Kate remembers. She remembers daycare and how the other kids used to pick on her. She can still hear them if she closes her eyes. Calling her words she didn't understand, but made her cry all the same. She remembers the sharp pain of having her ponytails being pulled back so far she'd scream until her throat was raw, and the mean kids still wouldn't let go. She remembers when Lizzie kisses her under the slide at recess, she tasted like red Kool-Aid and honey, just as she remembers that they would call the kids they were hiding from poopheads and it didn't matter what her dad called her.

She remembers promising that when they got bigger, she'd be a supergirl and she'd protect them from all the bigger kids by turning them into toads.

She also remembers the look in Lizzie's eye Kate told her that it was wrong, they were wrong, and she was going out with Ethan because she finally got that girls can't like girls.