"Pack your shit we're moving"
"Stubborn, Low life son of a Bitch. You God Damn Stupid Fucking Hanyou!"

"Get your sorry Hanyou ass down here. NOW."

Inuyasha slowly opens his eyes an sits up in his bed. Rubbing his eyes to wipe the sleep away, he glances over at his clock. Noon. 'Great I overslept' Inuyahsa thinks with dread. 'God what does he want now' he thinks as walking sleepily down the stairs. As he reaches the final step and turns the corner...


"You stupid Hanyou, look at me when I am talking to you. Who said you could sleep this late? Who said you can have your shit lying all around the house? Clean up your shit by dinnertime and have dinner ready by the time I get home. Or else" As he narrowed his eyes at the last phrase.

"KEH! Make your own damn dinner" Inuyasha retorts.


"Don't you dare talk back to me Hanyou"

Inuyasha falls to the ground clutching his stomach. As he hits the floor, he mumbles,


"What was that?", his foster father asks in an dangerous tone.

"I said I'm sorry", Inuyasha said somewhat annoyed.


Inuyasha recieved a kick in his ribs that skid him back a few feet. Pain surged from what seemed to be a cracked rib. 'Ughh, I pushed him to far this time, this is going to last for a while. Why is the room spinning?' The last thing he hears before he passes out,

"Get your shit togther, we are moving next weekend."

All he sees and feels nothing as darkness envelops him.

Sorry for such a short chapter. If people like this chapter 2 will be longer!

Lot of thanks to xagor888 for idea's and beta work!!!