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The Blackshire Interval:

Part 1: Legacy of Kagato?

[this is where No Need For Proof ends, just in case you don't read romance up to the part where it says FAR AWAY, that is where this story begins.]

The Roof [note this is during breakfast, Tenchi had just kissed Ryoko in front of the others.]

Ryoko laid on her back, her face beat red looking up at the sky. Her eyes were huge as she stared at the early morning. She lay there for many minutes, occasionally checking her own pulse. It had only been a little kiss, but still it had come as a shock to her. Ryoko had expected a poem, a gift in private, something like that, or even a confession of love done very poorly.

"But a kiss...,"Ryoko moaned. Tenchi never ceased to amaze her. That was one reason she love him. Everyday was new and exciting with him.

"In a few minutes, I'll go back inside. I just need to regain my composure." Ryoko laid on the roof until Sasami called everyone for lunch, and even then her face was still a little pink. Ryoko ate with everyone, but spent most of her day basking in the joy in her heart, away from the others.

"It's true, Tenchi loves me!" She told herself over and over as if it was news to her. In the end that was all she needed, as long as she had Tenchi, she would have no other needs.


A man in black armor watched Ryoko dance around happily like a ballerina. He smiled darkly under his black helm. "Well," the figure stressed the word with interest. "I see you're happy Ryoko. We'll have to do something about that. Thanks to you, my master died. True I myself never met him, but still I know he was a genius, a man of true vision. You and that accursed boy! Kagato should not have been killed by such worthless beasts." The figure turned off his monitor he had watched enough for one day, after all he didn't want Washu to detect him. "I will think. I will plan. Then one day I shall kill you all. After all isn't that what the master would have wanted, and I am Blackshire, heir to the legacy of Kagato."

Blackshire sat back in his seat aboard his black star ship, it was no Soja, but it would do, until he found a suitable replacement. In truth his current vessel was an old Galaxy Police ship that had become out dated. After killing the antique collector who owned it now, he fixed it up, painted it black, and took to the stars, to claim his place as the ruler of the universe.

His past was blurry, he could only remember bits and pieces, all he remember was Kagato, and the feeling of hate he had toward Ryoko and her friends. He recalled when he first did a search on Kagato's file, which had become public knowledge, well except how he died, no one seemed too sure, only that it happened around Earth. However, somehow Blackshire could tell it was these wretched woman and Tenchi, that had killed Kagato, the man who Blackshire worshiped.

"Kagato rushed in to a fight he was ill prepared for. I will not make that mistake," Blackshire promised himself. "I will need the proper bait, something that will lure them to me. Once I do, they will come, and justice will be served. This time, they will die like the vermin they are."

A little over 4 years later: A gorgeous summer's day:

'Things sure have been quiet haven't they Sasami." Tenchi, told his young friend, who was no longer looking as young as before, now she was starting to become more and more like Tsunami. Even though her body still had a look of a young girl, her eyes made her appear centuries old. It was nice to have everyone back, these last four years the girls had been coming and going, Mihoshi and Kiyone were on assignment, although there post was still on Earth, Sasami and Ayeka had royal duties, which they avoided whenever possible, the only two women who never left, were Ryoko and Washu. However Washu spent more and more time in her lab, as time went on. So basically over the last few years, it had been Tenchi and Ryoko, what a scary thought that was.

"Yep, they sure are Tenchi," Sasami replied, "No evil monsters attacking, or space criminals kidnaping anyone, why even Ayeka and Ryoko aren't fighting today."

"Tenchi, I was wondering, did you ever give all those gems back to Ryoko?" Sasami asked casually. "I mean they are hers after all, even if they were on your sword."

Tenchi smiled he had forgotten about the gems, "Well, I guess I could. Ryoko hasn't talked about them in so long, I guess I forgot. I'll go get the sword, and ask her." Sasami smiled, it seemed only right to her.

"Well Tenchi I'm going to fix lunch, so I'll see you in a little while." Sasami said stretching as she paced toward the kitchen.

Suddenly Mihoshi's head popped around the corner, "No need to worry Sasami, I've taken care of everything." Then a massive explosion rocked the kitchen, a giant sweat drop appeared on Mihoshi's head, "Uh oh..." Sasami rushed in, of course the kitchen was a mess, and there was a gaping hole in the wall.

"Oh Mihoshi..." Sasami began. Mihoshi dove to Sasami's feet begging for forgiveness. "There, there, Mihoshi, let's clean this mess up, then you can make lunch, but this time I'll help you ok?" Sasami said patting her friend's head. Even though Mihoshi was older than Sasami, Mihoshi's mind set was the closest to Sasami's of anyone she knew.


Ayeka sat in the bath, relaxing with Ryoko. If anyone can ever truly be relaxed around Ryoko. The two shared their third bottle of Saki together.

"You know Ayeka, it never ceases to amaze me how much you can drink," Ryoko said downing her saucer of Saki. "It's nice to have you and Sasami visiting again."

"...and I am constantly amazed how fast you can get yourself intoxicated Ryoko." snapped Ayeka as she refilled her own saucer.

"It is the anniversary of when we met Lord Tenchi after all. We had to come." Ayeka said still not looking at Ryoko. She sighed, "Still I must admit, it is nice to see everyone, even you, again."

"Yep." Ryoko answered then was silent, enjoying the warm water of the bath.

"It was the saddest day of my life, you know. The day Sasami and I had to leave, because of Jurain business. Oh sure it was only a few weeks we were gone, but it seemed like forever. After that break, nothing seemed quite right, it nothing felt the same. I was always too worried about leaving to enjoy the day." Ayeka explained to Ryoko.

"Yeah, I know all that. You've told me that every day since you and Sasami arrived a week ago." Ryoko said closing her eyes her head leaned back. "I've heard that story so much I almost think it happened to me. I'm just glad Mihoshi, and Kiyone came back, so you can whine to someone else for a while."

Ayeka ignored Ryoko's comments, as usual her adversary was acting tough to avoid letting any emotions show. "What about you, Ryoko? Haven't you left Earth even once, without Tenchi since you awoke from your 700 year sleep?"

"Nope." Ryoko quickly replied. "My place is here now. I have no reason to ever leave." Ryoko stood up, throwing back her silver hair. "Well that's enough listening to your blabbing, I'm going to see if Sasami has breakfast ready yet."

"Breakfast was three hours ago, you slept through it." Ayeka dryly commented. "It's lunch time now."

"Really," Ryoko said looking surprised. "Oh well, one meal is as good as the next." Naked, Ryoko climbed out of the bath, and vanished.

Ayeka continued to sit in the warm water, it was obvious to her that she had hit a tender spot with Ryoko. Yes, Ryoko did love Tenchi, that was easy to see, but being stuck on one planet was something that was driving Ryoko insane. However Ryoko could never say anything, because it might cause a wedge between her and Tenchi.

Ayeka sighed, it was time to leave the bath, after all she didn't want to miss lunch.

End of Lunch time:

"That sure was good Sasami," Tenchi bragged. "I've missed having you around. Usually me or Ryoko does all the cooking now days, and I can't cook."

"What about Ryoko?" Kiyone asked, "How does she cook?"

Tenchi answered without thinking, "Oh she's even worse than..." then he caught Ryoko's icy glare. He laughed weakly. "Her cooking is fine," he quickly said looking down at the table to avoid Ryoko's eyes.

"Well, you know what we need? A watermelon!" Sasami said excitedly. "I have one waiting outside in the lake, just a minute I'll go get it. Come on Ryo-Ohki!"

Ryo-Ohki meowed happily hopping after its life long friend.

After Sasami shut the door, Tenchi stood preparing to clear the dishes. Then something fell from his pocket.

"Huh, oh yeah." Tenchi reached down, picking up the sword that held the other two of Ryoko's gems. "Ryoko..."

Ryoko looked over at Tenchi, "What do you have the sword for Tenchi?" However Tenchi was never allowed to finish, as a blood curling scream filled the air, Sasami's scream.

"SASAMI!" Ayeka screeched, as she ran out the door, followed closely by Tenchi and the others. There was Sasami, held captive by a tall man wearing black armor. Ryo- Ohki lay on the ground appearing ready to attack. Beside Ryo-Ohki a watermelon sat, stip dripping water from the lake.

"Whoever you are release my sister. I Ayeka, first princess of Jurai, command you!" Ayeka proclaimed the tall man merely chuckled darkly.

The evil figure looked as he scanned those before him, "Ayeka, Ryoko, Mihoshi, Sasami, Washu, and of course, the wretch, Tenchi!" He looked at Kiyone, "I'm not sure that we've met my dear, who are you?"

"I am Kiyone, first class detective of the Galaxy Police, and I command you, whoever you are, to release Sasami right now!"

"First of all, I am not a you. Worthless insects like all of you, should address me with proper respect. I am Blackshire, heir to the Legacy of Kagato!"

"Kagato..."everyone whispered under their breath.

"Yes, you remember him. Even thought I've never met him, I'm sure he'd be pleased with me thus far." Blackshire said darkly. "Well I'll tell you what, I feel like celebrating." Reaching down, still holding Sasami with one arm to his chest, Blackshire picked up the watermelon. "Come to my ship, The Ebon Shard, if you dare, and rescue little Sasami from me. If you can, we'll celebrate with a watermelon." Blackshire laughed, then he and Sasami disappeared.

"Kagato..., will he never stop haunting us." Ryoko asked, speaking to no one.

"We must go," Tenchi prophesied. "That monster has Sasami, there's no telling what he'll do."

"Kind of odd though, don't you think?" Washu asked him, "That a man who is so deranged like, Blackshire, would claim to be the heir to Kagato? Especially since he never met his predecessor. We better be careful Tenchi, he might not be that powerful, but it will be dangerous."

"That doesn't matter," Tenchi told her, "I'm not letting him take Sasami from us."

Ryoko nodded her agreement, "Ryo-Ohki!" The tiny cabbit leapt into the air, changing into a giant space craft.

"At last I will return to space," Ryoko thought, "I just wish it could have been under a happier situation."

"Here we come Sasami, hang in there." Tenchi proclaimed, as those assembled, Tenchi with the ancient sword, Ayeka, Washu, Kiyone, Ryoko, and Mihoshi, beamed onto Ryo-Ohki.

Aboard The Ebon Shard

"Time to die princess, you've done your part. You are the bait." Blackshire reared back, to deliver a killing blow to Sasami, but he stopped, there was something in her eyes, a power he felt he must claim. He must claim the power in the name of Kagato.

"Just kidding... for now," he chuckled, throwing her into a glass cylinder. "I want to find out what this power is I see in your eyes, you will tell me of course. One way or another." Screens flashed up all around Blackshire.

"What's this," he looked at them, he had done many marvelous things to the ancient Galaxy Police ship since he 'acquired' it, making a lot of improvements. "Excellent, everything is going according to plan." Blackshire laughed, soon, very soon everyone would here, and vengeance would be his.

NEXT TIME: Blackshire verses Tenchi and the gang. Can they stop someone who is heir to Kagato? Or will Blackshire have the last laugh. Who will celebrate?