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It was a bomb. Easy enough to figure out. But how strong was it? What kind was it? How much time do they have till it blew up? Lex only spent less than an hour with this humanoid-alien-thing, but that was enough to answer all of her questions.

Seeing how he can turn invisible, have unbreakable armor and some laser gun that one would usually find off Star Wars…She would say the bomb is pretty powerful. And considering Alien-guy was running like a bat out of hell, time was not on their side.

The pyramid shifted, and they found themselves back at the beginning. The entrance of the pyramid stood so far away from them; they could see where the floor dips to the massive stairs. Those black /things/ jumped at from every angle along the way, Alien-guy blasting them with his blue laser of doom. Lex kept her monster head near her body and her crude spear ready for throwing but Alien-guy was doing all the work.

She didn't care. She just wanted to get the hell out of here. Away from these monsters, away from this pyramid, away from the death and destruction and-

Alien-guy's arm was beeping. Still running, he flipped his mini arm computer opened to reveal God-knows-what language flashing. He gave off some kind of weird squeal and at the sound of his tone, he might've just yelled "Oh crap!"

Well…who could've guessed that advance alien technology could malfunction?

They didn't make it out of the pyramid. Less than a second later, the beeping on his arm stopped. Lex didn't remember what happened next. All she did remember was a flash of light, pain, and then darkness.

Lex woke up with a headache the size of Arkansas. She hated Arkansas. Bad food.

But at the moment, Arkansas, California and Texas were the perfect states to compare how incredibly LARGE her injuries felt. Her legs felt broken, her ribs bruised, her face stung, her arms sore and everything else, she couldn't feel. Opening her eyes became a challenge for her, coughing and hacking as she sat up. Wrapping an aching arm around her hurting torso, Lex carefully moved her head to look at her environment.

Tomb. First word that popped into her mind: Tomb. There was no other way to describe it. She was still inside the pyramid-the markings of Egyptian hieroglyphics told her that-still at entrance where she could've escaped and left this place forever. Tomb. She was trapped. Large chunks of rock and rubble blocked every corner of the area, dust and old air obstructing her view. The pyramid floor always gave off some errie glow, which Lex was grateful for at the moment. She could barely see a damn thing.

She stood up. Her bones groaned at the sudden movement and tears leaked out of her eyes in pain. She could hear scratching from behind the walls, apparently those black demons were still trying to get to her. Those boulders blocked their way to her, giving her a slight shine of hope. But this pyramid was old as time itself and who knows how strong this stone still is.

Where was Alien-guy? Lex wondered. Did he escape? Is he dead? Is he dying? She scanned the room for any sign of her 'friend' and only spotted her makeshift weapons. Wobbling over, she kneeled down next to them, hoping to savage them. Her demon head shield wedged itself between a large rock and the floor. Half of the head still survived but it's own blood covered the entire thing, making it impossible to touch. Her spear: broken in half. The top half that held her demon tail was missing and nowhere in sight. The bottom half roughly became the length of her outstretched arm and with a few practice swings, Lex deemed it good enough for a old fashion club.

That's when she spotted her companion.

His arm stuck out from behind one of the support pillars, the rest of his body hidden from view. Lex limp-ran across the stone room, dropping next to Alien-guy. She didn't so much cared for his well being but that of her own. The scratching behind the walls ceased and sent the room into total silence. Lex only heard her own breathing and didn't know what was worse: Hearing her own impending doom or not knowing where her doom may be coming from.

Her companion was either dead or unconscious. He did not move or show any sign of breathing. Lex's eyes went wide as she noticed he was bleeding…neon green. She shook her head. Turning invisible, hunting demons and now he was bleeding Kermit de Frog. What next, will he sprout wings and fly?

Wait a minute. He was bleeding, Lex nodded thoughtfully, remembering her medical studies. If he was dead, he wouldn't be bleeding. Of course, what did she know of alien anatomy? Nevertheless, if the possibility of him still being alive, then there's a possibility of saving him. He had a huge giant gash on his right arm, small bleeding cuts over his legs and that was she could see. Lex's injuries were none too severe and seeing how buff this guy was, his injuries might be ONLY these cuts and scrapes. His helmet was still on, but dented in many places.

Lex hesitated. If this alien had the ability to breath, then the helmet may prove difficult to him. But what would happen if she took it off and the alien felt offended? Will he kill her? Is this helmet his life support? Is he so grotesque that he must hide himself like the Phantom of the Opera?

She rolled her eyes in annoyance. The helmet was just used for protection. She had just remembered he took it off to mark himself with the demon's blood.

Feeling around the base of his neck, Lex's fingers played with the edge of the helmet, trying to find some sort of lock that would allow her to take the helmet off. She felt some sort of button on each side of the helmet and with a press, a click sounded and the helmet came off.

He was probably one of the ugliest creatures she had ever seen.

She had seen pictures of the elephant man, the fattest man, and her own aunt Villa, but none of them compared to this guy. Mouth that opens like a squid, sharp pointed teeth, beady eyes and wannabe metal dreadlocks. He was bleeding from his overly large forehead, shining blood running down past his eye. Lex began searching through her vest, brining out mini medical supplies for emergencies such as this one. She had only a few Band-Aids, two rolls of gauze, paper handkerchiefs, and a bottle of aspirin.

Taking out the paper handkerchiefs, she wiped the blood off Alien-guy's arm as best she could. And with hand putting pressure on the wound, her other hand unrolled one of the gauze and wrapped it around his arm. She had nothing to cleanse the wound and only hoped he had a good immune system.

The cut on his head wasn't too severe, only maybe gaining a small scar (if he gains scars) if the cut wasn't cleaned properly. Lex wiped away the dribble of blood that ran down his forehead and face, and opened up one of the Band-Aids. She leaned forward to apply it to that massive noggin of his when his eyes flew open.

Lex gave out a small scream when one of Alien-guy's hand shot out and wrapped itself around her neck. She began clawing at the arm that held her, desperately trying to free to herself. Alien-guy, however, didn't even seem to notice his arm was instinctively killing the human. He blinked a few times, getting the sleep out of eyes, observing the new territory.

Trapped. He knew it. He was surprised that he was alive despite his computer told him the bomb malfunction and exploded prematurely. And since the pyramid still stands, he realized the early explosion wasn't his fault. He will speak to the scientists about the faultiness of the bomb when he gets out of here.

IF he gets out of here.

There was a choking sound to his right and when he looked, the dark skinned human was trying to break free of his grip. Her face was turning purple.

The Warrior stood there for a long moment, in fascination on how such a color could shine through such dark skin. When he notice her eyes rolled to the back of her head and went slightly limp, he let go.

Lex collapsed to the ground, hacking and coughing rubbing her hurting neck. Through the mist of dizziness from lack of air, she began cursing at the Alien. "You…stupid…son of…a…"

She stopped short of her rant when she realized the bastard wasn't listening. He was looking over the wrappings Lex had placed over his wound, cocking his head as if confused.

"Don't look so surprise," Lex spat at him, getting up. "Do you honestly think I would let you bleed to death?"

He didn't respond. He was still looking over his arm and then touched his forehead. The half applied band-aid fell off and he picked it up. He clicked his tongue at Lex several times and she could only shake her head. Like she can understand Alien language.

The Warrior picked up his destroyed helmet, staring down at the twisted metal in disgust. It wasn't broken, but it might as well be. The movement/heat vision computer was low and could be dead at any moment. In an area such as this, his own regular vision might prove difficult to get by. Lex squatted in front of him, snapping her fingers to gain his attention. "Hey," she said, motioning to his shoulder gun. "Does that thing still work?"

He was just wondering about that himself. The weapon on his shoulder twisted in several directions, focusing aim on several rocks. He'll be able to use his helmet for more difficult shots, but for now, he would have to do without it.

"Can you stand?" Lex asked the alien although she knew perfectly well he couldn't understand her.

He did understand her. He gave her an annoy growl, obviously his "masculinity" had been bruised. To add insult to injury, he stood up so quickly his balance was off and he fell over.

Lex stifled a giggle quickly, in fear that Alien-guy might feel offended. The Warrior gave her another growl, standing up this time with relative ease.

"Everywhere is blocked," Lex informed her comrade. "Those demon things won't get to us, but we can't get out either."

The Warrior paid no attention to the large rubble that refused them the right to leave. He strained his hearing, listening for anything that might help the situation.

There. He heard it. Movement. Not of the black demons but that of the pyramid. It was still shifting. Maybe not in this room, but above and below it did. He tried to determined where the demons roamed, but they possessed a skill of stealth and quickness he did not. He could not track them through the thick stone walls.

Lex stood there, shifting her weight from one foot to another becoming more uncomfortable by the minute. Alien-guy kept moving his head in the same pattern as a bird, snapping it quickly in several directions, his beady eyes shining. Lex opened her mouth to speak profanity and stopped short of herself when Alien-guy's shoulder gun aim and charged.

"Whoa…wait minute, what are you doing?!"

The gun blasted. A large blue mass of energy shot out of the holster, screaming towards the floor. There was a large bang, thousands of year old dust took flight, obstructing their view and air supply. Lex began coughing, her eyes watering.

Through the haze, she could hear and see the gun still shooting, the blue flash only a few feet in front of her. She wanted to yell out, "Stop shooting!" but she had to stop hacking up her lungs first.

The blasting stopped. Lex wondered briefly if her companion came to his senses only to realize why he was shooting. There was screaming. Not from her companion, not from her.

Lex felt herself slam to the ground, her hands in front of her face, warding off the spider demon. It's tail wrapped itself around her neck, choking her and forcing itself closer to her mouth. Lex moved her head, trying to evade the slimy tubing that kept brushing against her lips.

She took one hand to unravel It's tail, only to feel it tighten like a metal cord.

'A weapon…I need a weapon!'

Forgetting the tail, her hand swept across the floor, groping for her broken spear.. She found it. Grabbing the spear in a death grip, she swung it crudely, smacking it hard against the demon on her.

No effect.

She smacked it again and again and again, feeling the vibrations of the blows through it's body. Lex was weakening, her arm barely withstanding against the force. Twisting how she held her club, Lex shoved the blunted end into it's body, not knowing if it'll do any damage.

It did.

The broken spear only embedded itself into it's flesh only an inch, but it was enough to make it scream and loosen it's hold. At a moment's feel of lose, Lex used the last of her strength to shove the demon off of her. It landed on it's back, it's legs kicking and squirming trying to right itself up. Lex grabbed her spear that fell out of the demon's body and once again, shoved it into it's abdomen.

A smoky smell entered her nostrils, reminding her of it's acid blood.

'Wha…oh no!'

The demon writhe underneath the metal pole, still trying to find a way to the human's throat. Every movement it made, blood squirted out, flying in directions and burning all it touches. Lex gave off a scream when one of the pale green liquid shot itself directly on her arm, burning through her clothes and flesh.

Her heart froze when she heard more skittering. She turned around quickly, holding her good arm up to deflect the demon, once again being slammed down back on the ground. Her head cracked noisily against the stone, stars exploding in front of her. Another tail grabbed her neck, determined not to lose it's grip. It squeezed and Lex choked.

Two tears leaked out of her eyes as she felt herself silently drifting away, the slimy tubing forcing it's way past her teeth…

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