Silent Heartbeats: Author's Acknowledgements
By Maureen

no disclaimer for this chapter! it is MINE!!!!


This is my time! Jamie's had 25 (yes 25!) chapters to tell his story and I've only got short blurbs before and after his stuff! So now it is my turn!!! Bwahahahaha!!!!

Anyways there are a few people I'd like to thank and whatnot, some may have been thanked earlier, but this is the definitive "thank you" list. This isn't in any order of importance or anything.

My mom - she has never understood my need my write or why I write what I do (and I never let her read my stories) but she has always supported me no matter what I wanted to do.

My dad - you ripped up a story once instead of proofing it. I hate you for that and I thank you for helping me take criticism. I will fix that story and it WILL get published. But I'm never letting you proof anything for me again.

Josh - my boyfriend. He just learned about this fic ;) But without him I would never have begun to learn about Deaf culture, because while he was reconnecting, I was getting more fic material than I knew what to do with.

Mad Cow - the ONLY member of the "we love Maureen" (or whatever the name is this week) fanclub. She has reviewed everything and is always asking when the next chapter is coming out or giving me ideas and playing the 'what if' game. She is the ultimate plot bunny. I'm not sure this fic would have been finished without you.

Aricraze - for her boundless enthusiasm in everything I write and for nagging me when I don't write. And for her reviews. My fics feel incomplete without a review from her.

Darkchilde - for encouraging me and helping me realize that although she can make me laugh, I can make her cry. And both are very difficult emotions to capture with words. Together we could write some beautiful things.

Arcadia - for her snail-mail letters that always inspire me to write, even when they aren't about IaHB at all! for proofing everything and making me realize that nothing is "too mature" as long as there is no hardcore sex invovled!

BE-A-TLE - even though life thinks it is fun to beat on you, you are an amazingly gifted writer and I wish you the best. I love brain storming with you and working through plot twists.

Vonnie & Cal - for helping me learn sign and patiently teaching me about Deaf culture. There is more than I could incorporate into this fic.

Erin aka SineNomine - for being anal retentive to the nth degree to detail. For making me research EVERYTHING and WHY it is like that. Sometimes you annoy me, but it is very satisfying to answer all of your questions to the degree you want.


Spoilers: The next fic is tentatively titled Silent Lives, unless I can think of a better title before I finish chapter one.

Speaking of chapter one...I have about 3 different versions because I can't quite decide where I want to start the fic. eek!

But here is what I do know: a major character will be leaving, 2 minor characters will be leaving, one minor character will play a major part, there will be a new major character introduced (she has been mentioned before, but only once in passing) and some old characters will be coming back! *breath* if that wasn't enough there will be more of Alex's family showing up to call Jamie "Punkie"!

Also - college search, more on Jermy and Dr. Jennifer Riviera will be showing up at some point. I really don't know when yet ;) Anything you guys want to see? let me know at