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Rating: I am going to say PG but be aware that there will probably be some bad words here and there though.

A/N This is a response to the Suddenly Dad challenge at the CCS board. Also this is set after 'Dead End' except that the hand Lindsey got wasn't evil and he never left the firm. Also he and Lilah were made permanent co VPs.

A/N2: Anything you see in italics is Lindsey's thoughts.

Chapter 1

Lindsey McDonald didn't have a lot when he was a child. Infact he had close to nothing. But at the age of 27 he had it all. He was the co vice president of Wolfram and Hart, the most power law firm in this world and several others. Yes at times the job was dangerous but the perks made up for it in his eyes. He had money, a nice home, two cars, talent in music, good looks and much more.

It had been an ordinary Friday for Lindsey. He got up at quarter to seven, showered, got dressed then went to court, won a case that helped a very guilty man go free and then he went to Wolfram and Hart to do some paper work and argue with the other co vice president; Lilah Morgan. They liked to argue a lot. At was around one o'clock that day and Lindsey was on his way to lunch when a women knocked on his door for the last reason he ever expected.

"Are you Lindsey McDonald?" the women asked.

"Yes, can I help?" Lindsey responded.

"I am Delinda Carter, with Social Services." she announced. "May I come in?"

Lindsey looked confused, he didn't remember having a meeting with anyone from Social Services, he didn't even remember having a case that would involve them. "Um...yeah sure come in. I am sorry I don't remember us scheduling a meeting."

"That's because we didn't Mr. McDonald. I am not here because of a case, well not for one of your cases. Do you remember a girl named Bridget Flannigan?"

Lindsey thought for a moment, the name did sound familiar. Then it hit him, Bridget was a girl he dated briefly about five years ago. "Yeah I remember Bridget, what about her?"

"Well you see she disappeared, well more like ran away."

'Doesn't really surprise me, she never was the stable type' Lindsey thought. "What does this have to do with me? Or you for that matter. If someone's looking for her then shouldn't the cops be investigating?"

"Usually yes. But I am not looking for her. You see before she took off she came into my office and left something that she claims belongs to you." Delinda told him.

Lindsey was beyond confused at this point. "Which would be what?"

"A child." she stated causing Lindsey's jaw to drop. "She came in, with the child and said that she couldn't take care of the child anymore and she gave me your name and said that you were the father and that it should be with you now. Then she just took off, leaving the child. I've tried to contact her family and they either haven't heard from her or don't want to talk to me, which is why I am here now."

"I am sorry that you had to come here and waste your time because I am not anyone's father. I haven't even spoken to Bridget in five years. She never said a word or contacted me about being pregnant." Lindsey responded.

"Five years huh?"

"Yeah that's when we broke up."

"It would fit the time frame considering the kid is a little over four and the amount of months it takes to have a baby." Delinda pointed out.

"So, just because she got pregnant around when we were dating doesn't mean that it's mine. Knowing Bridget there could be several potential guys."

"Are you willing to find out for sure?"

"What? You mean will I take a DNA test? Of course, if it'll get this whole thing straightened out. I'll take one right now."

The social worker shook her head. "I am not entirely sure that's possible. There's paper work that needs to be done and either way its Friday afternoon and the odds of getting the results back today are slim so you'd have to wait until Monday..."

Working for Wolfram and hart Lindsey knew very well that there are labs in LA that could get the tests results back within a few hours and he knew she knew it too, he also knew she wouldn't admit to it unless he made it worth her while.. He reached into his pocket and pulled out one-hundred dollars "how soon can we get the test done?" he asked.

"Right away" she answered, taking the money.

'That's what I thought' he said to himself.

A few hours later Lindsey was in the social workers office waiting for the test results to be faxed over.

"You know that even if you are this child's father you have options, you don't have to..." Delinda started to say until Lindsey cut her off.

"No. If the test says that I am this child's father then I'll take it." Lindsey said but then he realized that what said, using the word 'it' like it was a car or something didn't sound right. "Can you tell me about the child? Or at least whether it's a he or she?" he asked.

"She. Her name's Rachel. That's about as much as I can say."

Lindsey nodded. 'If I am her father what am I going to do? Guys like me aren't meant to be fathers. But I won't turn my back on her, I can't. Millions of people have kids, how hard could it really be? I have more then enough money, even though its from a job that could very well get me killed one day. Or her.'

A few seconds later the fax machine received the fax. Delinda walked over to it and looked at the paper. "Well Mr. McDonald, congratulations it looks like you're a father." she said handing him the paper. "Now I could try to get an emergency hearing in family court for the end the very end of the day, it's a long shot though this way all the paper work that would place the girl in your custody will be in order. Or, we could do that first thing Monday morning this way you could use the weekend to make any arrangements or preparations you might need considering that the addition of a child is a big alteration in someone's life. I assure you she'd be in good hands until then."

"Um...yeah...ok...I need um...arrangements... I'll take you up on...that second offer." A schocked Lindsey answered. 'Shit'