When I first found out about Jet and Joe, I did get mad. No, not because they were together, but because they thought they had to hide it from me, and that hurt more than I can possibly say.

Yes, I'm in love with Joe, and I've always liked Jet a little bit: he's been the one to protect me when I was still to shocked to realize I was a cyborg. He was my first friend in this new life.

So when I saw them (I swear it was an accident) kissing, I was shocked. But when I heard them saying that they should be quiet so we – I- wouldn't find out, the shock was replaced by hurt.

We're a family. All of us, we're brothers. First it was because we really didn't have anyone else, but now it's because we care about each other. We fight, we laugh, we worry… we're family. And yet they thought they felt they had to keep quiet.

I could have understand it at first, a little bit, because of the tease GB, Chang and maybe even Albert would have done, but the fact that they thought that I would be mad at them, or that I would reject them…

I love them both: I love them so much that words fail me to say how much. They are my best friends in the whole world. The thought of life without them is a nightmare.

Did they really think that just because they love each other I was going to hate them? Turn my back on them? I would never do that. Not when I thought I was going to lose them both. Back then, sobbing in Albert's arms with my heart broken, thinking that the both of them were going to die was the worst thing I could have ever felt.

But they were alive, and, although hurt, they were mostly okay.

I never want to loose them, and I thought they knew this. I thought they knew that above romantic feelings I may or may not have for them, I wanted them to be happy. And both of them are happy, truly happy.

So you see, I wasn't mad with them for loving each other, or angry because one of them didn't love me. It was the fact that they didn't trust me, as their friend, to be happy for them.

I told them this, when Jet asked me if I was angry because they were faggots, and I told him that he was being ridiculous. When I was studying ballet, sometimes Natalie and myself would hide behind curtains, watching the male dancers talk to each other softly and smile kindly to each other, and after we would giggle and create crazy stories about them.

I told him and Joe that I wasn't angry, that I was hurt by the fact that they didn't trust me enough so they could tell me this.

Now it's all okay with us. They apologized for keeping their love a secret, and I just told them to be happy, and to stop hiding things from me, because my love for them was above any other thing, and because then, if they both were missing, I would be careful to not use my powers.

They agreed to this, and they're happy and in love.

And about my powers… well, I don't always look. Just a tiny little peek, and it's not always and it could be called a mistake…