Robin's Love


BeastBoy had just ran of 'cause everyone back at Titan's Tower was busy doing their own thing. So he went to go see if there was something to do in the city. Then he saw some girls playing with a dog. So BB decided to transform into a dog.

"Ewwww!" One girl screamed. "It's a green dog! Get away!"

So BB sadly walked off, still looking like a dog.

Suddenly, a ship landed in the park, and a huge monster walked out. He had huge white eyes, and looked kinda like a stone. He wore a yellow space suite, and orange boots on his feet.

"Doggy!" The monster yelled as he ran to BB and picked him up.

"Ahhh!" BB yelled. "Get off me!"

"Bad dog!" The monster yelled. "Doggy must always listen top Grauge!" The monster scolded BB.

"I'm not your dog!" BB yelled.

But Grauge didn't listen, and was about to take BeastBoy into the space ship. Then, something hit Grauge and BB fell to the ground.

It was the Titans!

"Titans! Go!" Robin yelled. And all the Titans attacked.

"Ha! Ha! Ha!" Grauge yelled as he threw some sort of ball at the Titans. "Goodnight!"

Then smoke came from the ball. It was sleeping gas, and all the Titans fell asleep.