DOA: Evangelion

Shadows loom over all the nooks and crannies, women and children shy away from the alleys and crevasse, all this is seen by one pair of eyes. Walking through the darkness and into the light a passerby would only see a shadow, perhaps a ghost depending on the things that you believe in. The ghost glides through the night in search of its prey wherever it may be, all knowledge has left it, it hungers for the chase and nothing more. In between a rasping breath it conjures forth the name of its prey, "Ikari".

Present Day

"Baka, where is my lunch? Wake up, Baka!"

Another start to a wonderful day of bickering and apologizing is in store for the resident Eva pilot. "Waahhh, I'm sorry. I'm up, I'll get right on breakfast Asuka." Tearing away the covers Shinji Ikari runs toward the bathroom for a quick bathroom break then onto the arduous task of making breakfast and lunch for his hot-tempered roommate.

"Hurry up idiot, were going to be late again. And if I'm late I'll kick your ass to next week."

"Yes, Asuka. I'm sorry Asuka."

"Stop apologizing and finish up you damn fool." Shaking her long mane of hair, the resident vixen takes great pleasure out of seeing her roommate scurry around like a little mouse caught in a trap. 'He should really grow a spine, I mean if he can't stand my ridiculing of him he'll die in the real world.'

"Here you go Asuka, breakfast and lunch. Remember to not place the lettuce onto of the bread or it will go soft."

"Baka, I am smarter than that, plus it was only one time. So stop reminding me about the time that you forgot to fix my lunch right, and let's get going."

Entirely without a hint of backbone Shinji took all of Asuka's insults in stride and went about his business like it was a regular day occurrence. "Yes, Asuka. I'll get my bag and change quickly."

"Fine, but if you are not out here by 6:00 I am leaving without your idiotic butt."

"Yes, Asuka. I'm sorry." Rushing into his domicile nicknamed "Shinji's Lovely Suite" Shinji quickly stripped off his clothing and hurried to wear his school attire. "I'm rea…dy." But his call was left on deaf ears, all he saw when he came out was his lunch and a note from Asuka.

Hey idiot, couldn't wait for you forever. Went on ahead, catch up if you can.

"I'm going to be late again. Better hurry."

In Central Dogma

Gendo Ikari was sitting at his desk working on his evil smirk, 'Now if I turn my lip up just so, there…now I look even more sinister.'


Jolted from his thoughts Gendo looked around his dark office to find a shadow that did not belong in his room. "Who is there?"


Caught off guard with the sudden feminine voice Gendo quickly recovered, "Yes, and who are you?"

Stepping out of the shadows a cloaked figure loomed over the diminished office. "I have come to collect on what your family owes." With a flick of her wrist the intruder had wedged a dagger between Gendo's legs, startled with the new addition to his nether regions Gendo still kept up his mask of ignorance. "I have no idea what you are talking about, now leave before the guards come and shoot you to a bloody pulp."

With another flick of her wrist a second dagger was lodged 1 millimeter away from the first. "I have come for payment and I will have it. Is this understood?"

Sweating bullets now, Gendo searched for his alarm button underneath his desk. Finally locating the offending device Gendo smirked and stated "Perfectly." With a touch of the button guards swarmed toward the Commander's office.

"Where is the pilot?"

Perplexed about the question but knowing it would take 3 mins for the death squad to get to his office Gendo humored the intruder. "Which one?"

"The boy, your son."

'This was not part of the deal, did SEELE wish to use the boy for something different?'

"He is in school, but I feel certain that you will not meet him." Checking his watch Gendo counted down in his head, '5…4….3….2….1…hmm?'

An explosion that was heard throughout Central Dogma blew away half of the complete regiment of Section 2. While the other half sustained injuries that would plagued them for their rest of their days.

"Thank you for the information, Commander." Performing a mock salute the intruder disappeared in a cloud of smoke. 'My god, she is going after the Third Child.'

Picking up his phone Gendo dialed the squad that monitored the Third Child at all times, 'Pick up, pick up.' With a reassuring click the phone connected, "This is Commander Ikari take the Third Child to Central Dogma, do you understand?"

"Well that will be a problem Commander."

"Are you defying a direct order soldier? I will have your head."

"It's not that Commander, it's just your squad has been eliminated."

"Whaa….who is this?"

"No one important, just someone who annihilated your entire monitoring squad. And don't worry about the Third Child, he is in good hands, MINE!" With that last statement the line went dead, and Gendo Ikari watched as his plan to unite with his wife just went up in smoke.

Outside the School Yard

"Now what shall we do to kill time, any suggestions Shinji?"

With a plethora of dead bodies strewn throughout the school yard Shinji could only hope to hold back all the bile that was collecting inside his throat. "To the beach? Sure sounds good. I could use a tan."

"Christie, I don't believe the boy wants to go with you."

"I was wondering when you would get here Ayane, it's been what 2 years since we last met?"

"Release the boy into my custody and you will be able to walk away unharmed, if not then I cannot guarantee your safety."

"Oh, hmm? Where's the fun in that Ayane? And we want to have fun don't we Shinji? I say we play a game, how's Cat and Mouse sound?" Without further ado Christie sprinted to her car and threw Shinji in the backseat, waving one last time at Ayane, Christie gunned it.

"Very well gaijin, if that is how you want to play, then let's play."

Author's Notes: So how was the first installment of DOA: Evangelion? I should get the next installment in soon, I feel the need to write more soon. Anyways, Peace I'm out.