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Marle ran with all her might through the dark woodsas the wind nipped at her face. Tears were streaming down her face. "I hate him." She whispered angrily, pushing the branches out of her way.

Suddenly she felt someone grab her arm, she stumbled and fell to the ground along with whoever had grabbed her. "Who is it?" She hissed and then saw that it was Crono. "Leave me alone." She sobbed trying to pull away but he kept his hand on her arm.

"Marle..." He whispered sadly. "I'm sorry... I'm not good enough for you."

Tears fell from her eyes unto his shirt and Marle tried to apologize but the words wouldn't come out. She already knew that she would never find another guy like him. "Y-you're good enough for me." She managed to say. "You s-saved the world... you're a hero... how could that not be enough?"

"You helped me." Crono answered with a small smile. "Along with theothers... It wasn't just me."

"But it was you who did the most." Marle answered. She leaned over hoping that Crono would hold her in his arms or say somethingbut he didn't. Marle then stood up and began to walk away. "Good bye Crono." She whispered.

Crono didn't say anything, (What a surprise) so Marle continued towards the castle sadly. The guard at the front gate was obviously surprised to see her. "My lady... I didn't realize that you had left." He said and she just gave him a weak smile and continued towards her room. As she lay in her bed, tears fell from her eyes for what seemed like hours.

Lucca found Crono in his room, on his bed staring at nothing. Lucca waved her hand in front of his face and when he didn't response she began talking to him. "Earth to Crono... can you hear me?"

"Hey Lucca." He muttered his voice empty and sad.

"What the heck is wrong with you?" Lucca couldn't help but blurt out. "Oh wait... does this have to do with Marle?"

Crono's silence was enough of an answer and she sat down next to him. "Crono why haven't you told her how you feel?"

"I rejected her last night." Crono answered quietly. "I told her that I wasn't good enough for her and it's true."

For a moment something in the back in hermind told Lucca that now she might have a chance with Crono. She immediately pushed it back. "Crono if you don't do something you're both going to be miserable!"

"And how do you know?" Crono answered with a hint of anger in his voice.

"Because if you don't tell her how you feel and she gets married then you'll regret it for the rest of your life." Lucca hesitated wondering if she would regret not telling Crono how she felt about him. "You'll feel the same way I do."

Crono looked up at her confused. "What do you mean?"

Lucca just smiled at him sadly. At once Crono understand. "You mean... you like-"

"I've put aside my feelings." Lucca answered.

Crono slowly nodded obviously thinking hard. "It's embarrassing to think that I defeated Lavos and I can't tell a girl how I feel..."

King Guardia kept knocking on the door. "Nadia! Nadia open up this door this instant!"

"No, and it's Marle!" Marle answered angrily. "Do you know how miserable you've made me?" The door opened to the king's relief but he wasn't happy to see his daughter standing in front of him, so angry that she was practically seething.

"Marle if you don't pick I'm doing it for you. And I think that it's time that you know why I'm doing this." Without asking for her permission Guardia pushed Marle aside and sat in a chair by her bed. Suddenly it struck Marle on how old and tired he looked at that moment. "I'm getting old Marle... I feel like my body is giving up."

"N-no it's not." Marle stammered.

"I have a condition and my heart is getting weaker every day. That is why I want for you to marry. So that I can die in peace, knowing that my kingdom will be safe. I am so sorry to bring this upon you my daughter..." The king bent his head looking as if he really was sorry.

Marle hesitated. "Why didn't you tell me?"

"I wanted for you to make a decision on your own. There must be someone that you will marry."

Of course Crono flashed through Marle's mind but she pushed the thought back. "Father, I will find someone... even if it is only for your sake."

"That is not what I wanted for you... but so be it." The king stood, shaking slightly before he regained his footing.

Marle felt so ashemed of herself. She had been feeling so sorry for herself that she had not even taken notice of her Father's condition. "I'm sorry... mother would be ashamed of me." Marle said quietly.

"She would be proud of you." King Guardia answered, overhearing her thought. Marle looked surprised but she gave him a smile and a quick nod.

I must pick a husband. Marle thought to herself determined. Now, she couldn't let her father down. "I can't keep comparing everyone to Crono either." She told herself. With a sigh she got ready to meet the next person that she had to meet.

"Marle I would like for you to meet Lord Cifier." Marle was sitting up in the chair in the throne room even though she wanted to slump down. She waited for the lame guy to come in so that she could insult him. As the handsome young man walked in she felt herself sitting up a little straighter.

"It's a pleasure Princess Nadia..." He said with a bow and a smile sent towards her.

"Oh hello." Marle had to see if he had a temper... "Those are extremely cheap looking clothes... Are they the best that you could do?" Oh how Marle cringed at the fact that she sounded like the snob of all snobs. The king was so used to her many insultsthat he didn't even seem to notice.

"Well... compared to your beautiful dress I'm not surprised that they look horrible." He confessed. "But many well dressed men have come to see you and you have sent them away... I figured I had nothing to lose." Cifier sent her another smile as his eyes twinkled with amusement.

Marle felt her face growing pink. "Clothes don't matter to me." She managed to say.

"Well you seemed quite concerned about them a few seconds ago..." Cifier raised his eyebrows at her.

The obvious teasing caused Marle to let out a small giggle. "How about we do something other then talk about clothes?"

"You're giving me a chance then?"

"Yes I am." Marle said quietly. Maybe she had actually found someone!

"It would be my honor..." Cifier bowed and sent her a quick wink. "Tomorrow night then?"

"Tomorrow night..." Marle confirmed the words with a nod and Cifier walked out of the room.

For a moment everything in the room was quiet as Marle let out a long breath and sunk into her seat once again. "Did you just agree to meet that young man?" The king finally said slowly as if he was afraid he had imagined it. When Marle nodded King Guardia's shoulders slumped in a moment of relief. "Oh thank goodness..."

"It's just a meeting... I didn't say that I would marry him." Marle informed him.

"This is the first time that you have even considered giving someone another chance... he seemed to impress you."

Marle gave a small smile. "He did." But as she said the words she felt sadness come over her.

The night was quiet as Crono easily snuck around the guards. I need so much help. He thought to himself as he carefully began climbing up the walls. "This is so stupid." He muttered. Once he found a ledge he carefully leaped and grabbed the bottom of the window. Managing to pull himself up, Crono took a deep breath and opened the window which was unlocked.

Then... he froze. Marle was lying in her bed asleep looking so beautiful that Crono felt like his heart stopped. As if in a daze Crono walked over to where she was and put his hand on her face. Marle chose that moment to wake up. "Ah..." She sighed with a small and then she seemed to realize what was going on. "CRONO?"

"Shhh..." Crono nerviously said. "Be quiet it's in the middle of the night." He looked around even though there was no one else in the room.

"Then what are you doing here?" Marle hissed but thankfully keeping her voice down this time. She tried to not notice that her heart was beating fast.

"I-I talked to Lucca and I need to tell you something."

"I'm sick of you messing with my emotions and I'm going to call the guards on you if you don't leave this instant." Marle tried to keep her voice strong but it wavered and Crono heard it.

"No." His voice was strong and he nerviously looked down. For someone who was shy around girls this was extremely hard. "I-I'm sorry... I know that I don't deserve you but Lucca came to me and said that if I d-didn't tell you the truth I would regret it."

Marle tried to make herself block him out but he reached over and took one of her hands. "I care about you and... um... y-you see..." Crono inwardly groaned at the fact that he was making an idiot out of himself. Actions speak louder then words. With that thought he leaned over and kissed Marle.

For a moment Marle didn't know how to react. Deciding not to think anymore and just act, she put her arms around Crono's neck and kissed him back.

After a couple of minutes Marle pulled away from Crono and she pulled him over to her bed.They both laid in each others arms falling asleep. Even if they would never be together, at least they would both have this moment to remember.

As Crono was drifting off he heard Marle whisper, "I love you..." But when he opened his eyes she was asleep. Even though he would probably regret it in the morning he allowed himself to fall asleep as well.