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EPILOGUE: "Give it back!"

Home was sure a sight for sore eyes. Until my parents and Jace came back from Germany (and my sister from the beach with her friend) a week later, we were at Divito (Divito Park – roller and ice skating rinks), the movies, and anywhere else you could think of in Mt. pleasant or Uniontown (cuz Connellsville is just pizza shops, parking lots, car lots, old buildings, churches, and fun to walk aimlessly around when you're bored).

Summer flew by with many sleepovers and more memories made, but just like that, it was gone. Oh, and Lindsay gave us those books about us, too when we had gotten back. I love that thing! And Lindsay moved in with her dad, so she was only up at her Grandma's on the weekends now. And I got a job at Eat 'n Park (restaurant with lots of good food… something like Bob Evans, but better, and you can only find Eat 'n Park in a southwestern Pennsylvania city near you)! I'm am the best…

Two days into September and we had finished our first week of the new school year (Friday, baby!). I was now a junior w/ a license! I drove Jessica to West (She's a freshman now! Her last year in Jr. High!), and Lindsay just jumped rides with me to the high school since it's her first year up here being a sophomore and all.

Later that night, we went to Lindsay's Grandma's house. She took us out to dinner and we went to WalMart for a bit, too. We got all those photos developed in the one hour photo. While we waited for them, we stopped into the craft aisle since we had the ingenious idea to each make our own pirate scrapbooks.

September AND October went without warning just like July and August, and to be truthful, it totally sucked! We hadn't had much time to do anything, but then at the end of November on the 27th, Lindsay turned 16 and had a sleepover at her Dad's house.

Lindsay had gotten her permit earlier that day (her birthday being on Sunday and all that year), so all of us jumped into her dad's van to let her drive us a bit to pick up pizza, rent movies, fun stuff like that. With her permit, she needed a liscenced driver til she had been driving 6 months, and I qualified! March, April, May, June, July, August! I'm an official driver… yeah, I got bragging rights…

Then, we pulled up to Lindsay's Dad's house, and Lindsay still would not shut the van off or let go of the steering wheel as she stared at it excitedly.

"Did we forget anything?" she asked, looking for an excuse to drive back into town.

"No, Lindsay," I said. "Pizza, movies, junk food, rum… it's all here."

"But are you sure?"

"Lindsay, shut the car off," Jessica said, reaching over to take the key out, but then Lindsay slapped her hand.

"Off mortal. My keys."

"They're your Dad's, so let's go," I said.

"Go! Go where!"

"Inside the house!"

Lindsay put it into drive.

"Without the van!"


I jerked the keys out of the ignition this time and Stewy and me left the van.

"My life source!" Lindsay cried. "Give it back!"

"Come and get it!" Jessica said as I tossed the keys to her. "And grab the junk food and rum, Lindsay."


She slunked into the house all upset, and Jess and I reassured her that tomorrow she could drive us home (No school because of Thanksgiving break! Yay!). We went through the living room and the kitchen, upstairs, and into Lindsay's room. She put on the radio station the X (105.7 haha), and I pulled out my book bag from that summer that I would not let my mom throw out!

"We've got scrapbooks to put together, in case you forgot," I said.

Lindsay smiled, and we spent hours and hours putting those things together. It was about four in the morning when we called it quits and went downstairs to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas. We slept in til eleven, and then we went and finished our scrapbooks. I titled mine; it was called The Experience lol. Lindsay's was A Pirate's Life, and Jess went and called hers Monkeys and Rum. But go figure. This is Stewy.

And so the sleepover ended. Now we got nine days til Stewy's 15th birthday. Man, Lindsay and I got some planning to do. So, we got together two day's before Stewy's birthday on Monday after school (one week after our sleepover).

We went up into her room after school that day at her Dad's, and we began our work.

"Well, she can't have a sleepover, her birthday's on Wednesday," Lindsay said, throwing her bookbag on her bed.

"So, maybe we can take her out to dinner," I suggested.

Lindsay's face lit up.

"Can I drive!" she asked excitedly.

"No… we'll take my car and I'll be driving. You just got your permit!"

"So…" she grumbled. "Where are we taking her may I ask?"

"Somewhere different… maybe Chinese or seafood," I said. "Or Mexican, Italian, Cajun, Greek…"

"Greek? We have a Greek restaurant?" Lindsay asked.

"No… but we don't have Cajun either…" I said. "Maybe we can do a restaurant Wednesday, and on Thursday, we can throw her a party at Divito."

"We don't got that kind of money!" Lindsay said.

"No, no… just the three of us. You know, give her gifts and that and treat her since Thursday's discount night. And plus, we've got the Chrismas Dance Friday night."

"But we can give her her gifts at the restaurant, too," Lindsay pointed out.

"Yeah… still, I'm up for Divito Thursday. How about you?"

"We'll be there," Lindsay said, shaking my hand all businesslike.

And so, that was the beginning of a very… different… week. The next day was Tuesday, and that was the last normal day there was that week. Wednesday? Well, we'll let you in on that one in a bit…




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