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Episode 8: Training Commences! The Next Step to Attain a Goal!

Back at the forest, the familiar figures of Kakashi and Naruto could be seen. There we see Naruto doing push-ups along with Kakashi.

"That's it Naruto! Ten more push-ups and we're close to a hundred." Kakashi commented while performing his own push-up from the ground.

"Hai! Kakashi-sensei!" the blonde nin replied with determination in his tone.

After the said ordeal, the two proceeded in doing sit-ups and various physical exercises. After 30, grueling minutes, the two settled down and sat facing each other.

"Now that warm up is over. I want to discuss to you the basic principles of a TaiJutsu technique that I am about to teach you…" Kakashi uttered but was soon cut-short by a jumping Naruto.

"Hooray! My own TaiJutsu style! What's it called Kakashi-sensei? Huh? Huh? What's it called?" Naruto roared with questions which earned him a chuckle from the copy-nin.

"Ha! Ha! Settle down Naruto! Settle down!" Kakashi pleaded the energetic blonde with a smile on his hidden face. Naruto quieted down a little, the excitement though was still plastered and readable on his face.

Seeing that his student has settled down a little, Kakashi continued to speak; "This form of TaiJutsu actually follows two major principles… One is that it utilizes extreme speed and two, it utilizes great timing accuracy."

Naruto looks up to his sensei with outmost interest. Kakashi noted this and continued on with the discussion. "Actually… The timing part of the said technique comes in the later stages since speed is the primary concern of this technique."

"Kinda like Fuzzy Eye Brow's TaiJutsu technique?" Naruto inquired curiously.

The copy-nin smiled at his student. "Yes… And no…" the copy-nin replied with a mischievous grin.


Meanwhile, in another part of Konoha, the Proud Green Beast of Konoha was found training with light exercises.

"Achoo!" Lee sneezed out loud that it scared the little animals that were watching him train. Rubbing his nose with his right finger, Lee looked up at the sky. "Hmm… Somebody is talking about me…"

Slowly, Lee's face emitted a stupid grin while his eyes became dreamy and his cheeks getting tints of red. "I hope it's Sakura-chan that's talking about me…" Lee uttered while going into his dream world.

In his dream world, there he sees Sakura walking up to him with a bouquet of red roses behind her back.

"Lee-kun… I've come to realize… I like you more than Sasuke-kun…" Sakura said to Lee with a tint of blush on her cheeks.

"Sakura-chan… You don't know how long have I been waiting for this moment…" Lee replied while moving closer to Sakura and placing his hands on her shoulders.

Sakura was now looking deep into Lee's eyes. "Lee-kun… I…."

"Sakura-chan… I love you…"

"Lee-kun… I…"

Closer, they started to lean into each other, their lips moving closer. Their eyes held closely tight. Until a voice snapped him back to reality. "I think that's disgusting Lee-san…" a voice uttered from behind Lee.

Opening his eyes, Lee found himself hugging the training log and was about to kiss it. Slowly turning around, Lee caught a glimpse of who owned the voice that snapped him out of his dream world and immediately, he turned into a pale stone statue.

"G-Gaara-san… Heh…! Heh…! You're early today… Heh…! Heh…!" Lee uttered still in his 'turn-to-stone' state.


Back at the restaurant, Kinjiro and Ino had just finished their lunch and are now on their way out. Kinjiro wore a smile on his face while Ino was having a bright blush on hers.

"I can't believe he actually did that?!" Ino thought to herself which plastered a small smile on her face.


"Nah… I'm just saying the obvious truth Ino-chan. You are beautiful and I think no one in here would contradict to that." He uttered which earned him another furious blush from the pale blonde kunoichi.

Wanting to get back at Kinjiro from what he just told her, she immediately thought of a plan. "Really? If that was so true, then why don't you ask everybody in this restaurant and see if they all agree with you?"

Grinning at herself for a good come back, she never expected what happened next.

"What do I get if I did what you said?" Kinjiro asked with interest in his tone.

Ino felt a tugging feeling at the back of her head not to pursue this but her stubborn side prevailed. "Hmm… Well, I don't know… What do you have in mind?"

Kinjiro put his right hand on his chin and stroke it, obviously thinking of something that would benefit his interest. Suddenly, an idea popped into his head. "I know! How about you get to spend the rest of the day with me up till nightfall?" Kinjiro inquired with a smile on his face.

Ino was taken back by Kinjiro's request but immediately reverted back to her confident self. "You're on!"

Bearing a wide smile on his face Kinjiro stood from his seat and raised his glass of mango juice. Ino could only look on with shock. "Attention people of Konoha."

This obviously caught the attention of everyone eating inside the restaurant that they turned towards the direction of Kinjiro. Ino by now has shock and disbelief written all-over her face.

Kinjiro looked at her one more time and smiled evilly. "I am Kinjiro from the Hidden Village of Sky. Here on a business with Konoha. I stand here in front of you all today to ask a simple favor…" he said and looked on towards Ino who by now is frantically trying to somewhat disappear from all the attention that Kinjiro was having.

By now, everyone was paying attention to Kinjiro obviously all ears to what he is about to say. Even the waiter and waitress are paying attention to him.

"You see, I'm having problems convincing my friend that she is a beautiful woman. I told her so myself but she seem to not believe it. So I ask you people, is she not a beauty to behold?" Kinjiro uttered beaming a smile at his audience.

All eyes then turn towards Ino. She could almost feel their stare onto her body. She just bowed down and tried to focus on the plate of food in front of her, a very extreme blush on her face. "Kinjiro-kun! I'll get you for this!" the kunoichi thought.

Just then, the room erupted with a resounding cheer. A cheer that acknowledged that what Kinjiro said was true. True that Ino is indeed beautiful. Kinjiro bowed down his head to the crowd. "Thank you all! Thank you for your help!"

After the outburst had subsided and everyone went back to their food, Kinjiro then proceeded to sit down with a grin on his face while looking at Ino.

"So, I guess you have to spend the rest of this day with me Ino-chan."

Ino could just silently look on her food. The blush that invaded her face from before was still furiously embedded on her face.

End of Flashback:

"I can't believe you actually did that Kinjiro-kun! That was so embarrassing!" Ino pouted at Kinjiro.

"Really? I thought you wanted to know if what I said was true." Kinjiro answered with a goofy grin on his face.

Ino just stared on the ground with a flushed cheek. She is the one that dared him to ask the other customers. It both felt good and embarrassing but good nonetheless.

"So, how about I get my reward? You know, you and me together till nightfall." Kinjiro inquired with a warm smile on his face.

"Well, a deal is a deal! Yamanaka Ino has a word of honor!" Ino said with pride.

Kinjiro chuckled at this which earned him a death glare from Ino. Though, Kinjiro just shrugged it off and looked at Ino in the eye. "So, shall we go Ino-chan?"

Ino looked at Kinjiro puzzled. "Go? Where?"

Kinjiro just beamed a warm smile. "Come with me, I'll show you. I found this great place in Konoha!" Kinjiro said as he extends his hands to Ino.

Without second thoughts, Ino reached for Kinjiro's hand. "Okay, lead the way Kinjiro-kun." Ino said with a smile on her face.

And with that, the two vanished with a puff of smoke.


Meanwhile, Shikamaru and Temari by now are at the roof of the Nara Residence.

"So… You mean to say that you just watch clouds all day?" Temari asked with a curious tone on her voice.

"Basically yes." came the simple reply of the pine apple head chuunin.

Temari just stared at Shikamaru for a moment. Then she shifted her view on the clouds up above the sky.

A minute of silence soon issued. Shikamaru then turn to look at Temari. "So, how is it so far?"

Cut from her "cloud watching", Temari turned and looked at Shikamaru questioningly. "Huh? What do you mean?"

Shikamaru just sighed and turn to look at the clouds once again. "I mean what do you think about watching clouds?" the chuunin asked irritatingly. But then, the irritation that marked his face was clearly replaced with shock.

"I think it's nice. It's relaxing." Temari replied while she shifted her position and lay beside Shikamaru.

Shikamaru tried to detect any hint of sarcasm and lie in her tone but came up with none. He turned his head to face Temari. "You think so?" he asked her dumbfounded.

Temari then also turned her head to face Shikamaru. "Yeah, I think so."

Shikamaru then shifted his gaze back at the cloud while Temari did the same. But unknown to the blonde kunoichi, a small smile crept on the lazy chuunin's face. "Che… How troublesome…"


Back with Naruto and Kakashi, Naruto was now panting heavily while his arms were limping from his sides.

"Come now Naruto, back to the initial stance." Kakashi urged Naruto as he took his own fighting stance.

Trying to calm his ragged breathing Naruto tried to focus once again.

"That's it Naruto, control your breathing…" Kakashi uttered in encouragement.

Naruto then lifted his right arm with closed fist and extended it in front of him. His left arm on the other hand was curled up in front of his chest with open palms. His body has shifted to face the left while his legs were apart. His right leg up front, while his left leg up back.

"Good, that's it Naruto. Your Ryuuken initial stance is almost perfect. Now I must stress again. An initial stance is very important so as to establish a base for an attack or defense. The Ryuuken initial stance is fit for either an offensive approach or a defensive approach. Do you understand Naruto-kun?" Kakashi lectured which seemed to be absorbed by his student.

"Hai! Kakashi-sensei!" the blonde replied with determination in his tone.

"Now let us begin the exercise." Kakashi said while taking the same stance as Naruto.

With a nod from Naruto, Kakashi and his student both engaged themselves in a series of punches and kicks, all seemed to be coordinated movements.

Thirty more minutes into this act, both have finally finished their sets and are now sitting on the ground facing each other.

"So Naruto-kun, how do you find the stance that we just did?" Kakashi asked his blonde student.

"Well… It's pretty hard to do with these weights Kakashi-sensei. These weights are limiting my movements!" the blonde genin exclaimed while falling on his back on the ground. The silver haired jounin chuckled at this.

"Well, we need to do that all the time Naruto. Remember, the sets we just made are not really what we are going to use in actual combat. They are exercises that will in turn help in the development of your Ryuuken. All that matters is the initial stance so be sure to perfect it." Kakashi said while standing up and dusting himself.

The blonde then went back to sitting position. "Hai Kakashi-sensei!" Just then, a thought crossed Naruto's mind. "Say Kakashi-sensei… What are the techniques used with the Ryuuken?"

Kakashi then looked at his student and smiled. "It's a good this you asked Naruto-kun. Let me explain…" Kakashi said while motioning Naruto to stand up before continuing.

"Like what I have said before, the Ryuuken requires extreme speed and accuracy. To attain that speed, you are to train your body with weights like what we are doing now just like Lee. Each technique of the Ryuuken requires extreme speed that sometimes Ryuuken is often referred to as the Flashing Stance since every move a Ryuuken execute seems to happen in a flash."

"Wow! That's so cool Kakashi-sensei!" Naruto interrupted while jumping up and down, joy and excitement filling his heart which is revealed on his face.

Kakashi chuckled and continued with his explanation. "There are two other stances within the Ryuuken, the Ryuuken Kougeki and the Ryuuken Saegiru stance. Let me demonstrate."

Doing a few sets of hand seals, a clone of Kakashi suddenly appeared from his side. Kakashi motioned the clone to move up front while the real Kakashi took the initial Ryuuken stance. Then slowly, Kakashi shifted his body to face front, his right and left arms curled to his sides hands closed into a fist.

"This is the Ryuuken Kougeki. From this stance there are a number of techniques. For example…" Kakashi trailed as his eyes shifted into a serious form.

Suddenly, in a blink of the eye, Kakashi disappeared from where he was before. Naruto's eyes went wide in shock but the surprise didn't stop for at the next instant the real Kakashi's left fist connected on the gut of the Kakashi clone lifting the clone a few feet from the ground. Naruto thought at that instant that the clone would vanish and the attack was over. But he was proven wrong.

"Ryuuken: Nijuu-Shoryuu-sen!!!" Kakashi's voice echoed within the forest. In the next split second, another blow was delivered on the chin of the clone sending it flying in the air causing it to turn into a puff of smoke. Kakashi then appeared a good 10 feet away from the ground.

Kakashi then easily landed on the ground with both feet. Dusting himself off, Kakashi turned to look at his student and found him wide eyed and mouth hanging open. Kakashi chuckled at this and slowly approached Naruto.

When Kakashi reached Naruto, the blond was still in the state of shock. Kakashi then grabbed the blond genin's jaw and closed his mouth effectively breaking Naruto's trance.

Recovering from his state of shock, Naruto gave Kakashi a look of admiration. "Sugoi Kakashi-sensei! Teach me that move! Please teach me that move Kakashi-sensei!" the blond nin roared.

Kakashi laughed. "Ofcourse I will teach you that. But remember, each move within the Ryuuken requires extreme speed so in order to perfect these moves you need to develop speed and as well as endurance. Understood?"

The blond genin nodded furiously. "Very well then, five more laps around Konoha and after that, we have lunch." Kakashi said while starting to jog. Naruto, without second thought, gathered himself and prepared for the said ordeal.

"Yosh! Let's go Kakashi-sensei!" Naruto said while already jogging on place. Kakashi let out a whole hearted laugh and soon, both student and teacher went on to run around Konoha.


Meanwhile back at the hospital, Sasuke lay on his bed while the fifth examines him carefully.

"Hmm… So far, it seems that your wounds are healing well. The bones that were once broken are now actually healing up." Tsunade said as she examines Sasuke's arm. Sasuke let out a sigh of relief escape from his lips.

Tsunade then examined Sasuke's neck where Orochimaru's cursed seal was placed. To say that Tsunade was shocked would be an understatement.

"What the?! Where is it?!" she exclaimed as she frantically searched up to the back of the last Uchiha much to Sasuke's discomfort.

"Itai! Hokage-sama, what are you looking for?" Sasuke asked while bearing the screaming pain from his still healing bones and muscles.

Tsunade paused for a second and realized what she was doing. She immediately laid the raven haired boy back on his bed.

"Sumimasen Sasuke-kun… The cursed seal, where is it? What happened to it?" Tsunade inquired the still laying raven haired genin.

Sasuke then slowly reached where the cursed seal was once placed. Happiness soon can be traced on the face of the Uchiha survivor. "It's really gone! And here I thought it was just a dream!" the Uchiha exclaimed.

"What do you mean Sasuke-kun? Tell me about this dream of yours." Tsunade asked as he eyed the raven haired Uchiha seriously.

"Hai Hokage-sama." Sasuke replied and started to tell the fifth Hokage about his dream.


Back with Lee and Gaara, Lee was now charging towards Gaara at full speed. Though, the sand on the ground is still proving to be an obstacle to Lee.

"Hmm… You seem to be getting faster Lee-san…" Gaara said while he avoided a sudden kick to the side of his face by ducking low.

Recovering from his attack, Lee then tried to sweep Gaara but soon found himself sweeping sand for Gaara has opted to jump out of harms way.

"And you Gaara-san, you seem to be adapting to moving." Lee finished as he threw a series of punches at Gaara.

Gaara tried to avoid each hit but soon find them still closer to him. If it weren't for the shield of sand, Gaara could have been exporting bruises by now.

"Well like what you said, avoiding blows indeed benefits me." Gaara said while still avoiding Lee's assault. "By avoiding a powerful attack, damage would be lessened. And if by any chance the attack did hit, it will only hit with minimal effect while my shield of sand would further lessen the damage." the red haired nin continued.

Just then, Lee swiveled to the left with his left arm extended for a backfist. Gaara soon found himself unable to avoid the attack. Since Lee, although slowed down by the sand around the area, is moving at a very fast pace, the shield of sand is having trouble in blocking his attack. So, Gaara settled for the next best thing.

Quickly, Gaara lifted his left arm and blocked the attack Lee delivered. The armor of sand cracked a little but then healed up. "And also, one must learn to block in order to prevent too much damage like you said and it indeed has again proven useful." Gaara commented while a small smile forming on his lips.

During the course of training with Lee, Gaara found it not that hard to smile a genuine smile around the training obsessed genin.

Lee then smiled and hopped back while taking his famous stance. "That's right Gaara-san. You really are catching up quick. Now, I want to try something."

Lee then slowly closed his right hand into a fist. Lee saw the look on Gaara's face. "Don't worry! I'm not opening any gates. I just learned this new technique from the Sorakage yesterday, me and Gai-sensei actually."

Gaara gave a questioning look. "Sorakage?"

Lee nodded. "Yup! The Kage of the Hidden Village of Sky. I'll tell you about it after our training."

Gaara nodded and prepared for whatever Lee is about to do. Without warning, Lee vanished from where he was standing and appeared at Gaara's right side winding up a punch.

Lee threw a punch aimed at Gaara's face which he avoided by leaning back a little. But what soon followed shocked Gaara. A direct hit from a punch to the gut by Lee sent Gaara skidding backwards.

"What the?! He was at my right side seconds ago?! How did he manage to get there?!" the red haired former sand genin thought.

Though, Gaara did not have enough time to comprehend the situation for Lee is once again on the attack. Lee then delivered a spinning heel kick to Gaara's face which he avoided by leaning back again. Lee's attack missed its target but he wasn't quite finished yet. Following up his missed attack, Lee continued to spin when he landed and delivered a backfist at Gaara. Gaara, recovering from avoiding the previous attack, decided to block the backfist attempt.

Raising his left arm to block the attack of the Proud Green Beast of Konoha, Gaara found himself dumbfounded when the backfist blow never came. Instead another blow was sent on Gaara's gut this time launching him five feet from the ground. Gaara recovered in mid-air and landed with both feet on the ground facing the smiling Lee.

Crossing his arms on his chest like he always does, Gaara looked at Lee with a questioning look. "Genjutsu? I thought you can't do such things?"

Lee's smile seemed to have grown bigger. "Yup! I can't do Genjutsu. What I did to you was simple chakra expulsion. This technique is called Atoeizou. What it does is basically what its name meant. Basically, I created after images by expelling chakra out of my body. The expelled chakra preserves my image for atleast three seconds making me able to perform another attack."

"So it's Ninjutsu then?" Gaara asked while putting his hands on his sides.

Lee then scratched the top of his head. "Well… I think not… It is after all just chakra expulsion. Plus, no hand seals are required to do it. It's kinda like tree climbing."

Gaara then nodded at understanding what Lee is trying to say. "I see, I shall reveal to you then my new technique as well. Come! Let us continue." Gaara beckoned Lee.

Lee nodded and charged at Gaara. "Konoha Senpuu!" shouted Lee as he delivered a spinning kick at Gaara. Before the attack could come at Gaara, Gaara's eyes sharpen in concentration.

"Sabaku Senpuu!" Gaara shouted. A whirlwind of sand suddenly formed and surrounded Gaara. Lee's eyes widened with shock as he approached Gaara.

With momentum carrying him, Lee hit the whirlwind of sand with his attack and soon found out what it can do. Upon contact, the force of the whirlwind sent Lee flying in the air. Recovering in mid-air, Lee landed on the ground with a pained leg.

"Wow, that's a good defensive jutsu Gaara. When did you learn it?" Lee inquired as he tries to stand up straight.

The whirlwind of sand disappeared as fast as it has appeared. "I created it two days ago when we first trained but this is the first time I tried it in combat. Are you alright?" Gaara inquired seeing Lee's state.

Standing up straight, Lee gave Gaara his famous nice-guy pose. "Yup! I'm fine. Shall we continue with our training?"

With a nod from Gaara, Lee charged at the red haired nin once again.


Finished with their last lap around Konoha, the student and teacher soon found themselves at Ichiraku. Kakashi smiled while looking at his blond student downing his fifteenth bowl of ramen.

Naruto, finishing his fifteenth bowl, looked at his sensei with a questioning look. "Why aren't you eating Kakashi sensei?"

"Huh? Oh, I took my lunch when I brought the training equipment in the forest a while ago Naruto-kun." Kakashi answered with a smile on his hidden face.

"Really… And here I thought that you just don't want to show your face to us." Naruto uttered while pointing at the face mask Kakashi wore.

"Nah… Really, I just finished lunch. Honest!" Kakashi replied in defense while he raised his right hand as if swearing he is telling the truth.

Naruto just made an audible "humph!" before ordering his next bowl of ramen. Ayame, on the other hand sighed in disappointment that she couldn't see Kakashi's face again. Teuchi, the owner of Ichiraku, laughed while he served Naruto's sixteenth bowl of ramen.

When Naruto finished his sixteenth bowl of ramen, Naruto looked at Kakashi and then thought of an idea. "Hey Kakashi-sensei, why don't we make a bet?"

Kakashi turned and looked at his blond student. "Huh? What do we bet for?"

Naruto gave his famous foxy grin. "Simple, if I win the bet, you show me your face."

Kakashi seemed to consider this for a moment. "Hmm… And if I win?"

Naruto scratched the back of his head while laughing. "Well… That I didn't think of that one yet." Naruto replied.

"Hmm… Let's see…" Kakashi said while trying to think of a good thing to win for.

"You can have free take-outs here at Ichiraku if Naruto looses to your bet!" Ayame shouted while slamming her hands on the table.

"What?!" Teuchi uttered in shock.

Ayame faced her boss and begged. "Please sir, you can deduct whatever Kakashi-san orders on my salary."

"Well…" Teuchi uttered trying to consider Ayame's request.

"Ayame-chan… Are you sure about this?" Naruto said looking at the woman worriedly.

Turning her head to face Naruto, Ayame nodded. "I'm sure Naruto-kun. I believe in you. After all, you are the future Hokage of Konoha."

Naruto sat there dumbfounded, but as soon as he saw Ayame's smile, a smile that is full of confidence in him, Naruto nodded and turned towards his sensei with a determined look on his face. "So what about it Kakashi-sensei?"

Kakashi looks at Ayame then at Naruto, a smile once again formed on his hidden face. "I accept Naruto-kun, Ayame-san."

Naruto and Ayame both cheered.

"So, this is what I propose. Naruto I propose that you master the basics of the Ryuuken within a month. If you could do that, then you win the bet." Kakashi uttered while looking at both Naruto and Ayame.

"You're on Kakashi sensei!" the blond nin roared.

Kakashi give out a whole hearted laugh. "Then let's go Naruto! Time is of essence!" Kakashi said while he placed the payment for Naruto's ramen on the counter.

"Hai!" the blonde genin replied. His voice filled with renewed vigor and determination.

"Gambatte Naruto-kun!" Ayame cheered while Teuchi smirked as they both see the student and sensei off.


Meanwhile, in a far away location from Konoha, two figures where seen jumping from tree to tree.

"So, what are our orders again Itachi-san?" Kisame asked the Uchiha prodigy.

"We are to investigate the Hidden Village of Sky. Know what they are up to and what are they are capable of. Having the Sky side with the Leaf is a disturbing news." Itachi replied while keeping his guard up.

"Do you think it's because the Sorakage is related to 'him'?"

"That is still a rumor Kisame. No record has been revealed that they are indeed related in anyway. Though, it is still a possibility."

With that, the two continued on with their destination, the Hidden Village of Sky.

End of Episode 8


Author's Note: Well, that's about it for Episode 8. Again I'm sorry updating late.

Well, all that is left now is to tell more about the techniques used in this episode.

Ryuuken – Dragon Fist, a Taijutsu stance that is supposedly created by the Forth Hokage. It utilizes extreme speed to deliver almost uninterruptible attacks.

Ryuuken Kougeki – Dragon Fist Offensive Stance, the stance were offensive techniques within the Ryuuken starts off.

Ryuuken Saegiru – Dragon Fist Interrupt, the defensive stance of the Ryuuken.

Ryuuken: Nijuu-Shoryuu-sen – Dragon Fist: Twin Rising Dragon Flash, a two part attack. Fist hit is a devastating punch on the gut which renders the opponent stunned, followed by a rising uppercut to the chin that will send the opponent flying in the air. (This move is executed almost in the similar way as Ryu's Shin Sho-ryuu-ken, you know, his Level 3 Super Combo.)

Atoeizou – After-image Technique, inspired by Son Goku's after image technique. Considered an elementary jutsu but then revised by the Sorakage to be a better technique.

Sabaku Senpuu – Desert Whirlwind, a form of an absolute defense where in sand forms into a hurricane that will protect its user from any attacks. This technique could only be used by Gaara.

Well that's it for the jutsus I have made. Till next time, take care you all and God Bless!