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The Blackshire Interval Part 3

Dynasties End?

"Now Tenchi, Wish back the gems to me!" Ryoko commanded Tenchi, her back to the charging Blackshire.

"Right!" Tenchi said holding the sword hilt at Ryoko. Taking a deep breath Tenchi cleared his mind, and prayed for the gems to be returned to Ryoko, who stood trance like in front of him, waiting for their return. One gem transferred, Ryoko now had two of the three gems.

It was at that moment, Blackshire brought down his energy blade, slicing a gash in Ryoko's back, causing her to cry out in pain.

"Ryoko!" Tenchi stopped concentrating on the task at hand, as he watched Blackshire begin to form a blast, right behind Ryoko. Blood ran to the floor from her open wound.

"H-Hurry Ten-chi..." Ryoko pleaded, "give me the last gem." Tenchi nodded, once again he willed the gem back to Ryoko. As the final gem appeared on Ryoko, Blackshire fired his blast.

The energy ball struck Ryoko square in the back, hurling her into Tenchi, knocking both of them to the ground.

"Well that was rather boring," boasted Blackshire. "I hope you will be more entertainment, boy!"

Tenchi snarled, pushing Ryoko aside as he rose. "I will make you pay, Blackshire!" Holding the ancient sword in front of him, Tenchi willed the blade to appear, but as it had in the past, nothing happened.

"Is that supposed to impress me?" Blackshire asked bored.

"Ladies, I don't want you to see what I'm going to do to your beloved Tenchi, since I am a gentleman," Blackshire said with a mock bow as Tenchi continued to try and operate his sword. "So I've decided to kill you all." Blackshire rose his arm, making an elaborate hand gesture. Those still on the wall winced, preparing to have their heads removed by Blackshire's lasers. However nothing happened.

"What's going on here!" Blackshire demanded angrily. "You should all be dead by now!"

Just then a video screen with Washu appeared in front of them all. "You know, Blackshire, you really should get a better computer system. A child could break in here!"

"Damn you Washu!" Blackshire said clenching his fist.

"Oh well, I suppose you will all have to watch as Tenchi dies." he continued calming himself. Blackshire held his sword high, rushing the preparing Tenchi. Tenchi looked up, death was coming straight at him, and he could not get his sword to work!

Something collided with Blackshire, just before he could reach Tenchi. It was Ryoko.

"Tenchi! Free the others, and get Sasami! I'll deal with Blackshire!" Ryoko commanded.'

Tenchi nodded running toward Ayeka, who was the closest captive to him. Once again he tried to call the sword, this time with success. "Great now it works, when I need a knife. Of course I can't make it work when I need it in a fight!" Tenchi complained mentally. Bringing the sword in an arc, Tenchi severed the tendrils that held Ayeka, and the two moved on to free Mihoshi and Kiyone.

Ryoko and Blackshire charged each other, energy blades colliding echoing loudly. "I'm impressed Ryoko," complemented Blackshire, "those gems did do something for you. I'm afraid it won't be enough though." Once again the two warriors weapons smashed together.

"You claim to be Heir to Kagato, but you don't even know what these gems are?!" Ryoko roared. "I doubt you know anything about Kagato, except his name and occupation!" Ryoko leapt back, firing a blast into Blackshire, slamming him against the far wall. Tenchi and Ayeka raced past them into the control room, to free Sasami. As they did Blackshire tried to rise, but Ryoko continued to assault the black armored tyrant with shots, as if this wasn't enough, Kiyone and Mihoshi joined in, firing at the fallen villain.

"You annoying pests!" Blackshire roared holding his hand out firing a blast of his own. Ryoko stopped the ray with her force field, preventing serious damage, but the force knocked her, Kiyone, and Mihoshi backwards. Blackshire rose soaring toward the fallen women like a predator would its prey.


"There she is Tenchi,"Ayeka shouted spotting her sister in the glass container.

"Sasami are you alright?" Tenchi gasped hitting the glass. "Sasami?" But there was no answer, which meant she was either asleep, or dead.

"She's alright," Washu's voice chimed as her face appeared on the view screen. "Just open the capsule and get her out of there."

"How do we do that Washu?" Ayeka asked in her usual dignified tone.

"Hmm" Washu wondered, still typing on her keyboard as she spoke. "Just a minute, I think I can activate the lock from here."


Ryoko shot back at Blackshire, this time she struck him with the full force of her fist, embedding him in the ships wall. Hurling two blasts at his hands, fusing his armor to the ship hull.

"That won't hold him long, you two make sure the way to the ship is secure. I'll check on Tenchi and Ayeka." Ryoko barked.

"But Ryoko, you might need our help," began Mihoshi. Suddenly energy blasts struck all around them. The two officers turned in time to see various robots, some flying, others walking on tripod legs, marching at them.

Blackshire chuckled, "Oh did I forget to mention that the security drones respond only to my mental commands? Sorry about that. By the way, even if you free Sasami, you'll never escape here alive!" Kiyone replied by blasting one of the drones in what could be called the head, causing it to explode. Ryoko created her blade one last time, and embedded it into Blackshire, right where she guessed his heart to be, the black armored villain ceased talking or laughing, instead he merely slumped, hanging still by his arms.

"Alright Mihoshi, looks like it's up to us to clear the way, Blackshire may be dead, but apparently his drones are still on attack mode." Kiyone screamed firing another shot.

"SELF DESTRUCT IN 5 MINUTES," a robot voice said, echoing through the ship.

"Oh great, just what we need, when that armored nutcase died, the ship must have gone into self destruct mode!" Kiyone thought grimily once again blasting a drone to bits.


"Just a little while longer, and I'll have the lock undone," Washu proclaimed.

"No time for that, Washu." Ryoko blared flying into the room, "Didn't you hear the ship is going to blow!" With a mighty punch, Ryoko shattered the glass, and then scooped up Sasami, handing her to Ayeka, "Now let's move."

"Subtle as always, eh Ryoko!" Washu said from the monitor screen.

Quickly the trio ran from the room, following the path cleared by the Galaxy Police officers. Ryoko was last bringing up the rear, in case of an enemy attack.

Something grabbed Ryoko's leg, as she fly toward down the passageway, it felt like bare skin. "How dare you!" A voice roared behind her.

The next thing she knew, she was flung into a wall, face first. When she rose, spinning around to face her attacker, she saw Blackshire, minus the armor on his arms, standing before her.


"Ryoko!" Tenchi yelled heading back to help her.

"Tenchi, stay back. I'll finish this," Ryoko foretold, "just get back to Ryo-Ohki!"

Tenchi nodded, though it terrified him to leave Ryoko against this monster, he knew of anyone, that she had the best chance, and that in the end he would only be in the way.

Ryoko listened to Tenchi's foot step get further and further away. Finally she created an energy ball ready to attack.

"You know Ryoko, you were right about one thing, I don't know Kagato very well." Blackshire admitted, "But I know one thing, he would be pleased. After all I'm about to kill you, his greatest enemy." Blackshire stood ready for Ryoko's attack.

"Tenchi and the others are no longer in the way Blackshire." Ryoko reminded her foe, "it's over." She hurled the blast with all her might, however the blast collided with his force field, deflecting away. Still it was powerful enough to make Blackshire close his eyes, and by the time he opened them again, Ryoko was gone.

"AH" Blackshire heard Ryoko scream. He turned, just in time for her blade to come straight across his neck, an instant later, Blackshire's head bounced across the floor.

Ryoko had to hurry, there wasn't much time to escape the exploding ship.


Tenchi stated at The Ebon Shard from aboard Ryo-Ohki. Ryoko wasn't back yet, and according to Washu, there wasn't much time left before The Ebon Shard explodes. As he waited for Ryoko to return, Tenchi's mind drifted. He recalled all the things the two of them had seen and done since that day, long ago, when he released Ryoko from the cave. From battles with villains like Kagato, who's legacy they even now battled, to their first kiss [Ryoko's Birthday], not to mention all the times Ryoko had caused him trouble. Of all the people Tenchi knew no one had quite the impact on his life as Ryoko had.

"Without her...my life would be empty. There would be no point." Tenchi thought, then he realized something he felt for a long time, but only now understood.

Ayeka noticed the change in Tenchi, "What is it Lord Tenchi?"

Just as Tenchi was about to answer, Ryoko appeared beside him, "Ryo-Ohki! Get us out of here!"

With a thunderous roar, Ryo-Ohki blasted off, away from the soon to explode ship. In a matter of seconds, they were far from the ship.

Ryoko smiled weakly at Tenchi, then collapsed to the floor.

"Ryoko!" Tenchi said leaping down to hold her in his arms, "What's wrong with her Washu?" he pleaded.

Washu examined Ryoko's body, "don't worry Tenchi, she'll be fine. She's taken a really bad beating, but after a little rest, she should be good as new."

Tenchi sighed, holding Ryoko's limp hand against his face, once again he remembered all the things they had done together.

ABOARD THE EBON SHARD In the control room

10 Seconds to detonation: 9...8...7..6...5...


A large shadowy figure walked out of the control room, followed by a man in green sporting a bizarre hair style. The large figure knelt before the beheaded Blackshire with a sigh.

"You have failed me, Blackshire." the figure remarked, on each finger of his right hand a long spine shot forth. "Well, you've slept long enough, time to wake you up as I did your brother." As he spoke, he injected the spines into Blackshire's neck, just below where his head was severed. A few seconds later, the figures eyes glowed with a purple aura, then Blackshire's body shook, and his head burst from his shoulders, regrown. However this time he wore no helmet, and his face was a shock to the two figures who had revived him.

"Well, that is an interesting choice for a face, wouldn't you agree Fruitia?" the figure asked, the green clad man behind him.

"Yes, most interesting," Fruitia chuckled, "Now brother, are you ready to get to work? Father has so many wonderful plans, but you probably know all that now. Right."

Blackshire reached over, picking up his helmet, and after discarding his old head, put it on. Once he rose to his feet, he said. "Yes, now that I am reborn, I know now what I truly am. But why did I have those false memories, father?" he asked the man who revived him.

"I suppose it is every creators wish that his creations have their own life, but now the time for play is over." The figure said rising. "There are many things I must do to get ready for my revenge. I am glad I stopped you from blowing up this ship, it will aid me greatly in my quest."

"Forgive me, master. Ryoko was too much for me to handle, and I thought.."Blackshire begged.

"That is the problem, you are not to do any thinking." the figure commanded. "Now, you two run along, I have a ship to pilot."

Later that evening BACK ON EARTH

"That's odd," Kiyone said coming into the living room to join Ayeka, Washu, and Mihoshi.

"What is it Kiyone?" Mihoshi asked.

"I just talked to the Galaxy Police local impound, they said they didn't see The Ebon Shard anywhere. But I thought you said the self destruct mechanism seemed to fail Washu." Kiyone explained.

"It did," Washu said, "It was a nice sized ship he had, but it sure was a piece of junk."

"Well I wonder what happened to it?" Mihoshi said.

"I wouldn't worry about it," Washu stated munching on some chips, "Ryoko said she cut off Blackshire's head, and now that she has her gems back, if he does return she can get rid of him easily."

Sasami then came in, carrying sliced watermelon, "hey everyone, I just cut us some watermelon." Sasami smiled brightly, Ryo-Ohki sat on her head happily, like she used to when Sasami was much younger.

"Oh!" Sasami said looking around, "Where's Tenchi? I thought he was down here with everyone."

"He's up in his room, watching over Ryoko, while she sleeps." Ayeka informed her cheery sister, "I'll go let him know you have watermelon. Tenchi's been staring at that sleeping monster all afternoon, a break will do him good."


Ryoko's eyes flickered open, "What? Where am I?"

Tenchi stared at the waking Space Pirate, sitting on a chair next to his bed. "You're home, Ryoko." Tenchi paused looking away from her.

"What is it Tenchi? You sound worried about something. Is Sasami ok?"

"Yes, Washu revived her no problem, it's just..." Tenchi paused this was harder to say, than Kagato was to fight. Tenchi fidgeted with something in his pocket.

Ryoko stared at the love of her life, "Go on...," she said impatiently.

"Ryoko, while you were facing Blackshire, I thought I was going to lose you. It made me think of all the good times we've had together, and I think there are a lot more yet to come."

"You call me getting my back slashed by a psycho in black armor with a grudge for us killing a guy he didn't even know a good time! You're more of a sadist than me Tenchi!" Ryoko said sitting up on her elbows.

"No, I mean all the other memories, the fairs we've been to, the day to day adventures, and all the other things," Tenchi countered.

He took a deep breath, "I might as well, just say it," he thought.

Kneeling beside the bed, Tenchi pulled out a ring, "Ryoko, I've been thinking about it, and well...Will you marry me?" Tenchi asked nervously.

Ryoko's eyes lit up like twin stars, "Oh Tenchi,"she screamed throwing her arms around his neck, nearly snapping it. "Of Course I will!" tears rolled down her face in streams. This entire screen was followed by a loud thud. When the two turned, there laid Ayeka, unconscious, on the floor. In the excitement, neither had heard her open the door.

"Ayeka!" Tenchi ran over, fanning the fallen princess.

"Tenchi, what's going on?" Sasami asked coming up the stairs, "Why is Ayeka on the ground? Oh! Ryoko you're awake, would you guys like some watermelon?"

Ryoko studied the ring on her finger as she stood behind Tenchi, who tried to revive the fallen Ayeka. "Sure Sasami, I'd love some, and boy do I have some news for all of you," Ryoko bragged, "and don't worry about Ayeka, she'll be fine. She just got over excited hearing my news."

Twenty Minutes later

Ayeka had finally woke up from the shock, sipping her tea. Everyone else stared at Ryoko who was beaming, and Tenchi who seemed like he was about to cry, wether from joy or sadness was unclear.

"Well, come on, what is your big news, Ryoko?" Sasami asked, Ryoko had decided to wait until Ayeka woke up.

Ryoko held out her hand, "Tenchi and I are getting married!" [Classic anime everyone collapses, (except Ayeka who looked like she was in the middle of a nightmare)]

"Well then Ryoko, let me be the first to congratulate you," Ayeka said stately, "I have even decided on a gift for you."

All eyes turned to Ayeka.

"I am offering to throw you a Jurain wedding, but only because Tenchi is related to the Royal Family of Jurai," Ayeka said.

So it was agreed upon, Tenchi and Ryoko would have a wedding thrown by the Royal family.

NEXT TIME: Well this end the Blackshire Interval, but what about that figure on The Ebon Shard? Who is he? That Story will occur soon, in Vegeta Muyo! 2. But for the rest of us, our next chapter will be a happier one, join me soon, won't you, we're all invited to the wedding of the millennium, called TENCHI'S WEDDING!