Chapter II

By Darkness Arts

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The sound of thunder reverberating through the metal of the cage was what awoke Hige, followed by a nearly blinding flash of lightning. Blinking against the darkness that surrounded once more, he waited for his eyes to adjust before he started jumping to conclusions on his present state of being...which was most indefintly in a cage. And he really didn't like cages.

-Lying beside you
Listening to you breathe
The life that flows inside of you
Burns inside of me

As everything came into focus, memories of the past events that brought him to this point began to surface in his mind, as well as a dull pounding that seemed to permeate itself in his head. Rolling over, a relieved sigh escaped his lips as an unconcious Blue was resting next to him. Her breaths were labored, but she was still alive, he knew, and to that he was grateful. The buttons had been undone on her coat, and he could see where her wounds had been wrapped, crimson having soaked through the white cloth quite a bit. She seemed to be shivering from the cold, and her usually peach glossed lips were a pale gray to match her skin. He himself was slightly chilly, missing the warmth that his sweatshirt usually provided him with. Even if her wounds had been taken care of, keeping her warm would be a good thing to do.

Amassing enough strength in his seemingly weak muscles to crawl over to her, he sat up against the bars as he removed his long-sleeved black shirt, sitting it beside him. Leaning over, and trying to ignore the splinters of pain that rushed through his entire body at the action, he buttoned up her jacket before carefully putting his shirt on over it, trying to keep her as warm as possible. Laying down beside her, he wrapped either of his arms around her body and pressing himself as close to her as physics would allow.

-Hold and speak to me
Of love without a sound
Tell me you will live through this
And I will die for you

As they were positioned, Hige had his chin resting atop her head, and at his height, their feet were tangled together. He had never really noticed it before, but he was quite a bit taller than her. If they were normal teenagers, with mediocre teenage lives they would have been considered a cute couple. But that wasn't the situation, nor did it appear it would ever be.

Paradise might as well have been denied to them, as far as Hige was concerned.

-Cast me not away
Say you'll be with me
For I know I cannot
Bear it all alone

Glancing about, though never changing his position, he noted that they were somewhere in the mountains, as the surroundings let on. It was bitterly cold, and there was snow on the ground around them, as well as on the tall, evergreen and fir trees that scattered the grounds. His keen eyes allowed him to see the sloping mounds of mountainous terrain in the distance, as well as the snow that dotted the tops, and ridges around it. Averting his cherry brown eyes towards the sky, the dark gray clouds covering the horizon gave off the terrible promise of snow sometime soon.

This wasn't good. They needed to escape.

Blue chose this moment to stir. Hige felt her shift in his arms slightly, her movements slow and strained which let him know that she was still feeling the effects of her bullet wounds. Glancing down, he was surprised, but happy to see that she was indeed awake as her large indigo eyes were peering up at him from beneath thick dark lashes. He shuddered slightly as her warm breath hit the bare skin of his stomach when she moved closer to him, undoubtedly seeking warmth. His hold growing ever-more pervasive on her, he knew that as much as he was liking the moment, they needed to escape before the ones who had wounded her, and captured them returned.

Darcia and Quent...

Hige felt his gut clench at the thought of seeing either of them again. He knew that if he did, there wasn't a damn thing in Heaven or Hell that could stop him from disemboweling either of them- and he knew that he could. Anger was a powerful tool, and even on someone like him it could be used to achieve ultimate destruction.

-Can't fight it all away
Can't hope it all away
Can't scream it all away
It just won't fade away, No

Banishing his thoughts, he set back to the task of getting them out. "Blue," Pulling back from Blue only slightly, so that he could lift her chin to look her in the eyes, he made sure she was awake and listening before he continued. "Blue, we need to get out of here." He told her, trying to keep the desperation he felt from edging his tone. But damn it! We have to get out of here now!

Azure eyes slipping shut, Blue numbly nodded. She tried to get her body to cooperate with her enough so that she could sit up atleast, but it wouldn't. "Hige..." she began softly, her voice hoarse. It hurt to talk, but she had to. "...I can't move." she finished. She felt drained. It was the type of exhaustion that would make one feel like they would never have energy to do anything ever again- it went straight to her bones, and muscles. I hate this... She thought wretchidly. I hate feeling so damn weak!

"That's fine, Blue...I just need to get us out of this goddamn cage and I'll carry you..." He seethed, anger taking hold once again.

Finally managing to pull away from her after what seemed like forever, he left her propped up against one side of their entrapment, as he took all of his hurt, anger and regret out on another. In seemingly no time, he had worked the bolts holding the cage together loose enough so that he could just knock the wall of metal down. Looking back at Blue, who was watching him with a sort of glazed over, half concious expression, he rushed once again to her side.

"C'mere, Blue..." He murmured, as he carefully picked her frail form up, cradling her to him as a groom would his bride. This thought made a pang of both envy and anguish strike him. If they never made it out...and they never had that chance... He sighed, as he ducked under the roof of the cage, careful with Blue the entire time. Oh well...at least we'll be together in death...

Once outside the encampment, Hige shifted, and ran.

He was far too engrossed in getting Blue and himself far away from where they had been kept captive, that he didn't feel the fatigue creeping up on him as it did. He just had to run... And he did. He ran faster than he ever had in his entire life, even with the welcomed burden of Blue to bear. Tall, dark trees, glossy white snow falling around them, and the dusk closing in mattered naught to him.

I love her...she won't- no she can't die! He reasoned with himself, as exhaustion finally took control over his body. Resting his trembling limbs, as he dropped to the ground, Blue safely held to his chest, he drew in several deep breaths, before letting them out in one, single sigh.

But we've been through so much already...maybe it's just time to stay...to let things happen as they are meant to...If in the end, I am to die...atleast I know I'll have given my all, and I can be happy for that...

And in her dreams, Blue was thinking the same thing.

-Can't wash it all away
Can't wish it all away
Can't cry it all away
Can't scratch it all away -

Waking herself from the sweet reprieve of sleep seemed much easier this time, than it had been before. Curling up against Hige's bare chest, she was surprised to know of everything that had happened now...it all seemed so clear, yet distant all the same...like the vivid memory of something that had happened so long ago, yet would never leave her. Could never leave her.

Wincing as she shifted her position, she did well to avoid aggitating either of her bullet wounds, just as she was careful not to wake Hige. She knew how hard all of this had been on him. Glancing down at his peaceful face, she smiled wanly. Your rest is well deserved...

He had, afterall, saved both of their lives.

"Sleep as long as you like, Hige..." Blue whispered, as she pressed her lips gently to his slightly parted ones. "I'll be here when you wake up..." I owe you that and so much more...You rescued me from a past- and a life that I thought I wanted back...But I know now...that if we make it through this, my life, my heart, my soul...everything I am, or have, belongs to you...

"I love you Hige..."

- End -

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