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Chapter One..

Three weeks had passed since the battle.

The Outsiders, well, most of them, had adjusted to the better life easily. The few that hadn't already, Simba was sure that they would in time, or at least, that was what he told Vitani, who had become the 'speaker' for the Outsiders. Vitani wasn't sure if Simba really meant what he said.

Kovu and Kiara were being 'trained' by Simba and Nala to become King and Queen. Simba was teaching Kovu everything his father had taught him about ruling. Kovu felt childish during these times, he told Vitani, but he also felt special.

'Special..' she thought one day, as she was going to the waterhole. 'He's always been special..'

She sighed, thinking about the cubs of the original Pridelanders. They had grown up in the middle of a fight with the outsiders, and now they were expected to be friends with their cubs? It was hard for them; they were scared. Their mothers told them that they were no longer Outsiders, but pride-sisters, but they still had a hard time.

Simba thought that too would change in time.

Many of the Outsiders had gotten mates. Sometimes, a nomadic lion would pass by, and mate with a few of them. The Outsiders didn't really mind, that was how they had cubs in the Outlands. The Pridelanders tried to hide it, but Vitani knew that they thought it was shameful and wrong.

Vitani sighed as she reached the waterhole. She was torn between the Pridelanders and Outsiders. Even though they had become one Pride, they had different beliefs, and Vitani was torn between them.

As she was breathing in, she smelled something..odd. It smelled like Simba, with a hint of hyena.

"Oh crap.." she whispered. She saw a faint outline quite a ways away, on the edge of the Pridelands. She took a quick drink, then turned back toward Pride Rock, breaking into a run.

Her ears pounded as she heard the wind flying past her. She was breathing hard. Something about that smell..it must be the hyena smell. None of the others had that! She raced up the rocks to the top of Pride Rock, where Simba and Nala were sunning themselves. Kovu and Kiara were talking to some of the lionesses near the entrance of the den.

"Simba!" she cried as she skidded toward him, nearly sliding into him. "There's a unidentified lion in the Pridelands!" His eyes widened.

"Where, Vitani?" he asked sharply.

"He's going to the waterhole!" she cried.

"Nala! Kovu! Kiara! Come with me. Kovu, round up a few of the lionesses."

Kovu nodded and motioned to the 4 lionesses they were talking to. They stood up.

"Come on!" Simba cried.

He ran down the rocks, followed closely by Nala, Kovu, Kiara, Vitani, and the lionesses Enaana, her sister Goani, their mother Amani, and cousin Poana. Simba was running so fast, all the others could do was try and keep up with him.

They came to the waterhole quickly. A black-maned lion was drinking from it. His mighty body was yellow, and when he looked up, they saw he had reddish-brown eyes.

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