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"So…what are we doing then?" Hiro asked.

"We're going to create a diversion first…" Ayame got a strange glimmer in his eye as he looked at Hiro, who scowled back.

"NO! I will not be a diversion! No! No no no!"

Kisa looked up at him, her eyes wide and adorable. "But Hiro-kun…"

"Oh…fine, I'll do the stupid plan…"

"YAY!" Kisa smiled. And they all started to formulate their plot…


"I can't believe I'm doing this…" Hiro groaned. Kisa tugged at the sleeve of his shirt and looked up at him with adoration, and he felt his knees go weak. "Damn females," he muttered.

"Aww, come on Hiro, you have to admit that the bunny costume looks adorable!" exclaimed Shigure. He turned to Ayame and gave him a high-five, saying, "Good job Aya-chan!"

"Why am I in this again?" Hiro questioned.

Shigure looked thoughtful for a moment, and then bashfully said, "Well, there really is no reason." He laughed, "We just wanted to see you in a pink bunny suit!"

Ayame and Shigure burst into peels of laughter. Angrily Hiro threw off the pink suit and gave them a death glare, but it made no difference to them. They quieted down when Tohru sighed heavily and deeply. Instantly they all turned to her with worried and pained expressions.

"What?" she questioned. "Come on everybody, lets go rescue Kyo!" she said cheerfully.

"We could just let him stay there," mumbled Yuki, but he didn't dare say it any louder in case Kagura managed to hear it. So he trudged along with everyone else, ignoring Haru's sympathetic gaze.

The group stopped in front of the Main house and stared up at it. No one moved, no one breathed. Tohru struggled to regain her self-control and not to cry. "So," she said, her voice sounding overly cheerful to her own ears, "let's get started! I'm sure Kyo's getting aggravated by now, and he'll want to be out of there."

Momiji sighed heavily and said, "Tohru it's not that simple. We have to somehow make Akito let him go, or not realize that he's gone…"

Haru cut Momiji off quickly and said, "Well, lets just find him first, and then we'll worry about it. Hatori, you find where the two of them are. Yuki, Shigure, Kagura, Ayame and Kisa, come with me. We'll go as visitors. Ritsu and Uo, stay with Tohru and protect her. When the time comes I expect you guys to run with Kyo, if it comes to that. Hiro, you know the plan, Momiji you go with him.

Everyone nodded seriously.

"Wait," Uo interrupted, "so we're just stuck waiting around out here? Missing out on all the action?" She glared at Haru, who smiled feebly. Ritsu stepped forward tentivly and said, "Well, couldn't we be lookouts? I'M SORRY THAT'S A HORRIBLE IDEA IT'S---"

"Brilliant." Yuki stated, shutting him up. "Now watch carefully, and notify us if you see anything."

"One problem moron," Hiro said sounding bored. "How are they going to tell us? They can't be running around the main house looking for us."

The entire group had a picture of Tohru, running in circles yelling 'Yuki? They're comiiiiiiiiiiiing!'

Ayame laughed nervously. Everyone else fell to the ground face first.

"Well how about we use this?" Ayame asked, pulling out two walkie-talkies.

With a pulsing vein in his forehead, Yuki asked him where he had gotten that.

"Oh, it came with the bunny suit!" He beamed.

"Wonderful Aya. We'll use that. Now everyone lets go," Shigure said, taking charge. Everyone nodded and dispelled. Tohru took a flying leap towards the bushes, attempting a roll into the bushes. But she just landed in them with an 'Ooff!' and got up saying "I'm ok!"

Everyone hurried to their respective positions, large sweatdrops on the backs of their heads.

Yuki started for the front doors and they followed. Soon it was quiet outside, and the three 'lookouts' were left staring around in boredom.

"This sucks, we're not doing anything!" Uo exclaimed.

"Well um…Yuki-san said it was very important that we stay here and I'M SORRY I'M SORRY IT'S MY FAULT WE'RE STUCK HERE IN THE FIRST PLACE--"

Uo poked him in his stomach and Ritsu fell to the ground, stunned.

"At least something that 'Prince' Yuki told me was of use."

Tohru blinked at Ritsu, who twitched on the ground.

"Um, Uo-chan, Ritsu-kun…isn't that Kureno over there, staring at us?" Tohru asked.

"Errr…" Uo stared blatantly at Kureno, and the grabbed both Tohru and Ritsu by the sleeve. "Run!" she yelled. They took off.


Yuki moved through the Main House easily. No one questioned his presence there, no servant even looked up at him, at least not conspicuously. His mouth was set in a grim line—he had to either bust Kyo out from the main house, not an easy task, or bargain with Akito in order to win Kyo back. Also not easy, considering Yuki would be more then happy to just leave him there.

But Kyo meant something to Tohru, and for Tohru Yuki would do almost anything.

Haru gave Yuki a squeeze on the hand.

"You ok?" he whispered. Yuki nodded while looking straight ahead.

"I think I might have a plan. But first--" he stopped in the hallway outside Akito's main chambers. "We have to agree. Are we planning on breaking him out, or are we going to persuade Akito to let him go?"

"Lets try persuading first," Shigure said thoughtfully, "and then if that doesn't work, we'll just knock Akito-san out and cart our jolly Kyo-chan home!"

No one laughed. Shigure hung his head in shame and they stood, in solemn silence, for a few moments.

"So, you think Momiji and Hiro have found Kyo yet?" Kagura said quietly. It was answered with silence. Yuki knocked on the large wooden doors, and pushed them open to step inside.


Momiji's footsteps fell softly on the tiled floors as he stealthily made his way down the corridors. Hiro followed, his chunky shoes making more noise then Momiji would have liked.

"Shh," he cautioned. His presence in such a place would be noted if they were caught, especially if he was right about where Kyo was being hidden.

"Yeah yeah," Hiro muttered, rolling his eyes. "This is stupid."

They came to a long hallway, with only one door at the very end. It was delicate, cast iron framing with a delicate vine pattern around the edges, and crystal clear glass. It lead outside, to a lush garden with seemingly untamed trees and bushes, and a crooked stone pathway. Momiji hurried down the hall, motioning for Hiro to follow.

Outside Momiji could smell fresh cut grass and the scent of blooming flowers. He skipped and hopped down the stone path, and Hiro struggled to keep up with him without running.

Suddenly Momiji stopped, causing Hiro to tumble into him.

"Owwies." Momiji pouted. Hiro gave him a bored look and sat up, since he was currently pinning the blonde down on the ground.

"Why'd you stop?" Hiro complained.

"This is the house."

Hiro looked up, noticing for the first time the 'house'. It was more of a shack, not very big at all, with run down wooden walls and bars for windows. The shingles on the roof looked rotten and ready to collapse at any moment. Hiro grimaced and turned back to Momiji.

"And how do we get in?" Hiro muttered. He stared at the blonde bunny who seemed, for a moment, to be contemplating and looked almost to be the teenager that he really was.

"Weeell, you see it's fairly easy. We just have to open the door!" Momiji grinned at Hiro, who gave him a sceptical look.

"So if it was that easy then why didn't that idiot just walk out a long time ago, instead of making us come all the way here to break him out?"

"Hmm," Momiji frowned, "see that's the harder part. To get out he'd have to disobey Akito's orders! And to get in, we'd have to disobey Akito's orders."

Hiro said nothing. In this case he reasoned that to get Kyo out without Akito's permission would be harder then actually convincing the Head of the family to set Kyo free.

"Well," drawled Hiro, "if we need to convince Akito, why don't we just get Tohru to convince him."

"I hope you're not implying what I think you are, brat." Came Kyo's growling voice. Hiro paled and then glared, looking towards the barred window.

Orange hair appeared in view, scraggly and uncombed. Then Kyo's face came up, pressing his forehead to the bars. He looked exhausted. Dark circles were under his eyes; his eyelids sagged with lost sleep.

"Kyo!" Momiji grinned, "We've come to resc--"

"I heard, you annoying fluff ball" Kyo scowled. "Now quiet."

Momiji was about to start hysterically crying when he heard voices. He stopped, frozen in fear for a moment.

"This way, hide!" Momiji grabbed Hiro by the collar of his shirt and pulled him into the underbrush, and the two of them shook silently and held their breath.

Kureno and Akito stepped into view, carrying something in a leather case.

"Master Akito," Kureno said hesitantly, "I also saw something strange today. That Honda girl, with her friend and with the monkey, standing in front of the main house. They took off when I saw them."

Akito frowned. "Why didn't you tell me earlier?" he hissed.

"I'm sorry, I just thought--"

Akito pushed Kureno out of the way. "Start searching for them, and bring them to me once you have. They must not--"

Hiro gulped back the sneeze that had almost escaped, and the bush rustled. Akito, in a rage, looked directly at the greenery and began moving towards it.

"Akito, should we continue with the punishment for the Cat?"

Akito paused, mere inches away from Momiji and Hiro's hiding spot. "No, this matter is more pressing." He moved away from the bush, and out of the garden entirely. Kureno followed.

"Phew!" Momiji exclaimed, jumping out from his hiding spot. "That was pretty close!"

"Hmph." Hiro stared at the dirt floor, wondering how he had gotten himself into this.

"Well Kyo, you're going to have some company because we're staying here until Yuki gives us the signal."

And with that Momiji flopped down cross legged in front of the window and began chatting, much to the dismay of the orange haired neko.

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