She will be loved

Chapter 10

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And she will be loved

Please don't try so hard to say goodbye

Please don't try so hard to say goodbye


"ANNNNNNNNNNNNNA!" the voice rang into the chapel. All heads turned to the voice. Anna smiled pleased. Keiko looked as if she was about to kill the next person who talked to her.

Yoh on the other hand was confused..."Mari? what are you urm doing?" (a.n: Ha! you all thought it was Hao!)

Said girl ran into up to Anna, her pigtails fluttering about. "Anna gasp Mari gasp found a gasp way to gasp get you gaaaaasp out of marrying him!" Mari said short of breath.

Anna whiped the tears from her eyes. "Mari what did you say I didn't catch any of it."

After catching her breath Mari spoke up. "Mari's been up all night trying to figure out how to get this wedding stopped. I finally-" She was interouped by none other than Keiko.

"This is an outrage! How dare you barge into my sons wedding and try to stop this union! I forbid it! I-" This time Anna stopped her

"Oh shove it! Mari countnue" She instructed. With a smile on her face Mari nodded and began tell them everything.


Two hours earlier...

Hao started up at the rain clouds. Their Grey color didn't make him feel any better. Rain was threatening to fall on him but he didn't care.

"Is Hao going to just sit their while Hao's love gets married?" said a voice behind him. Barely interested he turned to see Anna's cousin, Mari.

He ignored her. Hao did not need a guilt trip right now. Silence settled between them as thunder rattled in the distance.

The blond girl tapped her foot Impatiently "Well?"

He rolled his eyes, "I don't know what your talking about" He sat down on the grass.

It was Mari's turn to roll her eyes. Here she was, on the day of her cousins wedding, in a park with the only man Her cousin loved.

"Hao knows very well what wedding Mari is talking about! Now get your stubborn ass down to that Church and save her!" Hao looked back at her.

Mari stopped in her tracks. "She said she doesn't love me, I'm not going to ruin her wedding so I feel okay." he started monotonously.

The blond girl shook her head, "You have no idea what your..." She glanced at her watch 'Gack I'm late!' she thought as she began to run to the church.

She stopped suddenly "She lied" Hao turned to look at her confused "Anna lied to you, she does love you" And she began to run again.


"Is this true Anna?" Yoh asked looking down. His face was previously unreadable.

Anna nodded, the truth needed to come out.

The chapel was silent. All waiting to see what would happen. And it surprised them.

"Will you be happy him?" He asked looking up at Anna with a warm smile. Anna smiled back. She nodded again.

Yoh took Anna's Hand in his own and kissed them gently. "Anna I want you to be happy, and if you wouldn't be happy with me then I'll have to deal with it. But you need to go to the one you love."

Almost the whole Church 'Awwwwwww-ed' Anna hugged him "Thank you Yoh, thank you so much.." Why hadn't she told him this before?

"I forbid this!" Keiko shrieked. 'Thats why...' Anna was reminded.

Keiko looked at her goons nodding her head. They got the signal and went to leave, but Matti and Tamao blocked them.

"Out of the way!" Ren spat at the girls. Matti grinned "Or what?" Tamao nodded, trying her best to be brave.

Horo Horo laughed at Tamao. "Look this ones scared-uff!" His sentence was cut short when Tamao kicked him where it hurts. (ouch...)

"I may be scared but I'm not going to back down!" Tamao squeaked in a moment of courage. "Way to show em Tammy!" Matti said grinning.

"Get out of the way before we have to hurt you." Lyserg said. He really didn't want to hurt anyone but they where forcing his hand.

Mari stuck her tongue out at the green haired boy.

Matti laughed. "You know they're kinda cute! I think I want the purple one." Ren blushed deep crimson.

Lyserg was now very very VERY afraid of these two girls. 'Girls are scary...' he thought to himself.

Horo Horo had finally finished sulking over his um...kick, and they where about to force the girls out of the way, When Mari surprised every one again.

"Enough, Keiko will not cause anymore trouble!" The long pigtailed girl whispered something to the Asakura woman, who went pale and nodded.

Anna quirked an eyebrow. "Anna lets go we've got to go find that moron of yours!" Matti yelled standing over the boys. Needless to say all three where going to have girl issues for the rest of their lives.

Anna nodded and ran out of the Church with the. Unknown to her friends, Matti blew a kiss to Ren, whispering 'See ya later cutie' to him.

"What did you tell her that made her call off her murder threat?" Anna asked as they ran to the park. Mari smirked "Mari said she would expose the way she REALLY got her A in history class back in collage." Mari snickered.

Anna would have laughed too, but suddenly every one stopped.

"There he is..."


"Mommy! I don't want to marry a girl , girls are yucky! They have cooties!" Wailed a tiny Asakura Yoh.

"Yoh stopping being childish, you may not want to get married now, but your only 7 thats to be expected, but when you of come of age you are going to marry her," Keiko firmly told her child.

"But Anna's scary! She glued my mouth shut with crazy glue in school!" He continued to whine. His mother rolled her eyes, what did you expect from a seven year old?

"I'll marry her!" Came the voice of the elder Asakura brother, Hao. He was currently standing on the sofa.

"Okay!" Yoh said happy to shove the mini Ice queen of to his brother. Keiko rolled her eyes, "Hao get of the sofa like that"

Hao glared at his mother but got down none the less. He crossed his arms over his small chest and pouted. "I"ll marry Anna then She's cool." he mumbled

"Don't be ridiculous Hao, I've arranged it so she will marry Yoh. Not you. And speaking of you go get ready for bed, it's way passed both of your bed times."

Yoh skipped off into his room, while Chibi Hao pouted and stomped his feet. "I will marry Anna..." he whispered to himself.



His head snapped around at the sound of the familiar voice. His deep brown eyes held her gaze for what seemed like forever.

She stared back unsure what to say to him, how to tell him he was the only one she loved. "I-"

He turned away, long brown hair swished behind him. "How was your wedding? shouldn't you be on your honeymoon?" His voice was cold and impartial.

Anna was shocked by his words. 'he's still mad...'

Instead of answering she sat down behind him, her wedding dress tucked under her legs.

They just stayed in that silence for a long time. Rain began falling form the sky, both ignored it. they were to lost in their own thoughts to notice the water.

All of a sudden Anna hugged him from behind, her small frail arms wrapped around his neck. She was crying desperately Hao couldn't just let her stay like that, no matter how upset he was.

He turned around pulling her into his arms. Gentle fingers stroked her hair calming her down. Soon Both Hao and Anna were soaked.

But for some reason it didn't matter. The rain was like their relationship, sometimes id was light and other times it was a heavy down pour, but no matter how bad things got, the sun would come out to make things better.


"So your not married are you?" Hao asked taking Anna's small hand into his own. The sun began to pull out form behind the clouds.

"Nope..." She replied "Hey look a rainbow!" Anna stood up to point at the spectacle.

Hao stood up right beside her. "You know what they say about rainbows..." He smirked, and pulled her into his embrace.

Anna rolled her eyes, but gave in. "Your lucky I like you..." His lips hungrily claimed hers, and she returned the passion.

They pulled apart and Anna lay her head on his chest.

She sighed "Whats gonna happen to us?"

Hao pressed his lips to her forhead "I don't know..."

No more needed to be said.

Sure the future was unclear but they had each other.

And that was alone was enough.


I don't mind spending everyday

Out on your corner in the pouring rain

Please don't try so hard to say goodbye...




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