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A proud feeling always comes when a goal is accomplished. That is how Sara felt when she had finished decorating the nursery in her new apartment. It had to be an apartment, she had pinched pennies in order to pay the rent but she had done it.

She was nearing the last few days before her due date and she felt the apprehension growing inside of her heart. She was ready to become a mother, and was worried about how good of a mother she would be.

She had made the decision to learn the gender of the baby, a girl. It had taken her days to come up with the right name. Teresa wanted Elizabeth, Catherine liked Rose, and Warrick liked whatever Catherine liked. Sara had decided on the name Callie.

When she was young, she had hated how her parents had named her Sara Sidle. The first letters were the same and if you said it fast it sounded like suicidal. She had wanted to be named Callie, she thought it sounded pretty. It seemed like the right thing to name her daughter that.

She was giving her Grissom's name. That decision wasn't nearly as hard. Teresa had told her that maybe if she named the child Callie Grissom, she should tell Grissom about his daughter. But she didn't. Her fingers ached to pick up the phone and dial his number. Tell him everything, but rejection fed into her heart as well, and she could never take his anger.

So she didn't tell him, didn't call him even though she fantasized it millions of times. Her life was in Boston now; that was what she decided; her whole life was growing inside of her and soon would be welcomed into the world.

"So what happened next?" Sara asked chuckling a little. She groaned as she settled on to the sofa, why oh why do pregnant women have to have a hard time getting around she wondered.

"Well the next part of Greg's wonderful field experience is of him being so excited about finding a bullet hole where the killing bullet was lodged, he ran and slipped on a puddle and went sliding into the pool." Catherine said, failing to contain her laughter.

Sara was laughing so hard, she could see it so perfectly, "How did the guys take it?"

"Oh, Nick and Warrick won't let him live it down; they keep asking him if he had a nice swim."

Sara started laughing again, "Anything else happen after…ow geez that hurt."

"What's wrong?" Catherine asked.

"Catherine, I have to go now."

"Wait Sara tell me what's…"

"Catherine I have to go…I, I think I'm in labor." She hung up and dialed Teresa's number. "Teresa, it's time hurry!"

Teresa opened the door to the apartment ten minutes later.

"What did you do, speed all the way here?"

"Pretty much." She said while helping Sara to her feet, "We have to get you to the hospital."

"Where are the kids?"

"I left them with my neighbor, nice old woman, you'd like."

"Arrgh," she screamed as another contraction hit her, "just take me to the hospital so I can have my baby."

The ride over was fast, but thankfully they weren't pulled over. Once they were admitted to a room, the nurse figured out how far along Sara was.

"You still have a few hours to go dear."

"Shut up," she screamed. But the woman wasn't fazed; she apparently got that a lot.

"Teresa, you have to call Catherine, I was on the phone with when it started and she is probably going stir crazy."

Sara's guess was right, at that time Catherine was at her home pacing when she should be getting ready for work. Warrick was there, he was taking the news of Sara's labor much more calmly.

"Cath, honey, you can relax, every woman goes through labor. You went through it."

"I know I just am. I was on the phone with her and…"

"She'll be fine. What are you worried about?"

"She is in labor with my best friend's child. A child he knows nothing about. He should be there with her, he should be the one pacing and I should be the one calming him down. But she is too stubborn to just call him up and tell him everything."

Catherine's phone rang just then, she dashed for it. "Willows."

"Hello, this is Teresa McCabe; I am a friend of Sara Sidle."

"I've heard of you, is Sara alright."

"As fine as a woman in labor can be. I'll let you talk to her." Teresa was about to hand the phone to Sara, but then saw how hard Sara was clenching the side of the bed. Instead she put the phone on speaker; she was not about to by a new cell phone.

"Hey Sara, are you all right?"

"How did you do it Catherine, how did you go through the pains of child birth?"

"Hey, when I was in labor they didn't have any pain killers to give me."

"I'm not on pain killers, and you had Eddie there holding your hand."

"Are you kidding me? He was across the street toasting to his son. You should have seen the look on his face when he came back and found Lindsey in my arms."

Sara started laughing which turned into a groan. "I hate this." She said through clenched teeth.

"Don't worry soon it will all be worth it."

Hours later, the doctors wheeled Sara into the delivery room. Catherine and Warrick were at the lab, trying to concentrate on their cases. It was pretty obvious their minds were elsewhere.

Catherine was walking towards Grissom's office when her cell phone rang, checking the caller ID she saw that it was Teresa's phone. She ducked into a closet in order to avoid any eaves droppers.

"Willows." She whispered.

"Callie Marie Grissom was born at 2:37, eight pounds five ounces." Teresa announced.

"That is so wonderful," Catherine exclaimed, "Is she there?"

"I am holding the most beautiful baby girl," Sara told Catherine as soon as she received the phone. "She is so gorgeous, like an angel." She said as she wiped away her tears of joy.

"Wow, Sara you have to send me and Warrick pictures, I really want to see her."

"I know," She sighed.

"You tired?" Catherine asked.

"Yeah," she replied.

"I'll go then, call me as soon as you can." She hung up, and then suddenly the door to the closet flew open.

There stood Greg with a confused and somewhat amused look on his face.

"What are you doing in there?"

"Uhh." Was all she could manage.

"Is Warrick in there with you?" He asked suspiciously.

"No," Now she was confused.

He grinned, "Can I get in there with you?"


"Okay then," He closed the door leaving her inside.

He turned around and there stood Grissom looking extremely confused, "Catherine's in the closet," Greg said mater- of-factly.Grissom looked behind Greg to see Catherine stumbling out of the closet, "I don't want to know." Was he said before hurriedly walking away.

Miles away, Sara hugged her daughter one last time before setting her down in the little infant beds they had at the hospital. Closing her eyes and drifting off to sleep, there was only one word that described how she felt. Content.

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