Kingdom Hearts: Chaos Angel


(Disclaimer: No I don't own Kingdom Hearts, or any chap you've heard of… Don't sue me—you'll only get dirt.)

Normal? Certainly not me! I don't fit into your classic "hero" mold.

After all, I was raised in a church by foster parents while contending with five other siblings (including a psycho twin sister). Normalcy never stuck its ugly face into my life. In fact, it never even peeked.

Then again, was leading a unique life only a precedent to what was to come? I mean, I'm a keyblade master now. That is definitely not normal. Especially since Sora has nothing on me, except maybe superior skills and a girlfriend.

My name is Cygnus, the Keyblade "child" of darkness. This is the story of how I came to be. You'll notice I use darkness a lot… I got that from Ansem, who by the way, is no longer the evil man that screwed up Sora's life. But why am I important? Am I even important?

I might as well start my story from the beginning, back during the days before the Heartless came, when that accursed Charlotte was still my only problem...

This is my story.