A/N: I haven't done this in a while. It felt good to write

Dawn knows why Cordelia never comes home before early morning anymore. She knows about Gunn, Wesley, Anne or whoever else she decided to do before crawling into the bed they share without so much as 'good night'. She know that the only reason Cordelia went out with her in the first place was because with her aid dyed and a little makeup, she looks kinda like Buffy.

It's been a long time since anyone's loved her, not since Tara, and she fine with that. Because then nobody can hurt her soul like Buffy or Willow and she won't care if they die, like she did with Joyce or Tara.

Dawn understands that she will probably never be loved any way. ever again. And she used to be okay with that. But she's not anymore, because, damnit, the monks made her human, and gave her the feelings of one. And it just makes it that much easier as she slowly raises the gun. So much easier, to turn off the safety, place it between her lips and close her eyes, so she doesn't have to see the blood.