Here is ch 14.

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"So," Leo said after a while, "Wanna do something?"

"Like what?" Chris asked.

"Play a bored game?"

"No," Chris said.

"Lets watch a movie," Leo suddnely said.

"Like what?" Chris asked again.

"Howbout Lord of the Rings ," Leo said, "And I'll order us a pizza."

Chris nodded.

"Does it matter what kind?" Leo asked Chris.

"No," Chris said.

"Cheese okay?" Leo asked.

"Yes," Chris said.

"Okay," Leo said, "Why don't you grab us some sodas and go wait on the couch."

Chris did as he was told and Leo ordered the pizza.

When it came Leo brought it and sat down next to Chris on the couch.

He sighed when Chris tensed and cooted over sightly.

"Chris," Leo said, "I wont be that person you know in the future."

Chris looked at Leo sadly.

"It doesn't matter," he whispered.

"Chris," Leo said firmly, "I wont let that happen. The Leo Wyatt you know wont come to pass."

Chris looked at Leo with suprise in his green eyes.

"How?" Chris asked trying not to show Leo that he was crying.

Leo sighed. Chris bowed his head.

"By having you say a spell to show me everything I did to you," Leo replied.

"What?" Chris asked dumbfounded, "I can't."

"Then tell me about it," Leo said in frustration.

Chris looked at his hands which were in his lap.

"At least lets spend the rest of thie afternoon together," Leo said

"What about the other Elders?" Chris asked.

"Screw them," Leo said flatly, "I need to spend time with my other son."

Chris didn't say anything. Leo made up his mind and leaned over and hugged Chris tightly. Chris tightened at first but gave in.

"I love you Chirs," Leo said.

They spent the rest of the afternoon eating pizza and watching all three movies of LOTR.

Maybe is is legit, Chris thought, Maybe he actully cares.

So that is the end of this story. I am working on a sequal where Leo sees what his future self did to Chris.


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