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By Padfoot's Sidekick

Chapter Two: The De-Memorying of Muggle Policemen

Fifteen minutes later, Tonks, Ellie, and Ellie's white owl, Sadie were being jolted around in the shiny black mini cooper Tonks had borrowed from the Ministry of Magic. The thought of Tonks in the driver's seat of a Muggle car was scary, but actually encountering this was terrifying. Ellie and Sadie were jolted and knocked around in the back seats, bruising tailbones and funny bones in Ellie's case, and just overall bumping and bruising in Sadie's.

##Will you please tell this madwoman to be more careful?! My tail feathers are falling out!## Sadie managed to tap against her cage. One summer, when Ellie was quite and thoroughly bored, she had taught her white owl Morse Code. And although Sadie could understand English, she couldn't speak it, and with Ellie not being able to speak Owlese, that was how they communicated.

The car swerved around a sharp turn, causing Sadie to squawk loudly, Ellie to bump her head rather hard on the not-so-soft ceiling of the small mini, and a small traffic jam.

"Tonks!" Ellie cried out over the indignant honking of the cars and trucks around them. "Can you please be more careful? My owl thinks that her feathers are falling out."

Well, they are! snapped Sadie.

Not hearing the annoyed owl's tapping, Tonks turned around in her seat to look back at Ellie, an amused look on her face.

"Why Ellie!" she exclaimed laughingly. "I didn't know you understood Owlese?"

"I don't," returned Ellie. "I taught Sadie Morse Code a while back, and – WATCH OUT!!!"

Tonks turned around, saving the speeding mini from crashing headlong into a light post. Sirens soon bleeped on, causing Tonks to curse violently.

"Bloody Muggle police!" Ellie heard her mutter as the pink-haired woman slowed to a stop. "Third time this week! Hey Ellie," Tonks started, turning around once more to face the silver-eyed teen, "do you think I should cast a few Memory Charms to get out of this?" She pulled out her wand and looked it over critically. "I mean, do you think I could get away with it?"

Ellie glanced at her watch. It was 11:50 a.m. "What time were we supposed to be at the Grangers'?"


Ellie winced. They were nearly an hour late. "Normally I'd say Memory Charms on Muggle policeman weren't a very good idea, but, under these circumstances," Ellie paused, "fire away."

Tonks cackled evilly and turned her attention to the two uniformed men walking over to the Ministry-borrowed car. "Obliviate!" Tonks said softly, her wand hidden in her lap. A thin line of blue light zipped out from the tip and into the approaching policemen's bodies. They froze for a second, but soon continued on their path to the mini.

Tonks, Ellie, and Sadie exchanged looks. Had it worked? The officers had reached the car. Ellie and Tonks waited with dated breath.

"Nice car," said the policeman on the right, a thin man with mousy brown hair and a small mustache said, looking over the shiny black mini cooper. "Is it new?"

"I think so," blurted Tonks. The other man, a bit shorter than the first and with sandy blonde hair, raised a suspicious eyebrow.

"We borrowed it from a friend," Ellie explained, wishing she could kick Tonks. Now the officer thought they had stolen the Ministry car!

Officer #1 shot a warning look at his partner. "Well then, ladies, carry on."

Ellie smiled from relief. "Thank you, sir. Have a nice day!" she called out as Tonks drove away from the sight. "Tonks!" she cried, glaring at the driver. "You're an Auror! You should know better than to just blurt out random stuff like that! That one guy probably thought we're car thieves!"

Tonks shrugged. "So what? We made it through without a ticket didn't we? I'll be more careful next time."

They sat quietly for a few minutes, the silence broken only by Ellie and Sadie's tapped conversations.

((A/N: I won't really say what these conversations included, as they are a bit boring. "So, how's hunting?" "Great! I caught 4 mice and a rabbit last night." "Cool. . . ." Yadda, yadda, yadda. Anyway, on with the story!!!))

A few minutes later (it would have been a half-hour later if it weren't for Tonks's dangerous driving), they finally arrived at the Granger's home. It was a nice sized house with brick walls covered in ivy and a red roof. The small front garden was overflowing with beautiful flowers of all colors and sizes. A thin white path lead it's way to large mahogany front door. All in all it was a pretty place.

Tonks was already half way to the door by the time Ellie had disentangled herself and climbed out of the car. Sadie hooted mournfully as Ellie closed the door.

"Don't be such a worrywart," she whispered to the owl through the open window. "I'll be alright."

And with that, she sprinted over to meet Tonks on the doorstep just as the door opened.

A girl about Ellie's age if not a few months younger stood in the doorway, a large book with a red cover cradled in the crook of her arm. Her white tank top and black pants showed her curves off perfectly. She had chestnut colored hair that curled casually around her shoulders and warm chocolate eyes the sparkled in the bright sunlight.

"Tonks!" the girl cried hugging the mischievous older woman.

"Good to see you 'Mione!" laughed Tonks, hugging her back. "'Mione, this is Ellie Wolfe," she said, gesturing toward Ellie. "Ellie, this is Hermione Granger."

Hermione's brown eyes met Ellie's silver ones squarely. Ellie smiled, aware that she was being sized up. Hermione nodded and smiled back.

"It's a pleasure to meet you," she said, holding her hand out to Ellie.

"It's nice to meet you too," Ellie replied, taking the hand offered and shaking it. She could already tell this was the beginning of a life-long friendship.

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