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Rune awoke the next morning pleased at the feel of Tintlett's soft skin next to his own. He smiled, noting her slow sleepy breathing, and let the first rays of light edge in through the nearby window. It wasn't often that he got to hold his love like this, cuddling her securely between his arms, now that he was a Dragon Knight and living in draqueen. In fact, his sleep-numbed mind restated, it was never that he got to do so.

But that abnormality was ignored as he blissfully relished the sweet scent of her softly curling hair and the way she sighed peacefully in her sleep, nuzzling further back and sliding into his cleavage.

Rune blinked his eyes open at that thought, flinching at the sunlight shining directly into them through the open balcony doors next to his bed, and made a good faith attempt to sort out for the umpteenth time why he appeared to be involved in a relationship with his wife that was (compared to its regular state) abnormally lesbian, and tried to remember if this was allowed, disallowed, or merely skimmed over in Dragoon's constitution.

A few doors down, Rath awoke to a distinct pressure in his lower abdomen, rolled over, discovered that merely made it worse, and silently cursed his life, his friends' lives, and whatever idjeet made it so fucking bright so early in the morning.

Downstairs, Cesia was already packing together a quick picnic breakfast as Thats leaned against the wall behind her, multitasking by simultaneously throwing in suggestions of what should be brought and complaining about being awoken at such an early hour.

"I just don't see why I had to be awake for this. I mean, you let the others sleep in. --Hey, don't forget the cherry jam. -- Rune and Tintlett, sure, fine, they haven't seen each other in ages. But you could've brought down Rath, too, or at least just let me sleep! --The ham. You're missing the ham.--"

"I didn't wake you up," Cesia tried to explain yet again as she placed the missing objects into the basket, "Kitchel did. If you want to complain," she continued with an irritated tsk, "then go find her. She said she needed you awake for something, but she's vanished now. Why don't you make yourself useful and go look for her?"

Thats paused in his rant, slightly annoyed that she was cutting him off right when he was starting to have fun with it.

"Oh, fine," he turned to walk away, slightly flared jeans brushing against each other as he walked, the denim making a crisp swish through the air, "and Cesia..." Thats called over his shoulder in a suddenly overly-cheerful voice as he slipped out the kitchen door, "...Don't forget the salt!"

"Goddamn," the fortuneteller muttered as he departed, slamming a smooth saltshaker into the basket as well. "I swear he's being annoying as some sort of contorted revenge."

She wasn't that far wrong, to tell the truth.

As Thats meandered down the hallways, highly enjoying their solitude, he wondered momentarily how to annoy the other girl. It needed a much more cunning plan than what he had been doing to Cesia; If it was that obvious, Kitchel would simply smack him. He had already discovered she had no qualms about hitting a lady if she was pushed far enough, especially when the lady was actually, as far as she was concerned, merely a man in a very good drag act.

Several floors above him, Rath had crawled out of bed and slunk into the adjourning bathroom where a quick search of the cabinets had revealed the painkillers Cesia had left for his use. His pride twinged as he opened the bottle, but he was supposed to meet the others shortly and didn't feel like dealing with the cramping. The spinning of the castle grounds in a sickening arc was good enough, thanks.

Besides, wasn't it supposed to end soon? How long did periods last, anyway? Four days, five days, seven days? He had a feeling that one of the last two was correct, although he was uncertain which it was. Well, this was the third day, as far as he could remember, although he was tempted to say it was the thirtieth. It should be over soon.

And then he would be able to sit back in peace and gloat over the other two, Rath thought grimly. Who said he could never see the bright side of a problem?

With a dry gulp, he swallowed down the pills, filling his cupped hand with water from the sink and sending that down after it to kill the bitterly candied aftertaste they left.

Cesia was going to be packing them a breakfast, Rath remembered abruptly. He'd go join her. He suddenly felt like trying out his culinary abilities once more, and wanted to make sure that she would be bringing something he'd feel safe eating. Rath winced at the memory of the past breakfast.

He had every right to feel a bit paranoid.

Changing quickly into a loose summer dress Cesia had lent him, Rath fumbled with the clasp on the back of his bra before giving up and putting it back. The white and gold material covered everything, and it wasn't as if he really needed one, anyway.

Slipping on a pair of sandals as well, Rath edged nervously out of his room, hoping he'd be able to make it to the kitchens without being cornered by an overly-zealous member of the castle who wished to show the "newcomer" around.

It was only when Rath was halfway there that he realized he had not seen the Dragon Lord or, for that matter, any of the other officials for a couple days now, save for one brief meeting.

This abnormality confused him for a moment before he shook it off. What did he care, anyway? Their absence was a good thing.

Rath grinned to himself as he continued on his way unheeded. This sudden relative freedom was nice. And, his eyes lit up at the thought, very convenient. Who would notice if one of the random visitors disappeared for a while? If someone did chance to realize he was missing, who was to say that he hadn't gone to visit a nearby relative or simply gotten lost in the gardens for a few hours?

Oh, Rath silently laughed, this was the opportunity he had been waiting for.


"There," Cesia stepped back to admire her efforts, smiling proudly at the neatly-packed-to-the-stitches picnic basket.

She shook the crink out of her neck, the muscles already tired from bending over the wicker basket for so long, and tucked stray strands of long waving black hair behind her ears. She was finally finished, and no thanks to the irritation of earlier that morning.

"Now," she looked around the kitchen, "where's everyone else? It's starting to get late... I thought Thats at least would be back by now!" Sighing exasperatedly, Cesia struggled to push the load of food onto a high shelf where it would be mostly hidden from sight.

"I should wake Rath," she decided. "And then send him to get Rune and Tintlett while I find the other two." That settled upon, Cesia straightened out her skirts, mentally running through a list of places she should suggest Rath search and wondering what time it was and how long, for that matter, she had been packing.

Her stomach gave a forlorn growl and she rolled her amber eyes once more.

"Right. Time to get started."


"Here, let me help you."

Rune sweatdropped, turning a delicate shade of peach as Tintlett leaned over from where she was seated beside him on his bed and began to quickly lace up the back of his light dress, her slender hands weaving the silk strips deftly.

"...Thank you," he stated, flushing further and looking at the marbled floor in embarrassment.

"It's no problem," Tintlett laughed quietly, removing her hands from the material and placing one of them before her upturned mouth. "I'm just glad it fits you. It always was a little too big for me."

Rune turned even redder, standing up suddenly and searching about him for a convenient change of topic. It was awkward to suddenly fit your wife's clothing better than she ever did.

"What time were we supposed to meet Cesia?" The elf asked, very pleased at this new subject to fill what was teetering on becoming an uncomfortable silence.

"She didn't say," Tintlett said as she slipped easily out of her loose white nightgown, "just that we were to meet her for breakfast."

"...I hope we didn't miss her."

Rune made a point of turning to face the wall, face burning once more by the other's casual disrobing, an act he had seen hundreds of times before. What perturbed him, however, was not the nudity itself so much as the sort of vague interest he still felt.

It was, he thought furiously to himself as he concentrated on the tiny gray crack in the wall, incredibly weird to not feel any sort of attraction to the gently sloping curves.

This experience reminded him of his prepubescent years, complete with the high voice and increased likelihood to be, at any given moment, close to tears.

That didn't mean he had been a pansy child, he hastily corrected himself, vaguely frustrated with that reasoning.

Oh, Gods, Rune physically rolled his eyes at himself, although a passing ant was confused as to the being the gesture was meant for.

He felt too on-edge. He really needed to get some more sleep. That would clear his mind. Maybe he and Tintlett could slip away while they were at breakfast, he pondered. They could go meditate somewhere without being disturbed by the others and their noisy antics...

That calming thought fresh in his mind, he turned around cheerfully to see Tintlett fully dressed in a neatly matching blouse and long skirt. Wondering where she had gotten the clothing momentarily, Rune decided that one of the other two girls had probably lent them to her for her stay in the Dragon Palace.

Opening his mouth to ask, he was cut short by an impatient knock at the door and Tintlett's lighthearted call that she would get it. She let Cesia inside and Rune was startled to notice the slight look of concern on her graceful features.

"Is Rath with you two?"

Rune shook his head. "No. We just got up ourselves. Why?"

Cesia sighed, shaking her head exasperatedly. "Like I thought. He's gone off somewhere."

"What?" Rune asked, noting the widening to Tintlett's eyes as well. "Where? When?"

He realized his use of so many questioning words all in one breath and mentally cursed the writer of his dialogue for how stupid it sounded. One of the set was missing, however, and he would die before adding 'how' to his list of recent lexicon choices.

"I don't know," the castle fortuneteller said, crossing her arms over her chest, "I just went to wake him up. I thought I'd let him sleep in today. But he's already left. Damnit," she cursed, "I knew he'd get like this. He probably sees this as a ready-made excuse to go demon hunting. Stupid boy."

The Knight of Water looked confused, questioning, "How is that so bad? I agree that he shouldn't leave without permission," he hastily added, noting with a tired resignation the fatal use of 'how'. He would have time to punish himself properly later. "But what makes this different from before? Rath's a capable fighter, no matter what body he's in."

"His armor," Cesia explained, running a hand through her bright violet bangs, "it was made for a man. I doubt it still fits him or will even appear when he wills it to. But even that aside, he's not going to be able to fight like he used to. You might not have noticed, but his female form has considerably less body mass and muscle than he's used to."

"You're right," Rune admitted with a tired shake of his head, passing his hand briefly over his eyes in frustration. "We should find him, then. Did you wake Thats already?"

Cesia nodded, "he's been up for a while. Kitchel wanted his help with something, so we dragged him out of bed."

Tempted to laugh at the thought of that difficulty, Rune restrained himself, thinking again on the danger Rath might find himself unwittingly wandering into.

As he was thinking of some suggestion that might be of help, the door to his chambers opened again, this time with no warning knock.

"That's where you guys all went," Kitchel exclaimed, taking in the people within the room in a quick sweep. "Where's Thats? I've been waiting for him. He knows where the castle keeps their tablecloths better than I do."

"He's probably still looking for you," Cesia sighed again, new determination welling up inside of her to stop using that verb.

"No," Kitchel shook her head, "he found me. He's annoying today. So I told him to get the tablecloth and while I found a spot for the picnic and to meet me back by the pantry. But that was almost an hour ago, so I went to find everyone else."

"Oh," Cesia groaned, "well, we'll have to look for him later. At least he's not getting himself killed and is probably just sleeping somewhere."


Sleeping was the last thing Thats was doing. At the same time, it was much closer to the top of the list of Nice Things to Be Doing than being dragged about the castle by an overly enthusiastic tour guide and her creepy friend.

He wouldn't like to be getting himself killed either, however. Although the prospect of taking on a demon, unarmored, at this very moment was beginning to look steadily more appealing.

"And this is where the brooms are kept!"

Thats ran a tired hand down his face, muffling his irritated moan.

"Look, just tell me whether or not you know where I can get a damn tablecloth!"

The shorter girl stalking on his tour guide(as Thats had come to think of her)'s other side snorted, making what he was certain was a rude comment under her breath.

It wasn't her foul temper that gave him a feeling of unease. It was this tickling recognition every time he looked at her that Thats was unable to place which unnerved him.

She tossed her oddly tri-colored hair, speaking louder to her friend.

"Havana, could we hurry?"

Excellent suggestion, Thats though. Creepy little thing though she was, she did seem to be thinking along the right lines.

"Oh," the taller girl pouted, her long braid seeming to droop behind her at this thought. "But I'm not done showing Kitchel around yet!"

"I'm sure she's seen enough," Garfakcy snapped. "Broom closets, cabinets, and 'haunted' dormitories do not make the most interesting things to show to tourists."

Her pale eyes flickered over Thats again, and the Dragon Knight had the unsettling feeling once more of deejay vu.

If he didn't know better, he would say this short girl was trying to confirm to herself something about his appearance and he turned his face away, letting his brown hair block her vision.

Havana paused uncertainly before speaking again in an uncertain quiver. "But those things are interesting..."


Thats restrained himself from darting down the doorway they were now passing in an increasingly futile attempt to gather up his sanity.

"Look," he said instead in a purposefully patient voice, "I'm in a hurry, so if we could just get to the point..."

He fumbled as her dark eyes widened and turned to the floor, bright red climbing over her cheeks.

"Oh, great," he mentally complained, "what did I do now? Look," Thats continued out loud, "I'll, uh, I'll be around for the rest of the month, so you can show me later..."

"You mean it?" Her face lit up while her friend made a disgusted gagging noise behind her hand. "Promise?"

"Uh," Thats shrugged, "sure."

"Alright," Havana beamed and then yanked open the broom closet they had been standing in front of, standing on tiptoe to reach a small shelf near the top and retrieving a rough but passable blanket.

"Will this do?" She asked a disgruntled Thats.

"Couldn't you have given that to her earlier?" Garfakcy complained.

"Well," Havana glanced sheepishly at the floor as Thats took the blanket from her arms.

"No, it's fine," he resisted the urge to roll his eyes, forcing a grin instead. "Thanks for getting me this. And," he added painfully, "for the tour."

Heading back so late to Kitchel might get him smacked, but it was still further up on his list of Nice Things to Be Doing then staying around with these two basketcases was. Thats mentally groaned as he realized how much time he had just wasted when he could have, apparently, opened nearly any closet or cabinet and grabbed something that would have worked at least half-decently.

He sighed and wondered why he could hear a far off call for a thesaurus.


"Come on," Lykouleon sighed, wondering why that action seemed to overused. "We should find them."

Ruwalk nodded, pushing his chair back from the thick oaken desk, the deep carving along its rim shining polished in the wakening light.

"Yes, you're right," the Yellow Dragon Officer agreed. He stepped out, picking up a long white jacket from where it lay draped over another chair, and slipped it over his slender form.

"Oh, and Ruwalk?"

"Yes?" He looked back at his old friend, catching the waver or hope in his plea. "What is it?"

"Could you...?"

His voice dipped and raised in an embarrassed tug once more, aqua eyes glancing pleadingly up at Ruwalk.

Ruwalk scowled.

"Again? Lykouleon, I just gave it to you last night."

"I know, but," the Dragon Lord grinned sheepishly, turning pink, "it felt so good."

"I'm disgusted with you," Ruwalk announced with little resolve, striding forward and placing a firm hand on Lykouleon's arm, drawing him close to him. "You should know better than this." His voice draped itself teasingly around his friend's body.

"You listen to it too high!" Ruwalk continued past him, snatching up a C.D. player where it lay on the shelf, out of the Dragon Lord's reach, and glared at the look of delight on Lykouleon's face. "You'll blast out your ears."

"But that's what makes it feel so nice!" Lykouleon responded eagerly as he snatched the device from his friend, slamming the headphones on and cranking up the volume. His head nodded subconsciously to the pounding beat, the last words of his sentence half-shouted in response to the blaring bass.

Ruwalk watched him for a moment, dryly commenting, "We should go. But Rath's going to kill you. You'll blow out his speakers."

Lykouleon followed him out of their office, a puzzled expression taped to his brow.

"But I'm not eating his sneakers!"


"Okay," Rune massaged his temples with little effect on the tugging headache within, "so where should we look?"

"Thats is somewhere in the castle," Kitchel said from where she sat cross-legged on the bed, "but Rath..."

"Rath could be anywhere." Cesia nodded, then shook her head in despair at his antics. "He's probably long gone by now, though. We might have a chance at finding him if we were to search along the outer edges of the gardens..."

"But how do we get there in time?" Tintlett asked, her blue eyes concerned. "It will take a while to get there, and by that time he might be long gone."

"I suppose we should split up," Rune said again, now standing next to Tintlett, one hand on her arm. "With more of us looking for Rath than Thats."

"Glad to see you're so worried about me," Thats drawled, sliding into the room, the rough blanket over his shoulder. "It took me forever to find this, and then you've all moved... Well, not you two," he nodded at the Elves.

"What took you so long?" Kitchel asked, glancing out at the sun now far above the surrounding gardens.

"I got sidetracked by a tour. Long story." He ran a hand through his bangs, tucking the longer strands behind his ears. "So what's this about Rath?"

"He's missing," Rune explained.

"So we were about to go looking for him." Cesia added in with a brisk step towards the door. "So now that you're here we can all look for him. He's probably gone demon hunting."

"Just like Rath," Thats muttered, dropping the blanket to the floor. "Right. How are we going to do this?"

Before their plan could be outlined once more in meager detail, a shout from outside attracted their attention.

"I said we need to find the Dragon Knights!"

"Ruwalk," Rune heard as he quickly unbolted the balcony doors, racing out into the waxing sunlight, long fair skirt billowing behind him.

"I disagree."

Yes, it was definitely the voice of the Dragon Lord, Rune thought, edging to one side as both Thats and Tintlett joined him.

"We should find the Dragon Knights," Lykouleon continued, puzzled to the look of frustration that swept over the secretary's face, "not hit the Red Lights. Honestly, Ruwalk," he laughed, oblivious to their audience, "why would we want to go there at a time like this? Unless," his eyes lit up and Ruwalk glanced up at the trio, his attention caught by the stifled giggles. "You're hiding something from me. That's it, isn't it? You've found a sweetheart at last! Oh, I was right! I knew you would find yourself someone! Cernozura owes me fifty… or was it sixty…"

"My Lord," Ruwalk nearly yelped, face looking to burn off. "You've got it all-- "

"Nonsense," Lykouleon brushed past his words with his casual charm, "it doesn't matter where she's from. Of course we'll accept her. You're like a brother to me, Ruwalk," he clapped a hand on the Officer's shoulder, "and I'll fully support you in this."

"My… My Lord…" Ruwalk nearly whimpered, debating snatching at the devious CD player from where it was firmly secured in Lykouleon's grasp.

Rune flinched in sympathy for Ruwalk, deciding it was time to intervene and save the Secretary's last remaining shards of dignity. Heaven knew he was having a hard enough time keeping his own.

"Lykouleon!" He hollered, although the Dragon Lord didn't look up until Thats joined in as well. "My Lord," Rune continued, then thought better of it and gestured hastily for him to remain where he was, snatching up Tintlett's hand and quickly pulling her out of his room and to the hallway, a short run from the gardens.

"Hey--!" Thats called after their departing forms, giving chase as Cesia and Kitchel hurried out as well.

The sun was clear in the peaceful blue sky, a perfect day for their planned picnic, Cesia thought as she hitched up her skirt to quickly race down the main stairs. If they could find Rath soon, they would still be able to make a luncheon out of it, something she knew her pitifully complaining stomach would agree eagerly to.

Ruwalk was stuttering nervously as she ran out the palace doors, making her way quickly around the bend in the path that would lead her to the Dragon Lord and his Officer. A twinge of pride filtered through her mind; she was sprinting down the dirt path in heels. Rath would have faceplanted long ago.

Well, no, she caught herself.

He did wear heels with some amount of frequency, even ones as high as hers. If he managed to battle demons in them, he could certainly dash down a well-kept path. Still, a sliver of her ego wished to keep some feeling of long-earned accomplishment.

Okay... Thats would have fallen by now(shoes from Book 22, anyone?).

"M-my lord," she heard Rune gasp out as he skidded to a stop in front of her, dipping his head, face slightly flushed from the near-panicked run. "My lord," he began again, "we're looking for Rath. I'm afraid he's gone off demon hunting."

Lykouleon blinked, confused at Rune's over-enunciations which had coincided with a particularly loud burst of swearing during the chorus.

"...Semen humping?"

Tintlett giggled behind her hand as Rune reddened, thrown off by this unexpected answer.

"Uh... N-no..."

"No, you have to do it like this," an exasperated Ruwalk said, angling away from the now-enthusiastically-air-guitar-playing Dragon Lord to face the Knight of Water.

Clearing his slightly hoarse throat, he turned back. "Hey! Ly-kou-le--"


The curt voice broke off Ruwalk's cry.

"Yes?" Lykouleon asked, his voice suddenly serious and at a normal volume, though the music continued to blare. "What is it, Tetheus?"

The Black Dragon Officer stepped out of the dense trees bordering the pathway, sending a brief disapproving glance at Ruwalk as he whimpered, head hanging in defeat.

"You wanted to meet with the Dragon Knights today." This was a statement, not a question. "Rath was trying to hunt demons."

"And you caught him?" Kitchel asked, stepping forward.

"No." Tetheus deadpanned. "I, being the emotionless Officer of Security that I am, have no will of my own and therefore merely decided to report this possible hazard to my superiors instead of using my critical thinking skills to infer that the better solution would be to apprehend Rath before he left the palace grounds. Being a mindless robot, I am just here to relay the message."

There was an awkward silence.

Donning a thickly nasal Japanese accent he raised his right hand in front of him as if holding a small slender rod, the type which might have a button on one end which, once touched, would send the signal for various hidden bombs to explode and cause a large building complex to blow up. Such as the OZ headquarters or the Dragon Palace

"Mission completed," Tetheus added in with the same thick monotone, as he mimicked pressing down on the deadly button.

"...I knew it," Thats muttered.

Tetheus arched a dark eyebrow as the bewildered silence continued otherwise unabated. "Of course I have him." He stepped completely onto the path, revealing Rath behind him standing sullen and confused in his old clothes.

"Rath!" Cesia exclaimed, eyes quickly flashing from soft to glaring. "What the hell did you think you were doing?"

"What the hell did Tetheus think he was doing with that old school reference?" Ruwalk muttered, earning a brief nod from Rune, still staring at the demon in shock.

"I liked it," Tintlett smiled cheerily, "Heero was always my favorite."

"Really?" Ruwalk cocked his head to one side, "I'd take you as more of a Quatre fangirl."

Rune sweatdropped as Tintlett laughed again, launching into a more detailed explanation.

...Am I the only one who doesn't know what they're talking about?

"I just wanted to find something to do," Rath complained as Cesia glowered at him, "I was getting tired of all this!"

"Be that as it may," Ruwalk reluctantly broke off his eager discussion with the Elven Princess. "You have to remember you can't just wander off like that! Especially not now! What if, in addition to altering your appearances, Rune accidentally locked up your abilities as well? Spells are dangerous, even more so when performed incorrectly."

Before Rath could snap back a response (and insult) at the Secretary of State, Lykouleon slid into the conversation, tugging the borrowed headphones to dangle around his neck.

"Since you are here," Lykouleon looked about him, extending the words to the rest standing about, "I would like to ask you to come with me. I want a word with all of you, especially Rath, Thats, and Rune."

Cesia's nails dug into Rath's arm before he was able to speak against this plan.

"Fine," he muttered, giving a brief grudging nod.

"Excellent," Lykouleon smiled, the action only fading slightly as Rath deliberately looked away. "Tetheus has told me of something important and it should be brought to your attention."



A small female form could be seen standing on the wide balcony branching off of one of the many corridors on the Dragon Palace. She scowled, biting her lower lip and shaking her head, letting her longer dark hair flash about the deep blue of her uniform.

"What is it?"

Garfakcy shook his head curtly, silent in thought. To their right on the winding garden pathway below, a jumbled group of Dusis citizens could be seen gathered, their talk just barely filtering up to where the two maids stood.

Kharl, Garfakcy was sure, would like to hear about this. Slipping his hands into the deep narrow pockets of his dress, Garfakcy was dismayed to find out that the Alchemist had, in his rush, left him no way to contact him.

"Oh," he growled, "this can't be happening. I need to talk to him..."

A slender pink rectangle was shoved into his startled face.

"...Want to use my cell?"

Garfakcy turned to stare up at the taller girl, jaw slack with the sudden realization that other humans possessed near magical ways to contact others over long distances.

"...Sure." He took it from her, glancing with distaste over the obscenely cute pink anime-style panda dangling from the antenna and studied it carefully.

"What is it?" Havana asked, confused at his curiosity. "Haven't you seen this style before? I just got it last month. It's really popular now."

Garfakcy shook his head, loathe to admit that he hadn't seen anything like this at all. One of the results of living in Arinas was maintaining a certain distance from new inventions and fads.

Now that he thought about it, he wasn't even sure if Kharl had a phone number. Hovering over the keys, he was debating returning it (and some of his pride) to Havana, when an idea struck him.


"Hey, are you sure you hit enough keys..."

Garfakcy waved an impatient hand at the other maid, holding the phone up to his ear as it began to ring. It was her turn to look amazed as the tinny sound filtered over onto the still air, regardless of all rules concerning telephone numbers and their distribution.


Garfakcy sweatdropped. "...Kharl?"


Rubbing his temples as the realization of what an annoyance talking to his master would prove to be, Garfacky continued. "I have something to tell you..."

Quickly explaining the situation at hand, Garfakcy paused to let the alchemist collect his thoughts.

"Hmm..." Kharl pondered the information, "that does sound potentially bad. Don't worry. I had a feeling something like this would happen. I'll simply speed along the plot."

"What does the lazy authoress have to do with this?" Garfakcy asked, startled. "I don't see how her ideas moving faster could have any effect on--"

At that moment four things happened: Cernozura announced that the anniversary ball would be held the following day at Raseleane's request, even though that would mean a mad scramble to prepare by all the castle residents; two other sets of biological monthly alarms were suddenly sped up to the brink of going off; and Havana snatched back her phone, filled with a sudden determination to call her crush, telling them of her true feelings.

Garfacky couldn't care less about either of those (and, in fact, was unable to see why Kharl had bothered to do anything about that third one as it wasn't actually part of any sort of main plot). He was far more concerned with the sudden explosion not twenty feet behind him.


As the startled yelps at the flying debris and burst of noise died down, Tetheus glanced up at the smoking room above them.

"...Hmm. Oops."


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