Okay, this is just an alert for all of you who still receive those for this crappy story XDD I'll take it down once I get the new chapter up.

A lot of you watch me, and not just the story itself, and know that I just put up another story for the first time in forever.

A lot of my older stories on this site, I am. Not. Happy. With.

Bluntly, I hate them. But I am very anti-re-write, so it's not likely that anything will be done with them. I received a review on my newest story, and it made me start thinking. I have lost the notebook that the original Accidentally in Love was written in, but that's okay because I hate how that story ended up. It was awkward, and not well written at all, and just... It makes me go Oo?! at my screen that so many of you like that story! XD

Anywho, so many of you DO love that story. I decided I'm going to trash it, and rewrite the whole thing, without the notebook the original story was in. This decision was made when I opened it to see where I'd left off and where I needed to pick back up at, and saw, ...

Probably the worst line I have ever written.

"Omi, one of the first few students at the school, was one of the first few to discover their principals newest idea."

There are so many things wrong with this SENTENCE ALONE that I can't believe you lot liked this story XDD

So here's my solemn promise as an author to re-write this thing, and get it finished for you all.

Weiss Kittyn