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It wouldn't work. Nothing he did worked. He tried everything he could think of and he was still no colser to saving Wyatt. The only result was that his secret was almost out. The sister's had almost found him out.

"I can't do this," Chris whispered looking through the Book of Shadows, "Maybe I shouldn't have come back. Maybe I made a mistake."

Chris looked at a picture of a normal looking creature. This is what the book said.


A power weilding demon that has no demonic form. He apperars as a normal witch but be warned, he is no friend. He freezes your powers and then attacks. He can be killed by a simple spell.

Great, Chris thought, Just what I dont need, a power weilding demon.

Just then Leo orbed in.

"I thought I told you to get out!" he snarled at Chris.

"Just let me get the info on this guy," Chris said too tired to start a fight.

Chris thougth Leo aggreed but he didn't know that Leo was throwing a knmofe at him. As it hit him in the arm Piper walked in.

"Leo!" Piper exclamed, "What happened?"

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