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"So…let me get this straight…not only are we not anatomically correct," Scar said very slowly, trying to grasp the concept. "She will not give birth to an egg and will not regurgitate food for our offspring."

"Yes," Colonel Yung sighed satisfied. "Humans-all humans are unable to that."


For almost a half an hour, Colonel Yung and Scar's father had been trying to tell the young Warrior why he cannot choose a human for his mate. Unfortunately, Scar could not seem to understand why it was physically impossible to mate with a human.

"She has two eyes-"


Not participating with the conversation (and having no idea it was about her,) Lex stood not far away, shifting from foot to foot. She didn't understand why the three Warriors in front of her were arguing while all the others stood around shaking their heads. She didn't dare draw attention to herself, but it seem no matter what she did, another Warrior would stare at her and shake their head. Was the argument about her?

Perhaps the others did not agree with Scar. Perhaps they did not want the symbol she bore on her. Was it because she is human? Female? Black? Pretty dumb on the last reason, but Lex had seen enough racism in her life not to throw out such a possibility.

Boy, was she hungry.

"Do you get it, Scar?" His father trying to get through to his son. "She is not physically able to bear you off-spring. Even if you both were to mate, the process of birthing might kill her."

Scar looked back to his chosen one. She was rubbing her arms in small attempt to keep warm. After all, they have been standing out here in the cold for quite a while. The thermo-warmers that radiated from the ships around them should keep her warm enough to stay off frostbite, but not enough to be comfortable.

Scar knew he couldn't mate with Lex. That wasn't the point why he wanted her. She was brave, strong and intelligent. What Scar felt towards her went beyond the mating ritual. He didn't know the word to describe it. What is it called, when someone feels a great feeling towards another being? A feeling which made someone want to always be with that particular person?




Scar shook his head. "I don't care," His father and Colonel Yung huffed in frustration. "She will still be my mate. Even though we cannot…mate."

"Scar…" His father trying one last desperate attempt. "We know how much you want this…Warrior to be your mate. But you have consider her feelings. Does she want to go with us? Will she be willing to live among our society?"

Scar's eyes dropped. His father had hit a nerve.

Scar looked back again to his mate. She was now looking very uncomfortable around the other Warriors, her leg making small movements that suggests she wanted to run. If she couldn't stand being around in a group this small, how can she stand being around his whole society?

Scar bowed his head. He couldn't do that to her. If he truly want her to be safe, he will not take her.

It has seems Scar grew a little today.

"Give me the Warrior Spear," He requested from Colonel Yung.

Unable to turn down a request from the Warrior, the Colonel whipped out the honored Warrior Spear he had saved for Scar. Scar took the spear from his officer and unsurprisingly, went to Lex. The other Warriors moved out of his way, giving him the deserved respect he…deserved.

Lex was feeling very dizzy. The ache in her arm became more and more painful and she began losing feeling in her legs. She felt like throwing up again but did not dare. She already threw up on one alien today, she didn't need to do it again in front of the more superior ones.

Through her nausea, Lex managed to notice Scar was facing her and holding out a long sapphire glowing spear. He was urging to take it.

He was also urging not to keel over. One of his two stomachs were doing backflips and it felt like someone poured lemon juice on his cuts. Fighting off the feeling of faint, he held the honored spear out, waiting for Lex to take it.

Lex took the spear. She wasn't sure what the symbolism behind it really meant, but she was glad it was Scar who gave it to her. As long as he was there, she felt no fear.

But she felt something else.

As did Scar.

Dropping to their knees, both Lex and Scar felt uncontrollable pain rushing through their bodies. Neither one of them could stand or speak.

The bruises they gain, the blood that spilt, the bones that broke…all the pain that was dulled by the Nature Orbs now came back in extreme force, demanding attention.

Colonel Yung looked at both Warriors as they fell to the ground unconscious. Both of them coughed up the used Nature Orbs, their bodies rejecting the old medicine. The Colonel rubbed his head. "Take them to Medical Lab."

If Scar had given the human the spear a minute late, the Colonel could easily dismiss her and leave her here. But now that she is acknowledged as a Warrior by Scar, nobody could refuse her.

Besides, it just wouldn't be ethical.

As the medical Corp brought in the human Warrior and the Predator Warrior, Colonel Yung wondered in amusement what would happen when they awaken.



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