Chapter 3

In Smash Mansion...

Peach: I wonder what's taking them so long to return.

Samus: They got their own business to do. All men are like that.

Roy: Who says so?!

Then the phone rings and Bowser picks it up.


In the Chinese Circus, the performance of Jigglypuff turning into a chicken is about to begin. She is tied up and placed in a glass tank and a giant faucet is hanging at the top. "Now the show is about to begin!" says the ringmaster, "You will see a Jigglypuff transform into a chicken!"

Pix says to himself quietly, "Let's see if the Smashers can come save her in time,"

The three Smashers are rushing for the circus. Marth says, "We're here to save you, Jigglypuff!"

Pix climbs onto the giant faucet, getting ready to turn the handle on. The ringmaster says, "Now let the show begin!" At his command, Pix turns on the handle and a drop of water drips out. Jigglypuff rolls to the side a bit to avoid getting dripped by it, but the terror came when Pix fully turns the handle on and a gush of water bursts out from the faucet! Just in time, CF rushes into the scene and performs an amazingly high jump and Falcon Punches the faucet so hard that it breaks from the pipe it's attached to. Then the water starts bursting everywhere.

"Oh no!" cried CF, "I must stop the water so nobody turns into a chicken!" Yoshi runs into the scene also, and at CF's command, he eats the faucet and spits it at CF, who is holding onto an acrobat's swing. CF catches the faucet, sticks it back to the pipe, and then turns the handle off, stopping the water flow.

"We're here to save you!" says Marth as he unties Jigglypuff.

"This is not over yet!" yells Pix as he throw bucket of Drowned Chicken waters at them. Yoshi avoids the buckets and jumps into the sky then pounds him with Hip Drop. Pork rushes over to help Pix, but is immediately knocked back by Yoshi's front smash. CF grabs Pork and gives a series of quick powerful punches before throwing him into the sky. Then Marth jumps up and smashes Pork straight onto the floor. Pix gets back up and fire lasers at them. Yoshi rolls into an egg and zooms toward him, deflecting the lasers that fly at him, and then he crashes Pix across the stage, followed by a good pounding from Jigglypuff. At last, both Space Pirates are defeated and the audiences cheered at the fighting 'show'.

"We defeated them!" says Marth, "Let us give them the final blow!" But then everyone hears a sound approaching. It sounds like a plane is landing. Then a hole is created on the side of the circus tent and a small spaceship flies in. The spaceship lands and Punk steps out. He says, "You guys are able to ruin their plan. Incredible..."

CF: Now fight with us!

Punk: I'm not fighting this time.

CF: You're afraid, right?

Punk: I am busy with something else and have no time to fight. Once it is finished, you all will be destroyed. For now, try to make yourself stronger.

He loads Pix and Punk on the spaceship and then took off into the sky.

Yoshi: There they go.

Marth: What is it that he's working on?

Jigglypuff: Thanks for helping me! Can we go home?

Yoshi: Yeah, they're all waiting for our return.

CF: I wonder if they have left something to eat for us.

And so, the four Smashers return to their home.

Peach: So you're back. There are still leftovers.

Yoshi: Yeah!

Peach: But Kirby ate them...

Yoshi: Nooooo!!!!

Peach: You can prepare some simple foods for yourself.

Yoshi: Let's call Pizza Palace!

CF and Marth tell the others about their day at the fair. The phone suddenly rings. Bowser picks it up and listens, and then he shouts, "For the 989th time! This is not Pizza Palace!!!"


"Don't misunderstand this. I only helped you so I can destroy you by myself in the future. You have taken my life twice already, so I will take your life also,"