Disclaimer: I do NOT own any Sonic characters, cuz if I did, I would make this into a TV show

Note: The whole thing will be in Amy's POV

Amy's POV

I was chasing after Sonic. Why wouldn't he just listen to me for once? But then he stopped...surprising.

"Amy, why won't you leave me alone?"

"Cuz I don't want to "

"God, Amy, I Don't like you! D-O-N-'-T!" I sweatdropped. He had to add the apostrophe... "Now leave me alone for crying out loud!" With that, he dashed away. I felt weak. Wait a sec...I gave a soft laugh. I would just eavesdrop on him and his pals! I ran as fast as I could to his house.

When I reached his house, I crept under one of the windows and listened...

"Had a run from Amy?" Tails laughed.

"I wished she would go away! Ah, how life would be with no more Amy Rose!" They all laughed and agreed. Right then, I felt weak. I ran, and then I started to cry. I fell to my knees. I knew they thought I was annoying, but I didn't know they hated me THAT bad! Right then, Rouge and Tikal rounded the corner They saw me crying and sat next to me.

"Amy, what's wrong?" Tikal asked, patting my back. I kept sobbing.

"Come on Amy. Let's head to my place, and you can tell us there..." I slowly nodded.

Rouge and Tikal helped me up, and Tikal transported us to Rouge's place, Club Rouge. We headed into a room where no one was in, and sat down.

"Now Amy, what happened?" I looked up and wiped my tears. I slowly told them what the boys were saying at Sonic's house. They gasped.

"Those ungrateful boys!"

"How dare they!"

"Let's go teach him who's boss!" I smiled. How nice it was to have friends who cared. The only friends I had were Tikal, Rouge, Shadow, and Cream. That reminded me...

"Oh no! I promised Shadow we would come here!" Rouge laughed.

"Don't worry, he's already here..." I looked up and saw him smiling at me. Then he started to laugh. I gave him a playful punch.

"So, what's wrong Ames?" Shadow could see my tear marks on my cheeks. Thankfully, Tikal explained to him.

"WHAT?!?" Shadow's eyes grew into a bright red. "I'll talk to them..." With that, he dashed off, heading to Sonic's house.

"Psst, Amy. I think you have a secret admirer!" Tikal and Rouge giggled. I blushed at the thought. Did Shadow like me? I shook off the thought. Rouge suddenly got up.

"I almost forgot, I needed to give you guys something..." Rouge pulled out three jewels. One was purple, with a black swirl in it, the other orange with the same swirl, and a pink one with the swirl. "Strange, huh?" Tikal and I nodded. Tikal slowly picked up the orange one, and I picked up the pink. Suddenly Tikal's eyes grew wide. She was going to say something, but it was too late. A beam surrounded us. I dropped to my knees and hugged myself. I felt pain going through every inch in my body. I bet Tikal and Rouge were doing the same. I shut my eyes tight...The beam faded, and I stood up, opened my eyes, and felt a whole different me...