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Secret Love

Chapter 10-Not So Different


The medics had rushed on board as soon as the Kaiba Corp blimp had landed.

Serenity was swiftly carried into an ambulance and shuttled off to the nearest hospital

with Mokuba and Mai inside. Seto had decided to travel in a separate car from

everyone else, everyone but Joey that is.

The car slowly made its way down the dark and dismal streets. The stormy night

mirrored Seto's feelings, but silence reigned supreme in the car. Joey watched out the

window as the trees and buildings swiftly blended into unspeakable monsters. These

demons seemed to reach out and try to pull him into hell…but how could that be? Hell

was here, the only thing he cared about was lying in a hospital bed because of him.

The thought made him want to cry, but how could he cry when it was his own doing?

Seto's grip on the steering wheel was turning his knuckles white. He had wanted Joey

to ride with him because he had so much to say. But nothing came from his lips. This

man next to him was just staring out the window with a calmness that infuriated Seto.

He wanted Joey to cry, to say how wrong he was, to say what a horrible brother he was.

But nothing happened he just kept looking out the window.

"You're despicable. I wouldn't even call you human." Seto spat out, finally able to

break the silence.

"I know," came a silent reply barely uttered but still heard. It resonated throughout the


At his acknowledgment Seto was completely baffled. He had nothing to say to

someone conceding. Seto had expected him to huff and puff about not knowing and

some how trying to blame it on him. But no, once again within ten minutes Joey had

done what many had tried but no one had accomplished…he mystified him into

submission. Aggravated that he couldn't even find anything to say he looked over at the

man next to him and found him sobbing with his head in his hands. Joseph Wheeler,

the one man army, the man that acted like nothing could ever faze him, was sitting next

to him crying like a little boy. Seto quickly looked back, afraid that the feelings would

spread and he would cry again. Thoughts of Serenity flowed into his head. Her

beautiful face, and kind smile. That smile had somehow found a way into his heart.

She did what no one else could do, broke down his barrier. Maybe it was a Wheeler

trait, doing the impossible. One tear trailed down his face, slowly falling down. He

angrily wiped it with his hand; to no avail for many more came in its place. His swift

action had caused Joey to look over at the man beside him…the man who was cold and

never showed emotion.

"You really love her don't you?" He weakly asked.

"Yes…she loved me for who I was, but at the same time made me want to be better, to

change. She taught me so much…how to trust and love again." Seto said having to

stop and collect himself several times.

"Serenity was always good at that. Finding the best in people, even if there wasn't any

good in them…like with our father. Somehow she could always forgive him. She had

so much strength; I guess I always found my strength through her. And now I may have

to live the rest of my pathetic life without her." He said shaking his head at what he had


"She'll forgive you." Seto said knowing it was the truth. After a long pause and a deep

intake of breath he continued, "And I will too. She taught me to forgive and let go."

"Thank you." Joey answered as he looked over; they both shared the same pain and

the same hope.

"I didn't say now." He snapped back, "someday."

Joey couldn't help but smile slightly, he was the same old Kaiba, "I never thought


Finally they reached the hospital and both men jumped out of the car and raced towards

the doors. Running through the emergency room, Seto found the nurse's station and

asked where his wife was.

The nurse looked at this man in front of her, hardly believing that this was The Seto

Kaiba. She pointed down the hall, "She's in the maternity wing. She went into labor

when she got here. Go down two halls then make a left, the elevator will be there and

go to the third floor."

Joey and Seto made the long journey, one that seemed to take eternity and finally came

up. The elevator opened to the waiting room where all their friends were.

Duke leaned over to Tristan and whispered, "At least he's still alive."

"Sit down, no one can go in because of the circumstances." Tea said as she moved

over a seat so that Seto could sit next to his brother.

Seto and Joey both took seats. Mokuba looked up at his brother, "She's not gunna be

like Mom, right? She can't be! Please say she won't. Just please." He begged as he

broke down in tears.

Seto looked at his brother, then wrapped his arms around him rocking him slowly, "Of

course she won't. She'll be fine. Everything will be fine."

They waited hours, no one speaking again. Mokuba's tears had finally subsided into

sniffles. Footsteps slowly echoed down the hall towards them, catching everyone's


The doctor appeared from around the corner and stood in front of them, "Well I have


"Yes?" Mai said anxiously as she sat up in her chair.

"Serenity's going to be fine. She made it through perfectly. She's resting in room 314."

As soon as those words left his mouth Seto was up and almost past him when the

doctor interrupted him.

"Don't you want to know the gender of your baby?" The doctor asked his eyebrow

raised slightly.

"Is it healthy?"


"Then no," he said as he turned around and continued his way down the hall. His

hurried footsteps and constant head movements caused the few people in the hallway

to smile. It was the same for every man trying to find his child and its mother. "Finally."

he muttered barging into the room.

Serenity looked up and smiled tilting the baby up slightly, "Did the doctor tell you?"

"I wanted you to tell me, just like you wanted. What's our baby? A girl? Or a boy?" He

said kneeling down next to her and caressing the baby's head softly, a content smile

playing on his face.

"A boy. He's a beautiful healthy baby boy. Do you want to know what I named him?"

She asked.

"That may be helpful so I don't call him boy his whole life." He said smirking at her


She frowned at him, "You can be so mean."

"Sorry." He said.

She just smiled, "I forgive you. I named him Joseph." Serenity said as she bounced the

baby lightly.

"Joseph? No. I thought we decided that if it was a boy we would name him Marco." He


"No. Anyways I already had the name put down on the birth certificate. So take that."

She said sticking out her tongue.

"Dirty little cheater." He replied.

"Thank you, anyways that's why you love me." She said smiling.

"No, I love you because…wait I don't even know why I love you. You just put me

through the most difficult thing that will ever happen in my life and I still love you. It's

amazing." He said not knowing of the difficulty of raising a child. Seto leaned in a

kissed Serenity, then they both set their attention to the newest addition of their family,

their son Joseph Marco Kaiba.


The End


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