By: Bree-2006

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'Hope dangles on a string

Like slow spinning redemption

Winding in and winding out

The shine of it has caught my eye'

My dearest Bnehlacc,

Please let me not be late with this. I hope it gets to you on time, I hope you can understand how I feel.

I know I'm nothing compared to the men that have asked for your hand. But I want you to know, I can love you like they do. This letter, I pray would get to you on time.

So, we don't get along like most people do. Constant fights, and teasing, but all people have their differences, right?

Growing up you always looked at me through angered eyes. I hurt your feelings so many times and now the truth's starting to get to me. You counter attack me now, teasing me with as much force as I tease you. It's our thing. But since when did Cid's girl start sticking up for herself? As kids you were always the one who would cower when the other kids would call you names. Now you're not the spineless do-gooder with the can-do attitude anymore

I now am debating whether ruining this day for you is a bright idea, but what else can I do? I can't sit and expect you to come to me, and there's no way in Spira I'm going to let you go through with it without you knowing how I feel.

'And roped me in

So mesmerizing, so hypnotizing

I am captivated'

I think back to when I saw you again, you no longer being the 15-year-old kid I knew you to be. Just seeing your beautiful face again stirred up all these crazy emotions that I felt back before you had left on the mission to the Moonflow.

Now I find myself wanting to be near you. Finding you so different from all those years ago in Bikanel. I knew I loved you then, I was just to pig-headed to show it. I never thought that 3 years later I would realize the way I felt about you.

'I am Vindicated

I am selfish

I am wrong

I am right

I swear I'm right

I swear I knew it all along'

I know I shouldn't do this, I should let things lie, but I cant! The fact that I might end up without you is tearing me up inside.

'And I am flawed

But I am cleaning up so well

I am seeing in me now the things you swore you saw yourself'

I will change just to be with you, something that I wouldn't do for anyone else. I know how horrible I am, beside the countless amount of times you had told me I was. I tried to be better to you, but old traditions die-hard. Then Yuna came, telling me of what was going to happen to you. I had realized I had held my love in for far to long, but now, I'm going to set things right.

'So clear

Like the diamond in your ring

Cut to mirror your intentions

Oversized and overwhelmed

The shine of which has caught my eye'

I visited you then, which Yuna had made me promise I would. I saw it glitter on your delicate finger, and my heart fell to my feet. I had waited too long to tell you how I felt. I walked away from you then. I had even refused to talk to you. No more teasing, fighting...or laughing.

'And rendered me

So isolated, so motivated

I am certain now that'

I thought I could get over you then, forget about you all together. Start my life anew.


'I am Vindicated

I am selfish

I am wrong

I am right

I swear I'm right

I swear I knew it all along'

A friend of yours came to visit. I certainly didn't recognize him at first. He handed me an invitation, and I threw it aside. Not bothering with it. He crossed his arms and shook his head, and explained to me who he was. Some dude named Tidus. He talked very highly of you. He made me realize how I felt about you, even though when he had asked me I denied.

I want to let you know from the bottom of my heart how I feel. How I want us to work things out, I don't want you to walk down the isle without me waiting in front of the alter. I don't want to see any other mans lips pressed against yours, and I don't want to hear that you lived happily ever after with someone other than me.

Smile for me, show the world why I'm so in love with you. I only wish, that if I am too late, that I could have kissed your rosy lips one last time.

'So turn

Up the corners of your lips

Part them and feel my finger tips,

Trace the moment, fall forever

Defense is paper-thin

Just one touch and I'd be in

Too deep now to ever swim against the current'

Just know, if you decide that you feel the same way about me and come to my door, that you will never be able to slip away from me again.

'So let me slip away'

Into your arms.

'So let me slip away'

Into your grasp

'So let me slip away'

Into your sweet kisses

'So let me slip against the current'

Because without you, I have nothing to live for.

'So let me slip away'

And maybe, just maybe, if I'm not too late...we can start over...together.

All my love,


'Slight hope

It dangles on a string

Like slow spinning redemption...'

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