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Chapter Nine Disclaimer note: For the final time this story, I, Hikaru Hayashi, will proclaim to the whole forsaken planet that I DO NOT OWN YU-GI-OH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There...

Now let's see how the story unwinds in the conclusion of Point of View: Tales from Room 483...

Chapter 9: Discovering A Friend's Secret

The boys watched in utter confusion as Seto left the room. did Kaiba know the bell would ring when he opened the door? Honda thought. That just doesn't make sense...sure, he was staring at his watch the whole time, but nobody's watch is perfectly in sync with the school clock system...and half the clocks on campus are busted anyway, so it wouldn't matter...Agh! I'm gonna stop brain hurts...

Suddenly, Jounouchi ran out the door. "Well, I gotta run! See ya later!!!" he said.

Strange...Yugi thought. Jounouchi seemed to be in a hurry...we should follow him, Yami...

Yami looked at his diminutive companion. Aibou! You're not one for snooping around in other people's business...I agree! He switched back so he appeared as Yugi again.

"Honda..." Yugi said. "We should follow Jounouchi...he's usually not in a hurry to go anywhere."

"I agree...I noticed that too..." Honda said.

"Yugi! Honda! I'm ashamed of you!!" Ryou scolded. "Now, you can't go without me and Otogi!"

"That's right!!" Otogi said. "Count me in too!!"

Suddenly, Seto came back. "I was standing in the hallway and I overheard you geeks talking..."

The gang stared at him.

"If this involves making a complete idiot out of that brainless moron Jounouchi, then I guess I could tag along..."

"You'll come with us, Kaiba?" Yugi asked hopefully.

"Hey, don't think this is a friendship thing, Yugi," Seto said. "I just have this feeling that your friend Jounouchi has some deep dark secret, and if he does, I want to find out what it is so I have something new to tease him about!!"

"...Now that's just plain cruel, Kaiba..." Otogi said. "But, suit yourself..."

The five boys follow Jounouchi. They walk out of the school and down the street, when someone runs up behind them.

"Excuse me!" Said a girl with shoulder length red hair who seemed to be in a rush.

"Hey, what's the rush, sweetie?" Otogi asked the girl. "Don'tcha wanna stay and hang out?"

"Sorry, can't," the girl replied. "And your flattery doesn't work on me...I'm taken."

Otogi felt like he had been hit with a ton of bricks.'s always the pretty girls who already have boyfriends...Otogi thought.

The red-headed girl ran until she reached the corner. She stopped and talked to a boy who was standing at the corner. He was wearing Domino High's school uniform. He also had messy blonde hair and he kind of looked like...

"JOUNOUCHI!!!" Yugi, Ryou, Honda, and Otogi shouted all at once.

The boy who looked like Jono turned around and looked at Yugi and co.

"It IS Jounouchi!" Yugi shouted.

"Oh my god..." Otogi gasped. "Don't tell me that girl is..."

"Wha?! Yugi! Honda! What're you all doin' here?!" Jounouchi said, annoyed.

The girl looked at them. " guys again...Katsuya, do you know these guys? Are they your friends? Why didn't you introduce me?"

"'Katsuya...!!!'" Honda shouted. "She calls you 'Katsuya'?!"

"Hey, girl!" Seto said. "I am not his friend, I'll have you know."

"Wha!? Kaiba's here too??" Jounouchi shouted. "Now I'm confused..."

"We followed you," Yugi said.

Honda punched him in the gut. "He didn't mean that! Honestly..."

"Let me yer gonna want me to explain things to ya, well guess what..."

"Actually, Katsuya," the girl interrupted. "I'd like to meet your friends...they seem like funny guys!!"

"I'm NOT his friend!" Said a frustrated Seto. "I don't even know why I'm here..."

"So..." the girl said, walking up to Yugi. "What's your name, cutie?"

Yugi blushed as he answered her. " name's Yugi Mutoh. Nice to meetcha!"

"And I'm Hiroto Honda, Jou's friend for life!" Honda replied.

"I'm Ryuji Otogi," Otogi said. "Nice to meet a pretty face such as yours..."

"Save your flattery, Otogi-kun..." the girl said, obviously not impressed.

Jono just laughed.

"My name's Ryou Bakura," Ryou replied. "It's a pleasure to meet you."

"And..." the girl said, turning to Seto. "What might your name be?"

"Hah! Everyone knows who I am..." Seto mumbled. "If you must know, I'm Seto Kaiba, and I'm NOT Jounouchi's friend!!!!"

"I get it already!" the girl said. "So...he's Seto Kaiba...he's cuter in person...too bad he's got such an attitude aunt could fix that..."

"What was that, Hina?" Jounouchi asked the girl.

"Oh...just nothing..." the girl replied.

"By the way..." Jono started, "This is Hina Tomou...and...she's... ...she's my fiancée."

"WHAT?!?!?!?" Everyone shouted, including Seto.

"B-b-b-but, Jounouchi!!" Yugi shouted. "You can't be..."

"You can't be engaged!" Honda finished Yugi's sentence. "You're still in high school!"

"I KNOW that, awright?!" Jou shot back. "It was an arranged mother remembered this chick who was her high school friend...she said I would get along with her daughter so she arranged for us to get married when we turn 21...turns out, I actually grew to like the girl!"

"Wow..." Yugi said. "I didn't know parents still arranged marriages...your mother is very old-fashioned, Jounouchi!"

"Yeah...I know..." Jou sighed. "She's looking for some one for my sister Shizuka now."

"If she's taking applications, I'm free!!" Honda said, always willing to take any chance to get close to Shizuka.

"Fat chance, Honda!" Jou replied. "You too, Otogi!"

"Aw, man!!!" Otogi sighed, bummed out that Honda had stolen the exact thing he was going to say.

"You have a sister, Katsuya?" Hina suddenly said. "You didn't tell me you had a sister...but, then again, you didn't tell me you had friends as funny as Honda-kun!"

She thinks I'm funny...? Honda thought. Awesome!!

"I...didn't...?" Jou asked, confused. "I thought I told you about Shizuka? Ah, you'll meet her two would get along great!"

"Well, now that we're all friends," Ryou started, "Let's go find Anzu and hang out."

"You have another friend, Katsuya?" Hina asked.

"Yeah...anywho, that sounds like a good idea, Bakura! Let's go!"

"Hmph! Count me out..." Seto muttered as he strolled away.

"Actually, Kaiba," Yugi started, "I was hoping you'd come with us..."

"Feh! No thanks..." Seto muttered.

"Ah...fergit him, Yug!" Jou said. "Well, let's go, shall we?" He took Hina's hand as the friends walked away, happy that they had made a new friend.

"Hey, Jounouchi..." Otogi started. "Why didn't you write about Hina-chan instead of your stupid monkey?"

"Oh...he told you about the monkey too?" Hina asked curiously.

Jounouchi shot Otogi a frustrated look. "Shaddap!!!" he yelled.

The End!!

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