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"Stupid..." she shoved her self into a pod "idiotic..." she shoved a rubber cylinder into her mouth "of all the" she managed to spit out as she toggled herself off the platform "d'arvit."

Plummeting into the fire painted abyss was always the thrill that Holly Short needed to cool down, as ironic as it was.

She relaxed into the seat, the jelly mass embracing her. Her jaw slackened its hold on the cylinder. Her eyes closed as the pod continued its free fall to the center of the Earth.

Lost in the moment, she let her mind wander.

Really not a good thing to do at that time.

Especially if it meant she wasn't worrying about the flare that just might not be coming and the recon job she'd have if it did.

All such thoughts were gone. Her mind meandered back through time. She didn't know how long she had been falling, but her drifting thoughts hit something much like a brick wall.

Holly even thought she heard a thunk.

Jerked back into reality by rumbling and another real, thunk, Holly bit down on the cylinder and gripped the toggles of the little pod.

Funding wasn't so great, so she- their top recon officer and only female officer- was stuck riding a literal egg with brain fluid on the head rest.

Wires nearly in the way of the dials, pod shaking like a little sprite in the presence of Commander Root him self, Holly never felt more alive.

She flexed her fingers and waited impatiently for the tide of magma and torrents of fire to cease so that she could propel her self onto the landing dock.

LEP head quarters

"Are you sure that was a good idea, Foaly?" Root chewed mirthlessly on another fungus cigar. He was never broken of the habit.

"Sending her out?" blinked the centaur. "Well, it is her job, you know."

"This is how it happened last time. And..." he trailed off, squinting at something that wasn't there.

Foaly regarded him for a moment, and began to understand.

"Julius, she'll be fine. The mind wipe was made a long time ago," At this Root turned his attention back to the horse man hybrid. "Fowls, Butlers," Root's brow knotted together in the center of his forehead as Foaly spoke, "and Holly's."

Maynooth, Ireland

Holly had escaped out of the fire hell grinning like a fool. She flexed her fingers again before slapping the release button on her seat restraints.

Her fowl mood returned when she remembered the task at hand.

Grimacing, she returned to her string of insults and curses.

"Can't even keep an eye on a troll, for the love of the gods." She muttered as she shouldered a set of wings.

"Nearly got a holiday," double checked her weaponry, "then this stint was pulled," checked all the dials and switches on the wings, "I'm going to kill that centaur."

She stalked from the sizzeling pod to the sealed door. Muttering under her breath, she punched- literally punched. Foaly complained later on that the keys nearly broke- in the code and the door hissed open.

Inhaling deeply, Holly calmed again.

Turning on the wings, she set her shield, made sure the door was closed and shielded, and flew high into the night air.

Fowl Manor

"Sunglasses, master?" Butler inquired.

"Yes, Butler. Sunglasses." Artemis smiled his vampire smile, all the while, underneath his cold demeanor, his chest tightened and he felt a pang of déjà vu sweep over him.

'Nonsense, Artemis,' He told himself as he set about his preparations, 'None of this has happened before.'

Though his reassurances didn't convince as well as he pretended it did, for a little voice in the back of his head spoke up briefly

'Yes it has...'