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CHAPTER ONE: "Jessica! You moron!"

"Have I threatened you before?" Jack asked a cautious Will Turner in the blacksmith's shop. Jack waited for the young blacksmith to answer. Will's eyes darted around the shop searching for a good answer.

"Did you?" Will replied after a minute. I smiled and ate a cheese fry. What a moron...is that the best he could come up with? I shoved more fries in my mouth and watched on. Will backed away from Jack's sword that was inches from his chest, but Jack just proceeded to advance.

"Are you afraid?" Jacks asked coolly. "Why do you keep backing away?" Jack dropped the sword suddenly and pulled out a slice of pizza. Wait...pizza?? Why does he have pizza? Before Will could answer or Jack could take a bite from that delicious-looking slice of pepperoni pizza, I jumped up and snatched the pizza from Jack's hand.

"Are you gonna let her get away with that?" Will said suddenly. I started to laugh and enjoy the pizza as Jack stared at me in shock (what? did I commit a crime? It's not my fault Pappy's Pizza kicks butt...).

"Should I shoot her or take those cheddar spuds in revenge?" Jack asked finally. I grabbed the plate of cheese fries and put them behind the lamp on the end table next to me. I don't care how much he likes cheese...If anyone touches my fries, they die...I know, I'm such a pig...

"Why must you always resort to violence?" Will questioned. Jack still stared at the piece of pizza as it slowly disappeared before him...bite after bite after bite...

"Can I please kill her?" Jack pleaded. I laughed as Will looked at Jack with a smile. This was it...Will was going down... I knew it was coming. Will put on the huge smile signally he was about to accept defeat.

"If you want..." he laughed, plopping down next to me on the couch.

"You lose..." I said as the three of us laughed at Lindsay's defeat.

"Yes! Jack wins again!" Jessica said triumphantly.

"You always dominate, Lindsay!" I said. "What happened?" Lindsay just continued to laugh as Jessica sat down on the couch next to her. We all started laughing for some reason...probably because Lindsay was being a doofus...

"You took Jessica's pizza!" Lindsay finally got out.

"Yeah! You took my pizza!" Jessica said, standing up. "Fork over the cheese fries!" She launched at the plate of fries behind the lamp, but I stood up and tried to fight her off. Jessica and I were kicking each other and trying to twist the other one's arm off until I noticed that Lindsay was eating the cheese fries.

"Hey! What are you doing?!" I said, pushing Jessica down onto a pile of pillows and beanbag chairs (at least she had a soft landing...). I walked up to Lindsay and we had a tug of war with the plate of fries until Lindsay let go and the fries went flying. Down my shirt, on the walls, the television, my hair...

I looked at Lindsay who was trying to bite her tongue and hold in her laughter. I looked at Jessica who was doubled over in laughter. I smirked. I wiped some cheese off of my face and smeared it on Jessica. Jessica ran for the Doritos and started throwing them at me as I threw cheese fries at Lindsay.

"Not funny!" Lindsay yelled.

"Yes it is!" I said. The food fight continued for some time until my basement's living room was a pigsty. We cleaned it up along with ourselves eventually, and then we found peace on the comfy couch. We caught our breath after all that while staring into the fire in the fireplace in front of us.

"So!" Jessica finally panted. "Who's up for another round of Questions Only? We can pick a new scene..." Lindsay and I exchanged looks before Lindsay slammed her head onto my shoulder in exhaustion. I smiled.

"Sorry, Jessica," I said. "Anymore of that and one of us is gonna die." And it was true... this game was hazardous to our health anymore! We couldn't stop laughing half the time... you should see us play it Jessica's backyard... sidesplitting action that causes major ouchies...

"I'm getting a smore!" Lindsay said, suddenly jumping up and running to the fireplace. Jessica leaped up and raced her there, they're neck and neck, and Lindsay wins ("She had a head start..." Jessica said. Oh shut up, wimpy...)! How did I get into the commentating stuff again by the way?

"Give me a marshmallow," I said, walking over and falling down into my beanbag chair. Jessica pulled the marshmallows away when I reached for them, and then she threw them over my head to Lindsay. We played monkey-in-the-middle for...oh, five seconds? Then I tackled Lindsay. I got the marshmallow made and then they held the chocolate hostage from me!

"You want the Hershey's bar?" Lindsay asked, taunting me. She wiggled it in front of my face a few times and I grabbed for it and took it. She couldn't believe I had done it that fast, but it's pretty easy when your little sister is doing it to you constantly with your favorite cd.

"Yes," I said with a smile. During the smores war, rebellion, revelation, whatever you wanna call it, we put in the Pirates of the Caribbean DVD. We all flopped down onto our beanbag chairs in excitement to watch it, but there was another reason we were doing it. One that seemed so far fetched, it was crazy. It was the whole purpose of the sleepover! But, despite anything I think, I trust these two nuts I'm sitting next to believe it or not.

"You do know what will happen if this doesn't work, don't you?" I asked them for the millionth time. And for the millionth time, they answered (they love me lol).

"Yes, Erica," Lindsay said.

"We buy you ice cream for a month," Jessica said.

"That's right," I said. I shut my mouth as the previews started while I thought. I mean, sure... I'd love to see Jack, Will, and Elizabeth again...I'd give anything to do that. But this couldn't work...it made no sense to have this sleepover and have them just pop up again. But, I had been rid of that feeling somewhat when Lindsay and Jessica reminded me of their promise to come back for us. I doubted it highly, but I went along with this whole idea of Lindsay's just for the fun of the sleepover. And who knows what could happen, right? I mean, they might even go as far as getting these guys in costume to show up to make us feel better...but that's scary.... so, I think I'll stick to the crazy and unrealistic idea of them returning for us. Hey, it could happen, right ("That's the spirit!" Lindsay said. Oh geez...)?

And so, the movie began. We had it set to end around eleven, the time they came that night in Lindsay's grandma's house (hey, talk to Lindsay about the weirdness...it was all of her idea to have this sleepover!). We started to sing along with Young Elizabeth (we got that song down flat lol), and we were soon into debate whether or not Gibbs looked more like a monkey or the Skipper from Gilligan's Island. I voted monkey... all the time.

"You guys want a drink?" I asked, going over to the table full of food.

"What do we get?" Lindsay asked.

"I want rum!" Jessica said.

"Wait! Same goes for me!" Lindsay said. I smiled and poured the three of us each a cup of iced tea. I brought over the bowl of popcorn (my favorite food, remember?), and I handed Jessica and Lindsay their drinks as I sat in between them.

"Thank ye', mate!" Jessica said as I handed her her iced tea. Yes, us weirdoes call iced tea rum... we call Kool-aid rum, too... pop is grog, water's water, and you don't really care! So, back to whatever!

We were pretty hyper throughout the movie. We would stand up and mimic a lot of the scenes and swordfights, repeated the dialogue from our favorite scenes, and made jokes and stuff like a lot of you people usually do when watching the movie.

But when the credits started rolling around five after eleven, we were still all alone in my house. There was no friendly crash from the kitchen, no screams for rum, no voices singing that of yo ho...

"They should be up there!" Jessica said. "Right now! Let's go!" Lindsay and me, well... we're half asleep. I sat up slowly after watching the blurry version of Jack's hanging. All of the words were in slo-mo... then I'm being biffed in the head with a pillow.

"Jessica, you hit me one more time, and I will murder..." I murmured.

"Come on, sleepy butts!" Jessica said, pulling me up. I stood for a second and then slammed face first onto the couch while Jessica was getting Lindsay up without much success.

"Yeah, Lindsay..." I said. "This is all your idea..."

"Ehhh..." Lindsay responded. Yep, my point exactly...


"Let's go!" Jessica said. I smiled...Lindsay's turn to be killed by the pillow.


"Stop it..." Lindsay said. I heard Jessica sigh, then she walked over to the table and picked up the pitcher of ice water... oh, god is she evil... she stood over Lindsay smiling at me. I wasn't gonna say anything...if I had to get up, so did Lindsay. But this was too good to ruin...


"Jessica! You moron!" Lindsay screamed, jumping up. She was dripping wet, Jessica was laughing, and I sat up off the couch and smiled. Lindsay picked up her beanbag chair and slammed it into Jessica, sending her flying into me on the couch. Jessica and I just laughed.

"Well Super Smartness," I said to Lindsay, "when does this brilliant plan start to work?" Lindsay scowled.

"When Jessica's dead," Lindsay said. We laughed some more, and Lindsay finally lost the anger and lightened up. I gave her my white bathrobe to put on, and we started up stairs.

"Where would they be?" I asked as we went around the dining room table and into the narrow kitchen.

"Check everywhere!" Lindsay said. So we did... Lindsay searched the bathroom, Jessica checked my brother and sister's bedrooms, and I checked my parent's room...nothing. We met back up in the living room (our upstairs one lol), and slumped down into the couch disappointedly.

"It should've worked," Jessica said. "What if they're outside?" she asked, running to the window.

"I doubt it," Lindsay said. "I really thought this was how we could get them to come back." I looked over at my friends. They seemed so upset that this hadn't worked. Sure, the movie and Pirates of the Caribbean theme for the sleepover was a cool little ritual, but it obviously hadn't worked.

"They'll come back someday," I told them. "When we least expect it."

"That could be bad," Jessica said, smiling. We got Lindsay to smile, too, and we started back downstairs. Since Jessica had given Lindsay a cold shower of a wakeup, we piled onto the comfiness of the couch and watched the fire die down as our eyelids inched their way together...

-- 3 AM --

I was so calm and so peaceful (now there's a rarity...). I should be, right? I mean, I was dreaming... good dream, too. Well, sorta... oh forget it. The point is, I was in the middle of a dream when I woke up suddenly to my blasting stereo in my bedroom. I shot upwards off the couch and looked in the direction of my room. I quietly woke up Lindsay and Jessica, but they were already squirming from when the stereo suddenly blasted on.

"What is that?" Lindsay asked.

"I probably left the alarm on," I said.

"No!" Jessica said sitting up and then falling off of the couch.

"Yeah?" I asked, turning on the flashlight. Jessica fought with the blanket she was entangled in for a few minutes while Lindsay and I sat there thinking 'what an idiot...'

"It might be them!" Jessica finally got out. I sighed as Lindsay's face flashed a big smile.

"It might be!" Lindsay whispered.

"And it might not!" I said. "What ever happened to robbers? Thieves? Burglars? The alarm on the stereo?" Jessica and Lindsay stared at me a minute dumbfounded. You know, that awkward silence you get when you sound smarter than everyone else (-Lindsay and Jessica slam Erica with pillows- Well then, don't stare at me like you're stupid!)?

"Why do you always gotta expect the worse?" Lindsay asked.

"More fun that way..." I replied with a sly smile.

"Oh, c'mon..." Jessica said. So, eventually, Morons One and Two convinced me, but I wasn't walking into my bedroom without a weapon. Something good... ha! The fire poker! I ran over to the fireplace and grabbed the fire poker, and Jessica and Lindsay came up with me.

"Here!" I said, handing Jessica the shovel. I tossed Lindsay the fireplace broom and the smiled evilly. "Now, don't go in swinging. If you break anything, I get another month's worth the ice cream."

"Yeah, yeah..." Lindsay said. "It's them!"

"How can you be so sure?" I asked.

"Do you really think any of them knows how to turn off a stereo?" Lindsay asked.

"Yes," I replied. Lindsay and Jessica seemed surprised at my response. "Jack knows how... point, shoot, dead stereo." I said. But the stereo was still going, so we figured we'd go in assuming it was them. We ran into the room and flipped on the light, and my stereo was still blasting my Linkin Park cd (we got One Step Closer playing here! lol). I squinted in the light and shielded my eyes a bit. I walked over and turned off the stereo as Lindsay and Jessica stood at the door looking around.

"See, it was just the alarm," I said. "Must've bumped it on earlier." We turned to go when something out from under my pile of blankets in the corner grabbed my ankle tightly.

"Run!" I screamed. I screamed more and more, and Lindsay and Jessica moved in with their brooms and shovels. They began beating the thing under the pile of blankets on the floor that had me, and I finally got away. I heap of blankets rose taller and taller, and we screamed.

"Shh! Quiet!" the thing said. We continued screaming until I finally realized that that voice seemed familiar. I stopped Lindsay and Jessica from screaming, and Lindsay walked up to the tall figure fumbling with the blankets. She helped it, and we were in shock to see that it was –

"Will!" Jessica yelled enthusiastically. She ran up to him and hugged him with all her might. Will's face became screwed up as he tried to smile. I couldn't believe it! He was here! He wasn't a dream! He was turning blue...

"Jessica!" Lindsay said. "You're gonna kill him!" She tried to pry Jessica off of Will with some success, and I was still confused... They were probably hiding from my stereo...

"Will, where's Jack and Elizabeth?" I asked. Will was coughing like crazy and finally managed to point to the closet door. I sighed...go figure...this was Jack after all. I walked up to the closet and opened it, and an avalanche greeted me.

"Whoa!" a voice said as I became buried in jeans, dresses, and shirts. But something landed on me that I didn't recall putting in my closet, and it was crushing me (air...can't...breathe...).

"Get off of her!" Lindsay said picking up the heavy thing on top of me (thank you, Lindsay and Stewy). I lay in the pile of all my stuff coughing, and a hand plunged down to me to help me up, and I took it. When I got up, I found out that that hand wasn't Lindsay's, Jessica's, or Will's, but Jack's. I smiled immediately, and I couldn't help but hug him as Jessica had Will.

"What's the occasion?" Jack said as I let go.

"You're back!" Jessica said. "I can't believe it worked!"

"What worked?" Will asked.

"We had an entire sleepover party tonight so you guys would come back!" Lindsay said. "It actually worked!"

"We had no clue you had," Will said.

"No?" Lindsay asked.

"You mean you didn't get any vibe or something that we were trying to contact you?" Jessica asked. Will and Jack exchanged looks.

"No," Jack said. Well, that sure was worth it...

"Did you know it was exactly a year ago that you guys came here?" I asked. Jack and Will exchanged clueless expressions once again, and Jack turned to my calendar beside him and smiled.

"What d'ye' know?" he said. "Right on the money!" We smiled and it was quiet only for a moment until Lindsay broke the silence.

"So it didn't work..." Lindsay said disappointedly.

"Who cares if it worked or not!" Jessica said. "They're here!" Jack and Will were buried in more hugs from us, and eventually, they hugged back (don't be hatin'...). I was so glad that they were back! Even though this confused the hell out of me, Jessica and Lindsay acted as if they were coming no matter what, and ta da! Here they were ("Yes! More praise, Lindsay!" Jessica said. Oh, give me a break...)! Joy, rapture, ect!...lol.

"The ruby, right?" Jessica asked. Jack and Will nodded. Jack held up the iced ruby that took us forever to find last year...grr... He replaced it in the small pouch at his side, and I smirked... stupid jewel...

"Where's Elizabeth?" Lindsay asked. "You two are here, but I don't see her anywhere!" I was wondering the same... where was she? Well, if she had fallen on me along with Jack, I might've died (-scowl from Elizabeth- Hey! No offense! I swear!).

"She's back in Port Royal with Arielle," Will said. Ok, judging by Lindsay and Jessica's faces, and the expression on my own, we were lost. Who? Jack's wife? Family friend? Confused again...

"Who?" Jessica asked, thoroughly confused like the rest of us.

"My new godchild!" Jack said happily. "Arielle Faye Turner. And what a beauty she is," Jack said. We smiled. The baby! Oooooo.... I had forgotten.... Oops...


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