The plane was fixed. Bulma and Gohan did an excellent job in repairing the problem to
the engine (turned out that it was just a leak in the tank). Everybody climbed in. Misty
spent the rest of the day feeding and playing with Togepi. Pretty soon, both Togepi and Misty
were back to their normal selves.
Misty was even happy for Psyduck (now Golduck) who evolved to try to save her. She now
hoped that it wouldn't leap out of its pokeball all the time.
Waving good bye to their new friends, the Pokemon crew climbed into the plane and took

Misty noticed that Ash seemed thoughtful. Quiet even. "Hey Ash, what's wrong?"

"When I was hanging from the edge of the cliff, I was approached by the guy who
controlled the Nikaron back in Nerima, Giovanni. He was the leader of Team Rocket."

"Team Rocket? You mean they were behind the Nikaron."

"I'm not sure. Anyway, he said something unusual."

"What was that?"

"He referred to my stubborness and he said 'seems like that just runs in the family.'"

"How could Giovanni know about your family?"

"I'm not sure, Misty. But I have a feeling that whether I like it or not, I'm going to
find out."

To Be Continued

The Anime Crossover Saga will continue in

Pokemon/Sailor Moon: Moon Over Meowth