doll in the process. The hand grabs the doll and retracts back to two men in a grim reaper-style cloak.

"Hehehe..." laughs one of the man, "We caught Yoshi," he continues. The other one, who is quite fat, says, "Yeah, I never dreamed of this day,"

Yoshi: Ahem... Who are you?

Mysterious man: The name is not important. We have succeeded in abducting one of the Smashers.

Yoshi: Are you insane?

The mysterious man throws two tickets to Peach and Yoshi and tells them to have two of the Smashers come to the Chinese Circus at 3:00 PM or else Yoshi dies. After saying that, the two mysterious cloaked men jumps out of sight.

"Are those two people crazy?" says Peach, "They took the doll away and thought they kidnapped you,"

"But anyway," Yoshi says, "They gave us two circus tickets for free!"

The both of them return to Smash Mansion and report this to the others.

Captain Falcon (CF): What? Yoshi is kidnapped? That cannot happen! We must rescue him!

Link: He is one of us! We cannot leave a friend behind!

Yoshi: But I'm over here...

CF: It seems that only two can go. We shall choose the strongest of the strongest.

Yoshi: I said I'm all right!

CF: We should cast a lot and see who goes with Yoshi.

So they cast lots and it fell on Marth.

Marth: Oh well...

CF: But before you go, you should wear some pants.

Marth: You know nothing about these kind of clothes, do you?

CF: Whatever... You must now accompany Yoshi to the circus and rescue Yoshi from those mysterious kidnappers.


CF: But it seems that two people aren't enough for this mission. So I will go, even if it means to buy another ticket.

And so, Marth, Yoshi, and Falcon went to the Chinese Circus.

"Well, there's the circus," says Yoshi, "Now where shall we look for the mysterious men?"

"I would recommend beating everyone in the circus and ask if they know anything about Yoshi," replies Falcon, but Marth responds, "Isn't it too cruel?"

Just then, a kid passing by says, "Mommy! That blue hair guy isn't wearing pants!"

Marth: ...


"Hey! It's those two men!" says Yoshi.

One of them says, "So you've come. But I said only two people. You have disobeyed my orders, so now we should take out Yoshi earlier,"

"Release Yoshi at once!" CF shouts to them.

Without a word, Yoshi throws an egg at the two men and it explodes in front of their face. Their cloaks are burned and their true forms are revealed.

CF: Pix and Pork!

Pix: Dammit! Everything is messed up!

Pork: But we still have Yoshi in our hands!

Pix grabs the doll by the neck and says, "Come any closer and I'll twist his neck!"

Marth: You should wear glasses...

Pix looks at the Yoshi more carefully and finds out it's just a doll.

Pix: Eh? A doll?

Pork: When did he turn into a doll?

Yoshi: Such morons...

"Well, it seems that our mission is complete," says Marth. "What do we do now?"

"Now that we're here," replies CF, "Why not see the Chinese performance?"

"Good idea!" replies Yoshi in excitement.

They went to the circus entrance, where CF asks Marth, "Marth, do you love me as a friend?" "Of course I do," replies Marth.

CF: Are you sure?

Marth: Of course.

CF: Positive?

Marth: Of course I love you as a friend!

CF: Then you buy yourself a ticket and let me have the free one.

Marth: Why you?!

So Marth proceeds to ask Yoshi, "Yoshi, do you love me as a friend?" Yoshi replies, "Of course I do, but you buy your own ticket and I use the free ticket,"

Marth: Argh!!!!!

After buying a ticket, the three of them went into the circus. The show was amazing! They see a performer on a unicycle and he is balancing a ball on his head with another man on top of the ball and is juggling! They also saw animals performing all kind of stunts! The crowds all cheer at the amazing performances.

Behind the scene, Pix and Pork are there looking at the three Smashers, who are sitting among the crowds, watching the show. Both of them are smiling evilly.

The ringmaster announces to everyone, "Now we need a volunteer for the next program! The volunteer will get a Yoshi doll in return!"

"Hey look! It's Yoshi!" cries Falcon. "Enough is enough!" cries Yoshi, then he swallows CF in a single gulp, lays him out in an egg, and then throws it onto the stage.

"It seems that we have a volunteer," says the ringmaster. Then some people ties CF against a big wooden board. "It's those kinds of knife throwing game," says CF to himself. "I hope I can live through this,"

"Don't worry, this show is very safe," the ringmaster assures everyone. "Now we will show you one of the most unbelievable knife-thrower ever!"

Then a cow with a chicken riding on its back comes into the stage. The chicken got some knives and throws it at CF, but it just hits the board next to him. Everyone was amazed that a chicken could throw knives that accurate.

"Now the cow will run back and forth and also jump through hoops while the chicken riding on its back continues to throw knives!" says the ringmaster.

So the cow jumps through hoops while the chicken throws knives at CF, only hitting the board next to him. Everyone clapped their hands at the amazing performance. But then the chicken glares at CF evilly...

"That eyesight looks familiar..." CF thought to himself. The chicken throw knives directly towards CF's face! Everyone is totally shocked by this! CF screams as he sees the knives flying closer and closer towards his head.


What will happen to Captain Falcon? Wait for the next chapter to find out!

And there stands the bag of worms, laughing at the ones down in the pit of doom.