S.H.: We attacked her this morning with muse....stuff.

Mink-chan: -nods and starts doing stuff to S.H.'s neck-

DBS: -takes a photo- Anyway, this morning I was watching the horrible dub/cut of Yuugiou on KidsWB. And joy! It was the Marik finale thing. And Marik was sent to the "Shadow Realm" T.T

S.H.: Then the muses attacked!

DBS: YES! And...I came up with this, because honestly, this is what should've happened, right?

S.H. and Mink: -nod-

DBS: n.n So let's get started with the pointless drabble!

Marik stood and stared at his hikari, who was adorned in his own cape and clothing. Well, actually, he wasn't really standing. Floating? Yes, he was floating. Or at least, his eye was. Said eye gazed down at his other, his violet iris shrunken in fear. Would his hikari really just abandon him like that? He hadn't really meant to harm him, and in stating this, he was being perfectly serious. Sure, he'd just been trying to get him killed...but he blamed it on Ra's tiny dragon brain. They were fused, after all! Who's to say that Ra's tiny dragon brain wasn't trying to take his one over?

His hikari sent a glare up at the floating eyeball, and the dark spirit's heart sunk. His hikari wanted him dead...he would forfeit the match to the pharaoh. "No! Don't do it!" he screeched, fearing for his very life. He was met with another glare.

"I owe this to the pharaoh...I'm sorry I hurt you and your friends."

"MALIK!" his other screeched, "STOP! YOU NEED ME!"

"Not anymore, yami!"

"Defeat the pharaoh!" said yami countered. "Defeat him, and we can rule the world! Together! Together, Malik! You can be my queen!"


Everyone who had heard that comment blinked. And since Yami, Malik, Yuugi, and every spectator had heard what had come out of Marik's unseen mouth, there was much confusion flooding around the dueling ring.


The eye blinked. Well, it could have been considered a wink, but in all honesty the spirit intended to blink and blink only. "Er. Yes, hikari?"

"What the hell did you just say?"

"Um, uh..."

The audience waited in expectation.

"Yami, what'd you say?"



"...I love you."

Everyone fell over, save for the stunned Malik. The hikari shed a tear.

"You do?" he asked, eyes getting big.

The eye bobbed up and down. "Um...I just nodded, though I don't think you could tell."

"Marik!" Malik squealed, "I want a hug!"

At that instant, the spirit gained his own body, using Malik's strong will for power, and delivered said hug. The crowd 'awwed,' despite the strange situation. Marik let go of his hikari and stalked over towards the pharaoh. He looked over his shoulder and gave Malik a reassuring smile before making the rest of the way to his scowling opponent. They glared at each other for a moment....

"Marik," Yami spat.

"Pharaoh," Marik sneered. He then proceeded to kick his fellow spirit in the groin.

General crowd response: "GASP!"

Kaiba snickered.

"You can have the stupid dragon," Marik said to the other yami, who had doubled over in pain. "But I'mma gonna go get laid!" And with that he ran over to Malik and the two skipped off together hand in hand, taking no heed to the fact that each was wearing the other's clothing. That wouldn't really matter in a few minutes, anyway.

"Well," Yami gasped out, wincing. "That was an odd way to -pant- save the world. -groan-"

His own hikari blinked and nodded.

DBS: -is shot-

Mink-chan: -pokes her lifeless corpse-

S.H.: n.n Review these 504 words of nonsense!

Quick translation:

Oro means something along the lines of "huh?" Though you Kenshin fans probably knew that already. XD