On a bright Friday morning Stacy and their mother both woke up to a blood curdling scream coming from Tara's bedroom. They both ran into the room to investigate as they threw open the door they could only look on in wonder.

What happened? Her mom asked

"Well I just woke up and I was about to hold one of the mogwais but when I bent down I saw that they changed into these cocoons." Tara explained

"Oh No you didn't feed them after midnight did you? Stacy asked,

"Well when I looked at the clock it said 11:45 so I don't think I did." Tara explained.

"Well girls there is no point of worrying about it now. It's time for school" her mom said

"But mom can't we at least stay home today and watch over the cocoons?" Tara asked

"No from what I understand Tara you have skipped a lot of school lately and I won't have it. Now get dressed breakfast will be ready when you are done I will look after the cocoons if they start to hatch." their mom explained.

Knowing they were defeated all they could do was give in

"Alright mom I'll be down in a min", Stacy said

"Yeah me to I guess" Tara said.

As the two came down to breakfast her mom had the TV on in the living room watching a news report.

"Oh My" gasped their mother

"What's wrong mom?" Asked Tara

"Well you know that huge spaceship they found and the critter that was at the junkyard? Well their have been reports of people being found outside knocked out with quills in their necks and being chewed on by some of those creatures." their mom explained

"What do you mean some? You mean that there actually could be more of those things? Asked Stacy.

"I guess so" said their mother.

As the day drew on it started to rain early in the afternoon Sarah who was Tara's and Stacy's mom was fixing herself some lunch. There was a knock at the door and Sarah put her things down to go investigate. As she looked out of the peep hole nothing was there. She opened the door expecting to see a package but none have came. She started to close the door when all of a sudden she heard a little laughter. She looked outside again only to not notice the huge rolling ball make it's way inside the house and started to go up the stairs.

"Is anybody there?" Sarah asked

She then closed the door and started to head for the kitchen. The little ball rolled to the top step it turned into a critter and started toward a room in the right direction. Meanwhile the cocoons were closely watched by Gizmo when he heard a strange noise. He jumped off the bed and went to go investigate. As he peered around the corner he saw a big critter coming towards running around the hall. As he followed the critter hoping not to be seen he saw the critter go downstairs and roll into the living room. Gizmo started to follow hit but he soon heard a cracking noise and that meant one thing the cocoons were hatching and the Gremlins were about to be born.

Sarah after eating her lunch started to clean up after herself. She put the dishes in the dish washer and started toward the living room planning to watch some TV. She heard a bit of laughter coming from upstairs and looked up the stairs to see if she could see anything at all.

"Is anybody there? Sarah asked.

Nobody answered and Sarah just shrug and turned around but as she did that a huge quill came out of nowhere and hit her right in the neck. Sarah screamed in pain as she try to get to her feet. As she did though she started to get dizzy and then fell down. Sarah looked on in horror as a big fat monstrous critter was walking up to her. She tried crawling her way toward a closet but the critter was gaining in on her and she knew that this could be the end. All of a sudden as the critter was about to strike a humongous hand came out of nowhere and hit the critter all the way across the room.

Sarah gasped as standing there was one of the ugliest creatures she ever did she. A Gremlin and he started to move in on Sarah but all a sudden a few quills hit the gremlin in the back and he jumped out in pain. He turned his attention toward the critter who was standing his ground. He looked at the Gremlin with no feat in his eyes when all of a sudden he looked up and saw 3 new gremlins standing on the stairs ready to pounce.

What sounded like "oh " the critter said he tried to rolled into a ball and hit the 1st gremlin out the window where it was still raining. The other Gremlins tried to grab the little critter as it followed suit out the window. The Critter thought he had the Gremlin exactly where he wanted him however the Gremlin started to show like it was breaking out. The critter looked confused and was prepaid to strike but as soon as he started to attack the gremlins all ganged up on him and ripped him apart.

Sarah made her way to a closet and closed the door hoping not to be discovered..