It was a pretty good day so far, back in the apartment for Lucy. She was baking a cake for the fun of it in the kitchen. The Ricardos had recently moved back to their original apartment, because they assumed country life and raising chickens was not exactly their best gift. Naturally, the Mertzes had gone back with them. There were too many wonderful memories to leave behind. Though they had made some more in Connecticut, they had never felt more at home than to reside in their original apartment, back on E. 68th Street.

"Luuucy, I'm hoooome!" called Ricky, who was at the doorway.

"I'll be ready in a minute, dear" answered Lucy, who was in the kitchen.

"Huh?" said Ricky. They were not supposed to go anywhere that day. "That's odd," he thought to himself.

Lucy left her bowl of cake batter on the counter, near the sink, and left it to go and greet Ricky.

"Hi, honey," said Lucy, in between kisses from Ricky.

"Hi, Lucy," answered Ricky, wrapping his arms around Lucy. "By the way, out of curiosity, what was the whole 'I'll be ready in a minute, dear' thing for?"

"Oh," replied Lucy, laughing. "As if you haven't heard that enough. Sorry, I guess I was too concentrated on making the cake batter right."

"Cake? What did I do to deserve all this?" asked Ricky, playfully surprised.

Lucy chuckled. "For everything. I'm so lucky to be your wife and all, even though I can get a bit out of hand."

"Aww, honey, forget it. You're wonderful, and I'm glad I found you. Actually, I'm glad that you convinced me to move back here, too," Ricky said, looking around. The place was full of memorable times. "Fred and Ethel were pretty lucky to have this place still vacant, and so were we."

"I'll say," said Lucy, hugging Ricky. "Thanks for all the fun we've had. I mean, Hollywood, Europe, Connecticut, and that whole chicken deal, too," Lucy laughed. "All because of you being so talented."

"Well, now, thank you," said, Ricky, playfully hamming it up. "And now, my life story. You may quote."

"Oh, stop it, you ham," said Lucy, giggling, and pulling away.

"Well, I guess I did alright, except for the chicken part."

"Alright? Oh, I see how it is," replied Lucy, trying to seem, a bit offended.

"Lucy, I don't mean you."

"Oh, you dunt?" said Lucy, trying to imitate Ricky's obvious accent.

"No, I dunt. You are your own category. In fact, the one I like best."

"Ooooh, I have a categoryâ€how interesting."

"Yes, I think so, too. You know, I missed you at rehearsal today," answered Ricky, giving Lucy a hug back.

Lucy giggled. "I bet you didn't give a thought about me all day."

"Oh, didn't I? I was waiting for someone to break into one of my acts at any moment. You should do that more often."

"Fine with me, I'm free all day."

"Now, Lucy, I didn't really mean that part."

"Darn. I'll still find a way."

"Well, after my experiences, I guess I can believe that," Ricky chuckled.

"Anyways, how did your rehearsal go?" asked Lucy.

"It went well. Almost everything was exactly right, so I'm very happy about that."

Lucy looked into Ricky's dark eyes, and could plainly see how happy he was. Now, she felt that the time was right to spring it on him.

"Ricky, I wanted to tell you something. Something that will probably make you happier. Kind of like an announcement."