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The sun had already been up for hours as Chrono stirred. He blinked his eyes and for a moment wondered where he was. Then he saw Marle lying in her bed and he knew where he was. It had been a week after defeating Lavos and all that they had been through had finally caught up to Marle and she had gotten dealthy ill but it seemed like she was getting better though she still hadn't opened her eyes.

"Marle." He muttered and he took her hand and pressed his lips against it. He immediately blushed and set it back next to her.

Why don't I have the nerve to actually do that when she's awake? He thought and sighed.

"Sir Chrono you should really eat something." A guard had brought him some food and had set it next to him.

Chrono nodded but didn't eat anything. A couple hours later a movement caught his eye and he gasped. Marle's eyes fluttered open and she squinted. "C-Chrono?"

"Marle!" He exclaimed and leaped up. "I-I must go tell your father!"

"Wait Chrono!" Marle called and he turned around. "What happened? I know that we beat Lavos and everyone left but after that it's fuzzy!"

"I'll tell you later." Chrono said and ran out to find the King.

"My father tells me that you didn't leave my side the whole time I was sick Chrono." Marle said later as Chrono sat next to her in her bed in a chair.

Chrono felt his face turning red. "I-I..."

"So you do care for me Chrono?" Marle's eyes twinkled as she leaned towards him and Chrono didn't know what to do. A second later the door burst open.

"Marle!" A voice cried and Lucca came running in and grabbed Marle in a great hug. "Ooh I've been so worried about you! You've been sick for like a week!"

"I'm feeling much better. And this is a small price to pay for saving the world!" Marle and Lucca giggled and then noticed Chrono looking very uncomfortable.

"Aww is Chrono feeling left out? He probably doesn't understand girl talk at all!" Lucca said and they laughed as Chrono stood up.

"I have to go I'll see you later." He practically ran out of the room and Marle and Lucca burst into laughter.

"I guess that we're a little too much for him huh Lucca?" Marle laughed.

"But you love him despite everything huh Marle?" Lucca blurted out and Marle instantly blushed.

"Depends what you mean." Marle answered with a strange laugh. "I mean love? Isn't that a pretty strong word?"

Lucca eyed Marle and then nodded. "You do. C'mon you can't deny it. And I'm sure that he likes you to. I mean you're beautiful and a princess what more could a guy want?" Lucca tried to keep the biting tone out of her voice though it was hard.

"Oh no! You have a crush on Chrono don't you Lucca?" Marle cried and put her hand over her mouth.

"No Marle it's alright. Actually I did have a crush on him until a few months ago and then I realized that we could just be friends. To tell you the truth I don't have time for any guy in my life right now and I can't say that I really want one either."

"If you're sure about that." Marle said doubtfully.

"Has he kissed you?" Lucca asked eagerly as she leaned forward. Though she still hurt inside in a way she decided to hide it and hope for the best for her two best friends.

"Ha! As if. Whenever I get close to him at all he like freaks out and pulls away! And if he does touch me at all it's just to be nice." Marle sighed.

"I suppose that he sat by your bedside the whole time you were sick just to be nice?" Lucca asked with a raised eyebrow and Marle blushed.

"I don't know. I really don't know. But I do hope that maybe he does like me, but sometimes I just feel like a ditzy princess who doesn't have a single brain cell." And Marle and Lucca couldn't help but laugh though Lucca knew that Marle was worried about it.

Chrono was surprised as his mother came into his room. "Hello Chrono." She said as she sat down on the bed next to him. "I know that we haven't been that close of a mother and child. I mean I don't even know what you've been doing the past few weeks."

Chrono felt his face turning red as his mother continued. He knew he could never tell her what had happened or she might have a heart attack or something. I mean who would believe that there son had saved the world?

"But I do know that you feel an attraction to your little friend Marle and I guess that you really have grown up and I haven't noticed!" She began to cry and Chrono hugged her tightly.

"It's all right Mom." He said quietly and she nodded.

"I need to go get on dinner." She said and slowly walked out with a wavering smile at her son.

"What was that about?" Chrono asked out loud and he had no idea.

A few days later Chrono was thrilled to see Marle standing at his door. "Marle! You're well!"

"Obviously Chrono!" Marle answered with a twinkle in her eye. "I was wondering if you would like to go to the fair with me? I am so happy to get out of the castle after being in there for so long."

Chrono nodded and after writing a quick note to his mother followed Marle out the door.

"Why don't you talk much Chrono?" Marle asked out of the blue.

Chrono just shrugged and Marle couldn't help but laugh. "Don't you have a reason?" She asked edging closer to him.

"I-I um." Chrono quickly edged away from her and said, "We're here in case you didn't notice." He laughed nervously.

Marle bit her lip. Obviously he was avoided her for some reason. He probably had never held hands with a girl and obviously hadn't kissed one so she decided she had to be patient with him but he was starting to annoy her. "Right Chrono."

Man, I've made her mad I guess. Chrono thought and sighed. Why do I always get nervous? I should be thrilled that she is coming after me at all. She's a princess for goodness sakes! But Chrono knew that wasn't why he liked her at all. "Are you sure you wanna go?" He heard himself ask and he bit his lip. He had made it sound like she was a burden or something!

"You know Chrono I don't really fill like going to the fair after all, I mean I wouldn't want to have a relapse or anything. And I sure that you're busy." She laughed. And that dumb Chrono doesn't seem to like me after all. She thought angrily.

"All right Marle if you're sure about that. You're right I don't want you to get sick again. And you're never a burden."

Marle actually perked up when she heard Chrono say such a long sentence.

"Ok well I'll see you later Marle." Chrono said quietly, When they finally got to the castle gate though even though it seemed long it had barely taken any time at all.

"All right Chrono. I hope that..." Marle's voice suddenly faded away.

The next thing they knew they had both leaned towards each other and Chrono put his hands on her waist. Suddenly a voice rang out, "Oh there you are Princess Nadia!" Chrono quickly pulled away from her and Marle groaned.

"Uh, Bye Marle." Chrono said and ran off his face an even deeper red then his hair.

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