"The Book-Wolf"

By Padfoot's Sidekick

Chapter One: The Musings of Tonks

Nymphadora Tonks waited impatiently for the train to arrive at King's Cross. The train was bearing the young witch she was supposed to escort to number 12 Grimmauld Place. The train was also one hour late.

Back to the girl. Supposedly her father had to go off the somewhere for the rest of the summer, so the poor kid was stuck at that horrible number 12. Grimmauld Place had been simply dreadful since its previous owner, Sirius Black, died last June. Sirius' death had affected everyone who knew him. Even Severus Snape. Because he was deprived of one of his greatest enemies, Snape was sulking more than usual.

And Harry. Poor, poor Harry! Harry Potter, the Boy Who Lived, was Sirius' godson and had blamed himself for Sirius' death. Tonks had told him a thousand times that he wasn't responsible for the death of his godfather. It was Lord Voldemort's. And that evil little viper, Bellatrix Lestrange. But no! Harry, being as hopelessly stubborn as Sirius, wouldn't believe her. So now Harry was terribly depressed and would hardly eat, let alone speak. Poor kid. Tonks hoped that this girl she was supposed to pick up (if the train would over get here) would help clear things up and shed a little sunshine on Harry Potter's life. Not to mention everyone else's. What was her name again? Elisabeth Something-or-Another? Whatever.

A loud screeching sound woke Tonks from her thoughts. Finally! The train's here! She scanned the crowd flowing from the open doors of the train for a tallish female sixteen-year-old with a trunk and an owl. It couldn't be that hard. After all, this was a Muggle train, and not a lot of Muggles keep owls for pets. There! The lost-looking girl over by the barrier.

"Wotcher!" Tonks called as she strode over to the girl. "Are you waiting for someone?"

The girl jumped and turned around. She had a dark tan, long, light brown hair that fell to her waist, and an honest face. But Tonks was immediately struck dumb by her eyes. They were an intense and beautiful silver and looked as if they were peering into the very soul. Those eyes seemed to make it impossible for anyone to not trust her.

"Yes," answered the girl. "I'm waiting for someone by the name of . . . oh! What was that name? Oh, yeah! By the name of Tonks."

"That's me!" Tonks smiled broadly.

"I'm Elisabeth Wolfe," said the girl cheerfully. "But you can call me Ellie."

"Nymphadora Tonks at your service," replied Tonks with a mock bow. Ellie giggled.

"Nymphadora," Ellie said thoughtfully. Tonks could see that she was laughing silently. "Uh . . . interesting name."

"I know," said Tonks, wrinkling her nose. "Don't you hate it? I do. That's why everyone calls me by my surname – Tonks. And you'd better too. Unless you want your head bitten off, that is." Ellie looked startled but saw that Tonks was smiling and her eyes were twinkling. Ellie smiled too. She was beginning to like this strange, pink-haired witch.

Tonks glanced at her watch.

"Merlin's beard!" she exclaimed. "We were supposed to be at the Grangers' a half hour ago! OK, Ellie, we just need to stop at the Grangers' cottage in Kent and pick up a girl named Hermione. Got you're stuff? Good. C'mon!"

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