A/N: (pats Sami on the head) She pokes it real good! (makes a face) That didn't come out right...


"I can't believe you would say that!"

"Oh, believe it, princess. Nobody cares if your clothes are designer, you hang out with the Scoobies, you have to help slay."

"Because it's been my lifelong dream to be a member of your band of losers."

"Oh, you know it."

"You really need some better comebacks, you know?"

"Maybe I wouldn't if you'd start helping out and get killed one of these nights."

"Why doesn't Dawn have to help out?"

"Maybe because she's thirteen?"

"Like that's a good reason. I'll bet anything that your whore's been getting into bar fights since she was ten."



"Oh. Hey! She is not!"

"Really? Huh. That's not what Buffy says."


"That's what I heard, anyway."


"Just eat your dessert so we can go."

"I thought you didn't want to help."

"It's better then this."


"Why are you taking so long, anyway? I thought you said you liked Eskimo pie!"

"Maybe I just wanted to bask in your lovely radiance."

"Shove it, Xand."

"Love you, too."