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Olivia sighed then followed them in, not knowing what to expect.

"So" Karen said going over to Olivia's refrigerator and getting out a bottle of tequila. "Why are you so upset honey?"

"well first off" Olivia said closing her front door "people go into my house and my refrigerator without permission" Olivia said a little dryly.

"Don't you just hate that?" Jack asked flinging himself on the couch and turning on the TV

"I know, it's like hello, can't some people get manners?" Karen asked getting out two glasses and pouring a healthy amount of Tequila in them. Olivia simply rolled her eyes then went over and turned off the TV.

"Hey!" Jack cried out in protest "I was watching that! Dr McDreamy is about to show us his McDreamy ass and I do not want to miss that piece of McDreamy ness."

"Look,why are the two of you here?"

"because honey" Karen said coming over to her. "Your love life is in shambles and who better to fix it?" Olivia sighed then tried to take one of the glasses that Karen had in her hand.

"Oh I'm sorry, these are both for me" Karen said before downing both of the glasses in one gulp.

"Thanks but I don't need any help on my love life, especially from someone who can drink two glasses of Tequila at the same time."

"Yes you do. I mean, if you think you can wear that outfit on a date and expect to get some, you are sadly mistaken" Karen said sitting on her couch. Olivia sighed a little angrily before sitting down in one of her chairs.

"Fine, I'll give, what do you think you can help me with?"

"Get your balding, slightly over weight hunk of man back" Jack said perkingly.

"You mean Elliot?" Karen nodded

"now don't worry about all the details, Munchy already told me all of them."

"Yeah, about how you two were having eye sex for like eight years and how you finally got to banging monkeys when you caught him kissing his Ex wife and you guys broke up."

"Nice to know I can trust him with that kind of stuff" Olivia said a little disappointedly. Karen scoffed

"Well honey, if it wasn't so obvious, then maybe you would have a better chance at hiding it." Jack nodded in agreement

"I know, you and Elliot belong together like Karen and a large bottle of prescription pills downed with an entire bottle of vodka."

"Well thanks poodle" Karen said happily

"welcome Kare Bear." Olivia rolled her eyes then shook her head.

"You guys don't get it, he kissed his ex wife, the girl she's been married to for twenty years. You don't just get over that in an hour."

"Did he apologize?"

"yeah but-"

"Then whats the problem?"

"You guys don't get it do you. He said it was a mistake to fall in love with me. I can't just let that go"

"I'm sure he didn't mean it." Olivia just sighed, she knew there was no way that Karen and Jack were going to understand.

"Look" Jack said "do you love the guy?" Olivia looked down for a moment before she turned her attention back to him.

"More then anything in the world."

"Well there you go, it doesn't matter what he said or who he kissed or what you said or anything like that. What matters is that you guys were made for each other. You two love each other, shouldn't that matter more then his ex wife kissing him?" Olivia struggled not to let tears fall down her face. Jack and Karen were right, she was in with him, he was in love with her, and they belonged together.

"We both said some things we didn't mean, what if he never wants to get back together.

"Trust me, he wants you, he love's you Olivia." Olivia nodded then wiped away her tears

"what should I do?"

"call him, tell him you love him" Jack said handing her her phone. Olivia took it then nodded.

"Wow" Karen said turning to Jack "we actually getting them back together. We're like, psychiatrists or something.

"Yeah, we're like a combined Dr Phil, except much younger, prettier, skinnerer and we like most minorities." Karen nodded in agreement before turning there attention back to Olivia who hung up the phone.

"Whats going on honey?" Karen asked

"it's storming outside, the building supervisor always shut off phone services during storms." Jack and Karen then turned there attention back to talking about how they were a much better Dr Phil. Olivia simply sighed then looked at a picture of her and Elliot and smiled softly at it.

"I love you Elliot, god I wish I could tell you that."


"Kathleen, I'm not gonna sing to Olivia, I'll just tell her I'm sorry" Elliot said as he drove to Olivia's apartment with Kathleen.

"Any guy can tell a girl he's sorry. But your gonna prove to her that your willing to look like an idiot in front of her. Elliot sighed

"Kathleen I can't sing. I'm like completely tone deaf, she'll probably think I'm yelling at her."

"Dad will you just shut up and drive? You love her right?"

"more then anything, but-"

"no, no buts. You are going to sing to her and prove that your willing to make a jack ass out of yourself for her. Elliot shook his head

"it's beginning to storm, I can't sing into a microphone without getting electrocuted"

"tough." Elliot sighed, turned on his wipers and continued to drive.

When he finally got to Olivia's apartment building her stooped the car and got out.

"Kathleen it's not gonna work. It's raining way to hard out, your CD player will get ruined" he practically had to shout over the pounding rain

"so? it's Maureen's old one any way." Elliot sighed then looked up at the building.

"What are you waiting for, call out her name" Kathleen said getting her CD player. Elliot groaned then gently called out

"Olivia, Olivia" but like he expected, there was no one answered.

"Call louder." Elliot groaned then called out her name a little bit louder but definitely not loud enough so that she would hear it over the rain.

"Your pathetic" Kathleen said with an eye roll coming up to him. "This is how you do it" she said turning her attention to the building

"OLIVIA!!" Kathleen screamed as loud as she possibly could.

"Did you hear that?" Olivia asked, almost positive she heard some one screaming her name..

"hear what?" Jack asked turning to her. Olivia simply shushed him and listened.

"OLIVIA!!" she head being scream loudly again.

"Okay I'm sure I heard that one" she said getting off the couch and going over to the window and looking out.

"Whats going on?" Karen asked as she and Jack walked up to her.

"I don't know" she said opening the window and began to look for who had screamed her name.

"Kathleen will you stop screaming!?" Elliot scolded her. "You probably just got the attention of everybody in Manhattan!"

"Including Olivia" Kathleen said smugly. Elliot rolled her eyes then looked at Olivia's window, glad she was only on the third floor.

"Look she's probably not home, why don't we just-"

"Elliot? what the hell are you doing here?" Olivia yelled at him, seeing him standing in the pounding, ice cold rain. Elliot turned his attention to her window and looked up at it.

"Kathleen what do I say?" he asked her, completely nervous.

"Tell her you love her." Elliot took a deep breath then turned to the window.

"Olivia" he yelled out "this morning you told me that I should make a fool out of myself, and do something so stupid and idiotic that it proves that I'm in love with you. And that's exactly what I'm gonna do." Olivia felt tears of happiness roll down her face as she smiled down at him. He quickly took a deep breath then turned on the Cd player and turned back to her.

"Elliot what the hell are you doing?" she yelled at him. Elliot turned off the CD player and turned back to her

"what do you mean?"

"Your going to hold a wire, with an electrical storm? Elliot your going to get electrocuted!" she yelled at him over the pounding rain.

"I'm willing to take that chance!" he yelled back turning on the CD player again. "I'm in love with you and if getting shocked means that I have to prove it to you then so be it! I want you to know that everything in this song I mean! your my everything Olivia, and I'm willing to make a fool out of myself to prove that I am in love with you and will do anything it takes to win you back!" He took a deep breath then turned to Kathleen who just nodded at him before he looked back up at Olivia and began to sing.

She's a yellow pair of running shoes

A holey pair of jeans

She looks great in cheap sunglasses

She looks great in anything

She's I want a piece of chocolate

Take me to a movie

She's I can't find a thing to wear

Now and then she's moody

She's a Saturn with a sunroof

With her brown hair a-blowing

She's a soft place to land

And a good feeling knowing

She's a warm conversation

That I wouldn't miss for nothing

She's a fighter when she's mad

And she's a lover when she's loving

And she's everything I ever wanted

And everything I need

I talk about her, I go on and on and on

'Cause she's everything to me

She's a Saturday out on the town

And a church girl on Sunday

She's a cross around her neck

And a cuss word 'cause its Monday

She's a bubble bath and candles

Baby come and kiss me

She's a one glass of wine

And she's feeling kinda tipsy

She's the giver I wish I could be

And the stealer of the covers

She's a picture in my wallet

Of my unborn children's mother

She's the hand that I'm holding

When I'm on my knees and praying

She's the answer to my prayer

And she's the song that I'm playing

And she's everything I ever wanted

And everything I need

I talk about her, I go on and on and on

'Cause she's everything to me

She's the voice I love to hear

Someday when I'm ninety

She's that wooden rocking chair

I want rocking right beside me

Everyday that passes

I only love her more

Yeah, she's the one

That I'd lay down my own life for.

Elliot stooped singing and pressed pause on the CD player as he looked up at Olivia, the rain pounding on to him.

"Oh god honey" Karen said with tears in her eyes "you need to go to that man right now!"

"I know, even though is he is balding and slightly over weight, he loves you, go to him right now!" Olivia didn't hear them, all she could concentrate on was Elliot. She let out a quick sob then covered it up.

"Honey he loves you, you need to go to him now!" Karen protested going up to her. Olivia turned towards her and went to her and hugged her and Jack.

"Thank you, for everything."

"Um Detective Benson your clothes are kind of hurting me, but your welcome." Olivia released the hug

"you got my name right" she said happily. Karen and Jack scoffed

"well of course she did, how hard is it to pronounce Benson?" Olivia just smiled at them before running as fast as she ever did out of her apartment.

"Dad why'd you stop? she was loving it" Elliot shook his head

"no she wasn't look up at the window, she's not there. Come on Kathleen, let's go home" he said a little disappointedly.

"Elliot wait!" Olivia shouted when she saw him walking away. He quickly turned around as Olivia ran over to him and pulled him into a deep and passionate kiss. They released it and looked into each others eyes.

"I'm sorry!" Elliot shouted over the rain. "For everything Olivia, I'm in love with you!" Olivia grinned at him

"I'm in love with you to, I always have been, ever since the first time I saw you." Elliot kissed her again then pulled her into a tight embrace.

"Marry me" he whispered softly, stroking her hair. Olivia puled away form the hug and looked at him in confusion.

"What did you say?"

"I asked you to marry me. We're in love Olivia, and I am willing to do anything for you, your my dream girl Olivia. So what do you say, will you marry me?" Olivia smiled at him then took a deep breath

"no." This time it was Elliot's turn to get wide eyed

"no? oh wow um, not exactly the answer I was expecting."

"Your saying no?" Kathleen asked in confusion going up to them. "He almost got electrocuted for you, you guys are so in love it's almost sickening, plus he embarrassed himself so bad for you, so tell me again why your saying no."

"Olivia" he said softly "if this has anything to do with Kathy then-"

"no Elliot thats not it, and now I know that now more then anything. Elliot I have loved you more then anyone else in this world since the first time we met" Olivia began taking his hand in hers. "But I just want to take it one step at a time. Yes I really really want to marry you someday, hell I've even dreamed about marrying you, but right now I just want to be with you. So instead of marriage, you wanna go get a movie and dinner?" Elliot chuckled then nodded

"Yeah, I'd like that." They smiled at each other for a few seconds before Elliot pulled her into a deep and passionate kiss. Just then Olivia's phone rang. The both groaned then released the kiss and Olivia picked up her cell phone.

"Benson" she said happily.

"Hey it's Cragen, we got a rape case up in Willow apartments in Manhattan, apartment D7. Girl's name was Rachel Green, she was found by her fiancée Ross Geller."

"Sure, we'll be there" and she quickly hung up and turned her attention back to Elliot.

"We got a case." Elliot nodded then once again pulled her into a kiss. After they released it they both turned to Kathleen.

"Kathleen, is this going to upset you in anyway?" she asked, strongly hoping that she would say no. Kathleen scoffed

"excuse me, I'm the one who told him to sing to you." Olivia smiled at her then hugged her and Kathleen hugged her back.

"come on, as much as I would like to spend tonight out in the rain with you we gotta get going." Olivia released the hug then Kathleen grabbed her CD and turned to Elliot.

"Dad I'm gonna catch a cab home, give you and Olivia some privacy okay?" Elliot nodded then Kathleen hailed a cab and quickly got in and they watched it drive away.

"So" Olivia said as she and Elliot walked to his car "Why did you decide to sing that song."

"Well it was either that or Britney Spears 'Dear Diary' and I didn't figure you to be a pop princes kind of girl.

"Good call" Olivia said with a smile. Elliot just chuckled then opened the car door for her and Olivia got in and he closed it before getting in his side and drove off, both knowing they were in love, both knowing the chances of there relationship working out were complete success, both knowing the would always be there for each other.

The End