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Secret Love

Chapter 1- Serenity


Serenity slowly opened her eyes and turned to the clock. It read one-thirty a.m.

She knew it was time for her to leave her love and return to the room she shared with

her brother. Everyone now was able to have their own room, but Serenity chose to stay

with her brother. Joey would worry if he woke up and didn't find her asleep in her bed,

but leaving the person she loved the most was always hard. She looked up at the

ceiling delaying the inevitable, while playing with the ring placed on her left hand. It had

already been three months since they were married and both thought it best not to

share their bond. Joey would be frantic when he found out, most likely trying to kill her

love. The idea was to wait until the blimp landed and then they would just walk off

together. Yes, it was true that there were many flaws with that Joey would

see them every day, but none of them truly mattered to the pair. It was the hiding that

bothered Serenity...sure they had made it three months already and the blimp would

land in another two months...but she couldn't be sure how much longer she could lie to

her brother. This could ruin their relationship. She was caught between the two men

she loved the most and she wasn't sure of what to do.

"What did I get myself into?" Serenity asked herself barely above a whisper, but

still causing the sleeping man next to her to stir.

She looked over at him lovingly and just by looking at him remembered exactly

why she was doing everything she was. She loved him as much as she did the first day

that she laid eyes on him...


Serenity felt extremely helpless as she heard the yelling around her. From what

was said she could tell by feeling and what was said to her, she was on a dock with a

bunch of her brother's friends. There were so many voices that she had not yet

connected with faces, being that the first thing she wanted to see was her brother's

face. First, there was Tristan, whose voice she knew very well since he had visited her

several times while she was in the hospital. Then there was another she had picked up

on the way to finding her brother...she couldn't quite remember his name...then she

remember that it was Duke, a person that Tristan didn't seem to like very much. He had

led her around for awhile while Tristan was fighting. Duke had even tried to take some

liberties with her, thus causing her to realize why Tristan didn't like him very much.

Then there was Mai the friendly girl that had driven her to the dock to find her brother.

She was a duelist like her brother and Serenity had a feeling that Mai had feelings for

her brother. She might be blind but the way Mai talked about Joey made her believe

this. Then there was the voice of this boy...he was talking to someone older about

helping a girl named...Tea who was being held somewhere to the right of her. She was

far away based on how soft her voice was, but based on her tone; Serenity could tell

she was yelling at someone named Yugi. He was the one dueling her brother. Then

there was a soft British accent joining the group. Not to mention a voice that was

speaking every time that her brother was speaking...from what she gathered this man

was evil and controlling her brother. They kept referring to him as Marik. All these

voices confused her, but one stuck out and sent her heart fluttering. She could feel his

feelings through his voice.

There was so much commotion that Serenity was left more or less by

herself. Tristan and Mai had told her not to take off her bandages because she

shouldn't see her brother like this, but that was about all the contact with the group that

she had...even though she was standing in the mist of them. During this time there was

a clank as Tea was freed and then there was a big splash in which she heard the crowd

start yelling Joey and Yugi's names. When she heard Yugi's voice saying something

about Joey not having his key she knew what she had to do. Serenity ripped off her

bandages, and then she ran toward the box with her brother's key in it. No one had

even known she had gone until she made contact with the water.

It wasn't until she was up and embracing her brother that she was introduced to

the people she only knew by voice. She looked at the faces of each of the people

around her until her eyes laid on him...their eyes met briefly and she knew then that he

was the one for her.

She didn't see him again until they all met at the blimp again...of course she

didn't see any of them until she met them all at the blimp.


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