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Everyone was quiet. There was really nothing to say. Moonfire was the first to speak.

"Are you sure she's pregnant?" Moonfire asked his wife.

"Of course she is. She's got all the symptoms. Stomache aches, throwing up, eating more, irritability." Blackfire said as she counted the symptoms off on her fingers. Everyone stared at her. "Not that I'd know of course." Blackfire said as she began to laugh nervously.

"Well, you are going to marry her, right?" Moonfire asked as he glared at Robin.

"W-what?" Robin asked, taken off guard.

"Father!" Starfire yelled at Moonfire.

Moonfire glared at her. "What? You are pregnant and the right thing for him to do would be to marry you!" Moonfire yelled.

Sunfire rubbed her temples, she was developing a migrane. "That will not help anything. They are too young to be married." Sunfire said.

"Oh, but they're not too young to have a baby?" Moonfire said.

"I never said that. But, giving up the baby is not an option. They made a mistake and now they'll have to deal with the consequences." Sunfire explained.

"She'll have to move back here so we can help her take care of the baby." Moonfire pointed out.

"I can take care of my baby on my own!" Starfire yelled.

"You don't know the first thing about being a parent. Neither of you do. It is in the baby's best interests if you move back here and let us help." Moonfire said.
"It is my baby and my decision. I do not want to move back here and I wil not. Robin and I will raise the baby on earth.":Starfire insisted.

"Your father is only trying to help." Sunfire said softly.

"WELL HE'S NOT!!!" Starfire screamed.

"See? Irritability." Blackfire said.

Starfire glared at her. "Shut up you whore!" Starfire shouted. Everyone's jaws dropped. This was not like Starfire at all.

Blackfire glared at Starfire. "I'm the whore? You're the one who's pregnant!" Blackfire countered.

Starfire was not going to be defeated so easily. "And how many guys have you been with in the last year Blackfire? 50, 60?" Starfire said.

Blackfire's eyes began glowing purple. "That's none of your business!" Blackfire yelled.

Starfire's hands and eyes glowed green as she started floating in the air. Blackfire did the same.

"Don't think I won't hurt you just because you're pregnant!" Blackfire yelled.

Starfire started throwing starbolts at Blackfire, Blackfire countered by throwing her own starbolts.

"Starfire! Blackfire! Stop this at once!" Sunfire yelled.

They ignored her and by now Starfire had knocked Blackfire to the ground and was strangling her.

Robin managed to get Starfire off of Blackfire and was holding her back. "Star! You're pregnant!" Robin reminded her.

"So? I can still kick her ass!" Starfire yelled as she tried to get out of Robin's grasp and back to Blackfire.

Blackfire got up and was about to attack Starfire, but Moonfire held her back. "Blackfire, enough!":He yelled.

Blackfire stopped trying to escape and settled with glaring at Starfire. Starfire returned the glare with just as much hate.

"Well, you two probably have alot to talk about. Moonfire, Blackfire, we should probably go back to dinner. Our guests probably think we are very rude." Sunfire said.

Sunfire left the room followed by Blackfire and Moonfire. As soon as they left Starfire burst into tears. Robin was immediantly at her side.

"Star, don't cry. It's going to be okay." Robin said as he hugged her. She only cried louder.

"Robin, we are not ready to be parents! We can not raise our child while we fight evil! I want my child to live a normal life!" Starfire said between her sobs.

"We're going to be great parents. And we could always buy a house in some surburben area area and our kid could live a normal life." Robin said as he held the crying Starfire in his arms.

"What about our friends?" Starfire asked.

"If they ever needed us we would be there. Everything will be okay. I promise." Robin said.

"Robin, what if we're not ready?" Starfire asked.

Robin sighed. "We're going to have to be."

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