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Lindsey McDonald, the sole head of the Special Projects Department of Wolfram and Hart, sat at his desk, bored, one afternoon. There was still some work to be done, but he just didn't feel like doing it. He looked over at his clock, it wasn't yet time for his important appointment. Spinning his pen around, followed by taking a bathroom break was how he passed the time. "Mr. McDonald, your three o'clock is here," his secretary announced. Lindsey okayed it, and the person he was waiting for came running in, sobbing, which disturbed him.

"What's wrong?" he asked worried, as he picked up the now six year old Rachel. She didn't answer, just continued crying. "Where's your mother?"

"I'm here Lindsey," Eve sighed entering the office.

Rachel decided to explain her troubles. "On the way home," a pause for crying, "there were," more crying, "ducks crossing the street," even more crying, "in front of the car. A lot of them. For a long time."

Lindsey bit his lower lip, to prevent himself from laughing. Of course he didn't enjoy her being scared, but he couldn't help but continue to be amused that such a nonaggressive animal, well bird really, could frighten her so much. "It's okay... they're gone now," he soothed.

"Promise?" she sniffed.

"Of course I do," he assured her. "So... how was school?" he asked, trying to change the subject and get her mind off it.

She wiped tears from her eyes, slightly used the collar of her father's shirt as a tissue, and shrugged. "Okay. How is working?"


"Like bedtime?"

"Yeah," he laughed.

She motioned to be put down, he complied. She went over to Eve who was holding her pink backpack and dug threw it until she came across a piece of construction paper. "Here, I made this for you," she said handing him the paper.

Lindsey examined it, and the design done in paint, trying to figure out just what it was. "It's nice," he smiled, "thank you."

"Do you think it looks like you? Did I do a good job?" she asked hopefully.

"It looks exactly like me. You did a great job. Thank you," he lied, but it was for a good cause. She was proud of herself, and he was happy to discover he was the subject of her work... however bad it may be.

"Lindsey, I..." Angel said, entering the office before taking notice of the two females. "Hello, Eve, Rachel," he then said. They waved. "Anyway, do you have the file I.."

"Harmony came and got it before," Lindsey interrupted. At times, it was still hard to believe that after he asked Lilah to get him a speedy custody trail, in which he won, he ended up taking a job at Angel Investigations...after much convincing from Fred of course. It was even harder to believe they ended up taking over Wolfram and Hart, giving him the position he was after in the first place. Only this time, he was doing good.

Angel sighed, and was annoyed. "Why did you give it to her? She never tells me these things, and frequently loses what she 'picks up' for me," he complained.

"I know," Lindsey smiled, enjoying Angel's pain. Angel scowled. "Hey, it's not my problem that you won't fire her." Just because they worked together didn't mean they were best friends, or stopped hassling one another to an extent.

"Can I fire you?" Angel questioned

"Fred won't allow it. Or she'd quit running the science lab if you did."

"Damn," he muttered.

Lindsey's mouth dropped and pointed at Rachel, "Angel, please, little ears," he taunted, succeeding in furthering frustrating his 'boss'.

"It's okay, daddy," Rachel said, "after all, last night, when I couldn't sleep I heard you and mommy making funny sounds talking loudly in your room and you yelled-"

"Don't you have homework?" Lindsey interrupted before his child could finish his sentence, and mentally kicking himself for her him say... well... what he said. It certainly wasn't for a child's ears. Eve was mortified herself.

Now it was Angel's turn to taunt, "tisk, tisk, Lindsey, tisk, tisk," he wagged an index finger at him.

"At least I can-" thankfully, Lindsey stopped himself, "say... what I said to Eve... and not be... mad at her after."

"Rachel, sweety, why don't we leave daddy and Angel to... work?" Eve suggested.

Rachel sighed, "do I have to?" she asked, "I haven't seen him all day, cause school is long."

Lindsey knew how she felt, he agreed six hours, five days a week was too long, he often wondered if there was something he could do to change that, but Eve always told him no. "I should be home in an hour," he promised.

"Fine, I'll play with Sparkles until you do," she stated. Her and Eve left.

Angel turned to Lindsey, "have you ever been able to find out just what Sparkles is?" he asked, curiously.

Lindsey shook his head, "not a clue. Biggest mystery ever."

"Maybe we should hire... he/she/it... as a spy," Angel snorted.

"Oh Sparkles is a girl, I do know that much, nothing else though. She'd probably do a better job then some on staff."

Both men went silent and stared at each other. "That conversation didn't just take place," Angel said.

"What conversation?" Lindsey replied.

"Right, good." Angel left.

Lindsey went back to his desk, finished the rest of his work and went home, completely satisfied. It was good to be him,now he reallydid have it all.


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