By Hikaru Hayashi

Story from Yu-Gi-Oh!

All right! I've had this story up before, but I'm putting it back because it was a bomb story and didn't deserve to get taken down!!! I thought this fic kicked some major you-know-what so...Point of View returns!! Never Say Die!!!!

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Now, let's begin!!

Point of View: Tales from Room 483 Chapter 1-Bogus Assignment

"Mission: Almost Impossible"

So, in a heartbeat, Yugi Mutoh, Katsuya Jonouchi, Hiroto Honda, Ryuji Otogi, Ryou Bakura, and Seto Kaiba all wound up in detention!! They don't know how the fight started, but something happened, and now they'd all be late getting home for dinner.

"This is all YOUR fault, Yugi!!" screamed and angry Seto.

"Whaddya blamin' him for, ya joik?" said Jono, "If you'd just kept yer big mouth shut, none of us would be in here!"

"Jonouchi-kun is right!" said Otogi. "Now stop blaming others for your troubles!" With these words, he launched a die at Seto's head. He just barely dodged it.

"Nan da!? Watch were you're throwing that thing, you moron!"

"Well, what are you gonna do about it? I'VE got bigger muscles than you do!"

"All right, you want a piece of me, Devlin!!"

"NO FIGHTING!!!" shouted Yugi. "It's bad enough we're in here in the first place. You guys aren't helping!" Tears began to run from his eyes.

"Aww..." sighed Jonouchi. "Don't cry, Yug! It's okay!"

"If you ask me," started Ryou, "I say it's Honda's fault!"

"You always blame stuff on me!" shouted Honda. "Aim your criticism at someone else for a change. Like Devlin or Kaiba!"

"SILENCE NOW!" shouted a voice.

The boys stopped their bickering and turned their attention to the front of the room. The owner of the voice was standing in the front, and she didn't look too pleased. She scribbled something illegible on the board and then spoke. "You six are hear because you got in a fight."

"Tell us something we don't know, you old broad!" shouted Honda.

" I was saying," said the teacher, brushing off Honda's comment, "Since your fight included throwing chalk and pencils the punishment must fit the crime. You will apologize to the pencils by writing a narrative."

Apologize to an inanimate object...? Thought Seto. This woman is crazy!

Normal people don't talk to pencils... thought Otogi. Does she mean literally or figuratively? I'd better not say anything...

"You will all get out a piece of paper, I DON'T mean ripping one out of your binder, and you will write. I'm not giving you a prompt, so I don't care what you write. You may write whatever you please." The nameless teacher started towards the door. She left with the words, "I'll be back in half an hour. Happy Writing and good luck! (You'll need it...)"

The six boys stared for a few moments. Then, one by one, they began to get out their notebooks and pondered about what to write, and why they were taking this assignment seriously.

End Chapter One

All right, well, that's it! I should make the chapter longer, but I'm not gonna cause I'm angry. (Blasted administration!)

Random Thought: (I had to write this...) Don't you think "blasted" is a funny word? Especially when used in place of a curse word...

Coming next chapter: If you recall, Chapter Two's feature story was written by none other than our goofy scatterbrained Katsuya Jounouchi (a.k.a. Joseph "Joey" Wheeler). Ja ne!