:: Where Do We Go From Here? ::

By: dreams-of-mist

Summary: Mamoru receives a letter that may change his whole world. Usagi finds it accidentally and confronts him. What will he choose: his dreams or his love?

Author's Note: Hiya! Thanks for taking a chance on my fanfic. I hope you enjoy it! I can GUARANTEE that this fanfic will be completed within a reasonable time period. So, if you're like me and hate it when a story suddenly stops, that won't happen here. Also, when I started writing this, I thought that it was my own idea, but after a while, I realized it had a few parallels to another story I read on I can't remember the title or the author's name, but if someone could tell me, I'll be sure to mention it in an update and give credit where it's due.

Disclaimer: I do not own Sailor Moon or any of the characters in the anime. To the people who do own the rights and trademarks, please don't sue me – I'm just a poor, struggling university student trying to pay her fees and bills. The story below, however, is mine, and I can only ask that no one plagiarizes it; but then again, who would?

'...' – thoughts

"..." – spoken

Where Do We Go From Here? – Chapter 1

Mamoru slipped the key back into his pocket as he closed the apartment door. He flipped the door's look securely back into place and dropped his backpack and his books on the nearby kitchen counter. The mail still in his hands, he walked toward the living room, dropped the bundle onto the glass table, and plopped himself down on the sofa.

'God, I'm tired...'

Rubbing his hands over his weary face, he reflected upon the hectic two weeks that just passed: two essays, four assignments, a pop quiz, and five labs with two lab reports each. And he still had two more essays and final exams to look forward to.

'Shit. Makes me regret taking higher education...'

Now, two mind-numbing weeks later, he found himself exhausted and alone in his apartment at 9:48 pm, hungry, tired, and weary as hell. His mail had piled up during that time and he had made a mental promise to himself last week to get to it the first chance he got.

'I just want to sleep for a week...'

However, rather than indulging himself just this once, Mamoru gave himself a little mental shake and started sifting through his mail.

'Bill, bill, ad, ad, bill, junk, ad, ad, ad, bi-'

He paused.

He sat there, frozen in time it seemed. Minutes passed by.

Finally, he got up and grabbed a letter opener from his desk, the thin white envelope clutched tightly in his hands. With a quick flick of his wrist, the envelope was cut opened. Mamoru, holding his breath, carefully slipped the letter out and opened it.

With unsteady fingers, he held onto the pristine white sheet, his eyes travelling from left to right, top to bottom. Only moments after he started reading, his midnight blue eyes widened. The letter slipped soundlessly through his fingers and floated softly to the floor. Wordlessly, he picked up the letter, slipped it back into the envelope, and tucked it securely into a desk drawer.

Ironically, he didn't sleep a wink that night.

:: end of chapter one ::

That's it for chapter 1. I hope you liked it. Chapter 2 should be up by next week at the latest. Reviews would be nice. Any constructive criticism would be great since I'm always trying to improve my writing skill and style. Thanks for reading.