It was a hot summer day in the month of July. We see a Department Store on the edge of town. Stacy goes into the store. She looks around for a while looking for something for her sister for a birthday present.

"Can I help you mam"? The store clerk asks.

"Uh yes I was looking forward gift for my sister. I was wondering if you had anything special," Stacy said.

"Well we don't have much here but we do have a few pets in our Pet Store next store" said the man.

"Well that's very interesting but she's not into many pets."

All of a sudden she hears something humming a quiet little song and then it stops. It goes again and the girl follows the noise to a wooden box with a whole in it. She looks in there and sees the cutest little animal she has ever seen. She asks the clerk what it is

"Well that's a very strange peculiar little animal. In fact the guy that brought it in said it has rules on what to do with it. He named it Gizmo but if you want it I must warn you about the rules because according to the guy he seemed very serious about keeping these rules." Said the Clerk

"Ok what are the rules? Asked Stacy

The store clerk pulls out a list of rules and begins to read them.

"#1. Never get them Wet #2. Don't expose them to bright light (especially sunlight, it kills them) and #3. Never no matter how much he pleads or begs do not feed him after midnight. Supposedly the pet in the box is called a Mogwai.

"Mogwai" The Mogwai replied

"Well those are some very strange rules," said Stacy

"Indeed they are" Said the Store Clerk

"How much? Asked Stacy

"50 bucks but my dear are you sure your ready for a pet like this?" Asked the clerk

Stacy put down 50 bucks on the table and the store clerk rung her up.

"Well have fun with your new little pet and have a nice day," Said the Clerk

"Thank you I will and you to as Stacy headed towards the exit with the box in her hands.

Stacy arrives home and goes quickly into her room to hide the box from her sister. She then takes the key and locks the door behind her and gets ready for dinner.

"Hey Honey" her mom addressed her

"Hey Mom. What's for dinner?" Stacy asked

"Hamburgers French fries and corn on the cob" her Mom Explained

"Yum my favorite where's Tara?" Stacy asked

Tara was turning 9 years old tomorrow and was looking forward to it.

"She's still at school she had cheerleader practice" her mom said

"Oh that's right I forget DUH? Stacy says and then smacks her head.

Stacy helped her mom set the table and waited for her sister to come home. All of a sudden Tara comes running through the door and starts screaming

"Quick somebody turn on the TV right now" Tara screamed

"Well ok what channel?" Asked her Mom

"Channel four c'mon hurry" Tara said

"Alright Alright calm down" Stacy told her sister

Their mom turned to Channel 4 and our shocked to see what they see

TV Reporter: Ladies and Gentlemen I come from you live right in the middle of a Junk yard A Few hours ago the Earth felt a furious boom we wondered for a few hours of what it was but I am proud to tell you that we know now what it was. You are staring at it looks to be some kind of Spaceship just came down from outer space. Now we have researchers looking over everything here not knowing if they found anything yet. In fact they went in there almost 5 hours ago and they haven't came out. We will have another report here in an hour back to you in the Studio.

The Mom and the 2 Kids started at each other in shock. Finally Tara spoke

"I can not believe you guys didn't hear about it did you even feel the big boom we had. Our whole school felt it." Tara asked

"Well I kind of felt it when I was coming home from school." Said Stacy

"I was wondering what that loud noise was. Their Mom said.

As the Mom washed the dishes and the girls did their homework. Another report came out over the TV

TV Reporter: Folks I am sorry to report all the members involved in the search of the Alien Spacecraft is dead. They pulled all 5 of them out and some of them where half eaten to death and some had like some kind of quills in their neck. They will not send another group in until they know more of the situation at hand. I will repeat this message for those who just turned in. The people that were involved in the search team of the Alien Space craft is dead back to the Studio.

"Wow that's scary OMG it's 11 pm girls time for bed it's way past your bed time.

"Oh Mom, can't we stay up for a little while longer" Tara asked

"Yeah mom can I just give Tara her birthday present early then we can go to bed" Asked Stacy

"Oh Alright lets all sit around the table and Stacy will go up and get your present." Mom explained

Stacy went up to get the Present she bought from the department store and brought it down. She then goes to the lights and brings it down a touch.

"Why are you turning the lights down?" asked Tara

"Trust me you'll know soon enough," said Stacy

Tara opened the top lid and out popped the cutest little thing she has ever seen.

"OMG Sister you are the best" Tara said excitedly

She got up and hugged her sister but Stacy thought she was forgetting something but she just shrug her shoulders but what she didn't know is that she would be in the biggest battle the world will ever see.