A/N- Okay, the admins took my old fic off because it was a script, so I decided to rewrite it so it's technically not a script, but more like one of those books based off movies. Hopefully, it's as good as the old one. Please R and R.

Gandalf: Gary-ninth grade and in the student mentor program. (which is an actually thing at my school where ninth graders mentor seventh-graders) In his group is Freda, Samantha, Mark and Paul
Frodo: Freda, seventh grade flute section leader...and proud band nerd!!! Also in spanish class, so she can speak a bit of spanish
Bilbo: Bill, ninth grade, and Freda's older brother. Sax player and also a band nerd. Friend of Gary
Merry: Mark-Freda's cousin and fellow band member. Plays purrcussion with Paul (seventh grade)
Pippin: Paul-Mark's best friend. Also on purcussion. (seventh-grade)
Sam: Samantha-Freda's best friend. Plays the oboe. (seventh grade)
Aragorn: rightful captain of the tennis team, but he quit the team after Ian was expelled. Instead, he hangs out with the gifted kids and totally looks up to Even(Elrond)
Boromir: Bruce, brother to the captian of the tennis team
Legolas: Lawrence, 4.0 student in the gifted class (also in orchestra) (eighth grade)
Gimli: Glen-woodshop student (eighth grade)
Elrond: Even-ninth grade gifted class and library assistant. Considered one of the most well-read of all the ninth-graders
Arwen: Adriana- Even's younger sister, also a library assistant and Aaron's girlfriend
Galadriel: Grace, genius and also in gifted. In charge of the school website (ninth grade)
Celeborn: Chris, co-manger of the school website. Second best at computers in the school Saruman: Sheldon...student mentor who turns evil and joins forces with Mr. Sauron

The last night of the school year. All seniors (ninth graders) had been assigned to write on their three years in Central Earth Junior High. Grace sat at her computer, IM'ing Evan and Gary, all three of them completely uninspired at what to write.

Suddenly, Grace had the perfect idea. Pulling up a blank document on her computer, she grinned, beginning to write...

{The school has changed}...she typed... {I feel it in the lockers. I taste it in the snack bar. I smell it in the cafeteria. I feel it in the hallways. Much that once was is lost for now no students attend this school who remembers it. It began with the creation of the magic pens of power. Three were given to the gifted and talented class... smartest, and most advanced in their academics of all the students. Seven, were given to the artists...expressive, and skilled creators. And nine, nine pens were given to the athletes, who above all...desire power.}

"For within these pens contained the skill and ability to ace each class. But they were all deceived...cuz another pen was made. In the room of the office, where the shadow lies, the dark principle Mr. Sauron made in secret a ruling pen. Into it, he poured his cruelty, his malice, his will to give all students unlimited homework. One Pen...to rule them all!!!

"The pens of the band remained untouched and the pens of art and theater were safely sequestered. But the pens of the athletes succumbed to the will of the one Pen and they were reduced to pen wraiths. One by one, the free classes of Central Earth Junior High fell to the one pen. But there were some that resisted. A last alliance of athletes and gifted marched against the forces of the office and in the hallways, they fought for the rights of the students"


Atheletes and gifted students lined up, facing the armies of the office-traitor students, teachers pets, and administrative staff. The two student groups ran forward and met with a clash, battling recklessly with rulers, yardsticks, sports equipment, binders, textbooks, anything they could get their hands on...

"LET'S ROCK AND ROLL" Even shouted.

Behind him, the lines of gifted students loaded their staple guns (quickly too, their experience coming from the many times they fired staples at each other in the middle of teachers lectures), and fired a slew of staples at the offending students. Meanwhile, the athletes fought relentlessly, whacking and hitting with their sports equipment.

{Victory was near, but the power of the Pen could not be undone}

Everyone froze as Mr. Sauron arrived, holding a huge string with a tether ball attached (which looked like it had been stolen off an elementary school playground. He began to swing it around, knocking students against the walls and out of the way.

Ian's friend, Allen, the captain of the tennis team, ran up to Mr. Sauron, brandishing his tennis racket. Mr. Sauron swung his tether ball/mace, and knocked him out of the way.

{It was in this moment, when they were about to be expelled anyways, that Ian S. assistant captain of the tennis team, took up the tennis racquet of the captian}

Ian ran over to his friend, who had been knocked out. He glared at Mr. Sauron, and grabbed a piece of the tennis racket, which had been broken. Holding it tightly, he swung it at Mr. Sauron, hitting so hard that the evil principle dropped the One Pen and retreated to the office, bringing with him all the traitor students and administrators.

{Mr. Sauron, the enemy of the free students, was defeated. Mr. Sauron, the enemy of the free students, was defeated. The Pen passed to Ian, who had a chance to destroy it forever. But the minds of athletes are easily corrupted and the Pen betrayed Ian to his suspension and was lost in the hallways under the trampling of students desperate to get to classes on time. And some things that should not have been forgotten were lost. History became legend, legend became myth. For two and a half semesters the one Pen passed out of the notes and agendas of students, until when chance came, it ensnared a new student. The pen came to Geoffrey, who took it to the depths of his locker. There...it failed him.}

Geoffrey crouched over his locker, stoking his Pen. "It came to me...my pen...my PRECIOUS!!!" he shrieked. Ignoring the students next to him who were giving him weird looks, he grabbed the Pen, some textbooks, and slammed his locker shut.

{The Pen brought to Geoffery good grades on scantrons but bad penmanship, making him fail all the written portions on tests. In the gloom of Geoffery's locker,the Pen waited for five weeks. Darkness crept into the classrooms of MJH. Rumor grew of a nameless fear. The Pen perceived it's time to move on.

It abandoned Geoffrey (or rather, he lost it...like all other students careless with their school supplies) But something happened, that the Pen did not forsee. It was picked up by the most unlikely student imaginable.}

Bill Baggins bent down, picking up the One Pen from the hallways. "Huh?" he said. "COOL!!!" he shouted, seeing the markings on the pen cap. Stuffing it into his pocket, he walked off, proceeding to his next class.

{A band nerd...Bill Baggins from the band room}

Jeffery looked into his locker, trying to find his pen. When he had searched every inch of his locker, and found no Pen, he screamed, "NOOOO!!! WHERE'S MY PEN," once again, ignoring the strange looks or the students edging away from him.

{For there will come a time where band nerds will shape the fortunes of the whole student body}