Kingdom Hearts: Chaos Angel

Episode 17: The End of the World As We Know It

"Brother Blood, I have urgent news," The elder headmaster looked up to see Blondie walk in quickly. Blondie's serious face hadn't changed from his normal stoic demeanor, but nevertheless he looked like he had just survived an earthquake.

"What is it?" Brother Blood asked in annoyance, although not at Blondie in particular. His students had been responding to more Heartless attacks than usual, and having to constantly shout commands as to who was to report where was becoming taxing. Despite the ample opportunity of raiding the city with the Teen Titans away on a space mission, he had made his team focus solely on repelling the mass Heartless invasions on the city (that, and stealing that Red X suit Robin had). He looked at Blondie directly, wondering if he was going to affirm his suspicions.

"It happened. Planet Earth's Keyhole has been awakened. The world is… going to perish," Blondie finished.

Brother Blood growled. How he hated it when things didn't go smoothly. "The boy's mother failed. I knew that darkling would doom the planet!" He pounded a fist into his desk in anger. However, he quickly gained his composure. "Perhaps it's time for us to take leave of this planet."

"Brother Blood, I mean no disrespect, but I don't think leaving the planet will be necessary." Blondie quickly but firmly added.


"Yeah. I made sure to seal this city's Keyhole, so we should still be safe here. Mr. Marluxia says things are actually going smoothly for us and we should stay put in Jump City until further notice. He says he has a plan."

"Not that I don't believe you," Brother Blood began with a sly smile, "But it's not Mr. Marluxia's style to send his reports through you. I'd need his confirmation."

"No offense to Mr. Marluxia, but why would you?" Blondie countered with a soft grin of his own. "I rank higher than he does."

Brother Blood dropped his mouth in shock. He'd never suspected that this angry, near-brainwashed youth was actually calling the shots over his business partner Marluxia. With that Blondie continued as if he read his mind. "I'm not any smarter than Mr. Marluxia, neither do I really need any authority over him. I merely rank higher because I wield the power of the Keyblade. Mr. Marluxia is busy preparing for our next move and can't be here right now, so you'll have to take my word for it. I've got no reason to lie to you."

The smile returned to Brother Blood's face, relieved that the blonde youth wasn't plotting to turn the tables on his deal. "Fine. We'll stay here. Tell Yusuke and Ken to call our students back. We'll start a new class curriculum as soon as everyone gets back." Blondie nodded in agreement, taking his leave as quietly as he'd arrived. Brother Blood immediately swung over to a phone and pressed a button on the intercom. His voice broadcasted all over the H.A.Y.E.P hideout: "Students of the H.A.Y.E.P academy! Listen closely. It appears that we are inevitably losing planet Earth to the darkness. Do not worry, however, as this school is still safe. As soon as out outside agents return, we will start a new curriculum on universal conquest courtesy of our guest Mr. Marluxia. Report to the instructional arena WITHIN THE HOUR!" And with that Brother Blood ended the broadcast with the press of a button. If Blondie was right, the fall of earth was merely a wake up call of what would happen if he didn't set his plan in motion… all the more reason to introduce his students to the new toys he and Marluxia had been playing with…


"Is it true? Was it really part of the plan for the world to end?.!" Knuckles shot at King Mickey as they walked into the Mansion of Souls. Samus waved goodbye, and per Mickey's instructions, set off to Little Planet.

"Indeed it was," King Mickey answered sagely. "You could easily imagine the outrage I felt when Miss Oni decided upon letting the villains destroy Earth. So many people falling into the darkness…"

"Damn right I'm angry!" Knuckles clenched his fists. "It's not enough that you people demanded that I give up my island for your Chaos Angel shrine, not even after EGGMAN managed to make it, but now I have to watch everything I've ever known come to an end!" Knuckles pounded the ground with his namesake fists in frustration. Realizing that it wasn't getting him anywhere, he took a breath and cooled down. "But with that, I'm grateful for your backup plan."

"Yes, that's why Little Planet's crucial now," the king responded as they came to a stop inside a rather cozy living room area. "I'll need to get in contact with Sora's friends as well as King Sephiroth about Donald and Goofy."

"I think they already know," King Mickey and Knuckles turned around to see Axel appear, cradling the young Chaos Saint Clara in his arms. Knuckles jumped in surprise, but King Mickey was unnerved by Axel's barging in and merely raised an eyebrow.

"Never one for manners, were you Axel?" King Mickey asked coolly.

"Hey, I would've knocked if the door was closed, but it was wide open," Axel shrugged. "Besides, I have news for you. Oni's awake now. She's got her own body and everything. We felt it and doubtless King Sephiroth would've felt it as well. He's probably started marching down here about now." He paused for a moment before adding with a grin, "Now don't tell me I don't respect my elders."

King Mickey scoffed, but having been forced to interact with types like the agitating redhead before in his travels, he jovially added, "Don't worry, I won't bother." He then changed the subject, "Have we found the Thirteenth Chaos Saint yet?"

"No such luck," Axel shrugged. "But then again Oni alone is more than capable of bringing the Chaos Angel to life. She just needs you," he pointed to Knuckles. "To maintain the power off your Master Emerald, which has been patched up for ya."

Knuckles grunted. "Fine." He got up and started for the door.

Suddenly, a flurry of black feathers appeared right in front of the echidna, and it was all he could do short of leaping ten feet in the air (which he was certainly capable of) as the mighty King Sephiroth appeared right in front of him. "Whoa!" Knuckles gaped in surprise.

"King Mickey," Sephiroth said in monotone.

King Mickey didn't miss a beat. "Sephiroth. You felt it right? Or rather her…"

"Yes. That woman is back. Where is she?"

"I could ask the same about Donald and Goofy. The answer to both is that I don't know. She could be anywhere within the mansion."

In turn for Mickey's honest answer, Sephiroth reported, "I sent your subjects to Little Planet. There's little they can do from my castle."

"Good," King Mickey responded. "The rest of you disperse to whatever you're doing. I still need to talk with the king."

Knuckles left all too willingly in a dash, but the calmer Axel, still cradling a near-comatose Clara, lingered for several seconds before finally disappearing. King Mickey continued once the room was cleared. "Sephiroth, I know it's not easy with her return, and doubtless now your daughter will want more answers than ever. However, please don't go trying to kill the woman. At least, not until the Chaos Angel is complete."

"Every ounce of my being wants to put an end to that wretched woman, but I know how horribly wrong things could go if I did that," the taller king replied with a weary sigh. "It's about the Chaos Angel, isn't it? What IS the Chaos Angel?"

"An ancient temple, one that could be used to manipulate reality and existence itself at will. In the hands of just about anyone it could be bad news. Alas, as long as it stands incomplete, someone will find the methods of powering it up, and with disastrous effects."

"And that would be why you Chaos Saints are here… to power it up correctly?"

"Indeed. But once it's complete, who controls it is anyone's guess. I'm putting all my power to make sure that nothing falls into the wrong hands. And Sephiroth?"


"After this, we won't be the Chaos Saints anymore. Once the Thirteenth Order has been found, we'll be complete."

"And how would you define complete?" Sephiroth asked with a small, knowing grin.

King Mickey paused for a moment, thinking. He then looked up at Sephiroth, his expression unreadable.

"Sin Angel."


"Argh! What's going ON?.!" Sonic snarled as he punched down a Neo Shadow.

"It's getting worse," Cloud commented as he swept his sword through a crowd of Shadows. Despite Cloud's quick handiwork, the Shadows kept proliferating.

"These Heartless are getting persistent; I don't think my Pokémon can take much more," Ash added as his Cyndaquil finished off a Neo Shadow. The Pokémon's flames were getting less effective with each attack, and the Neo Shadows, sensing this, were beginning to attack relentlessly.

"Even Buu's having problems with these Heartless!" Beelzemon pointed out as he shot down a string of teardrop/bat-like Heartless known as Bit Snipers. The other bounty hunters were struggling in an increasing wave of confusion; Beelzemon had lost count of how many times he'd heard faint fragments of the same question through the horrid din: "What's going on?"

"Looks like Sora and Rob failed their part of the bargain," Sonic grimaced, noticing the darkness starting to spread and cover the ground completely. The world itself was darkening, the Heartless' movements were growing more frenetic, more excited, more powerful. "But where ARE they?"

"Sonic! SONIC!" The blue hedgehog's ears twitched as they recognized Maya's voice. He turned around and saw the panicked girl running towards him at full sprint.

"Maya? What's going on? Has Rob sealed the Keyhole?" Sonic asked. However, his fears were getting closer to being affirmed as a teary Maya tackled him in a hug and began sobbing, babbling almost incoherently.

"N-no! He's gonna… he's gonna doom the world! Sora told me to get you guys off the planet so he could finish it… b-b-but he's gonna be doomed too!"

"No way!" Sonic gasped. "It can't be the end of the world…!"

"But it is."

A giant, dragon-shaped shadow flew over our heroes' heads. Sonic looked to see the forbidding form of Ridley swoop around and perch himself atop a crumbling building in the city. The purple dragon leered at our heroes through his bulbous, yellow eyes.

"Welcome, fools, to the end of the world as you know it! Population: EVERYONE!" Ridley's rough voice boomed.

"Maya…" Sonic whispered to the girl. "Get out of here. Tell those bounty hunters to clear out, too. This is our world to fight for…" Maya backed away slightly before turning to flee. Cloud and Ash stayed. Sonic then shot at Ridley. "Who are you!"

"Heee hee heee! Know and fear the name Ridley, leader of the almighty Space Pirates and SEALER OF YOUR DOOM!" Ridley screeched, expanding his wings into an intimidating pose.

"We'll take you on, Ridley!" Ash bellowed bravely.

"Pika!" Pikachu snarled, electricity gathering in its rosy cheeks.

"You'll regret destroying this planet," Cloud readied his buster sword.

"We'll see about that!" Ridley leapt off his perch and swooped down for an attack. His powerful wings flapped, gathering speed with every beat.

Sonic struck first. He rushed forward, picking up speed until he managed a running jump high into the air, striking Ridley with a Homing Attack.

The space pirate leader simply deflected the attack, swatting the blue hedgehog away with his powerful tail. Sonic tumbled painfully before crashing into a building.

"It's over for this freak, Pikachu!" Ash shouted. "Thunderbolt!"

Pikachu gathered electricity in his cheeks before releasing it with a shout of "Piiikaaaaa…CHUUUUU!" A nightmarish bolt of thunder struck Ridley squarely in his chest, forcing the creature to halt in his flight to minimize the pain.

With this development Cloud leapt forward, a single black-feathered wing sprouting from his back. He flew forward with great speed and smashed Ridley with a fierce combo from his sword. Ridley screamed in fury and agony before slashing back at Cloud, sending the man sprawling across the ground.

"Sonic Wind!" Sonic leapt back into action, calling forth his familiar attack as he sprint back towards the dragon. The attack, although innocuous to Ridley, did knock him off kilter, allowing Sonic to smash his face in with another Homing Attack. Ridley countered with another sweep of his tail, but Sonic was ready this time. The blue hedgehog back-flipped away from the attack, also managing to dodge two harsh swipes from Ridley's dreadful claws. Unfortunately, Ridley finally got lucky and smashed Sonic into a nearby building.

The hedgehog landed, stunned, amongst the scattered glass fragments and rubble of a demolished wall. Shaking his head to clear it, Sonic forced himself to recover quickly as Ridley crashed among the debris and began swiping his claws at him furiously. Sonic ran backwards before bouncing off a wall and aiming a kick at Ridley's head. Ridley blocked the attack, but Sonic continued to press an assault with rapid kicks, dodging Ridley's tail and claw swipes when he could.

Ridley prepared a final fatal swipe that would slash right through the rapidly tiring hedgehog. However, a voice rang out, startling him, "Hey Ridley!"

The annoyed dragon turned around to see a smirking Ash. The boy tilted his hat dramatically before shouting, "Pikachu! NOW!"

Ridley never even realized the small rat had climbed on top of him while he was fighting Sonic, not until the electric rat decided to unload about 10,000 volts of electricity on him in a constant stream. Ridley screeched in agony as Pikachu continued to shock him. So busy Ridley was trying to get the rat off of him that he also failed to notice Cloud storm in. That is, until Cloud straight up smashed him again with a powerful Cross Slash Combo.

By now Ridley was infuriated, as well as feeling rather foolish over his increasing lack of observance.

It was a bad combination.

The dragon first belted a steady flamethrower attack that knocked Cloud outside of the building. He then finally seized Pikachu from his back and threw him out as well.

"Pikachu!" Ash exclaimed as he rushed outside to protect his beloved pet.

Sonic snarled and lunged for an attack, but Ridley easily blasted him outside with a single fireball. Sonic tumbled outside and crashed painfully into the ground. It was there he saw a distinctly weak Cloud and Ash rushing towards Pikachu…

…but Ridley was rushing towards Pikachu too, ready to finish it off.

"PIKACHU!" Ash screamed.

Ridley slashed.

Ash clutched Pikachu in a tight hug.

Pikachu was unscathed.

Ash was bleeding severely.

Despite missing his intended target, Ridley guffawed gleefully. "Hee hee heee! Lookit that! Some spineless inferior is ready to die for more spineless inferiors!"

"Shut… up…" Sonic strained to rise.

"I'd love to stay and chat as you drown in the darkness, but I have business to attend! Have fun on your last hours alive!" Ridley rose up into the sky before taking a nosedive into the growing darkness, disappearing within its obsidian depths.

Sonic looked on in horror as he saw Ash crumple to the ground. "No… not again!"

"Pika!" A distraught Pikachu tried to shake his trainer into recovery, but to no avail.

"Ash! Hang in there!" Sonic shouted.

The young boy coughed, flecks of blood scattering the ground beneath his crumpled body. "It's… too late for that. It's… too late for all of us. I think I let… Misty and Brock… down."

"Pika…" Pikachu's eyes were streaming with tears now.

"S-Sonic…" Sonic turned to see a straining Cloud. The spiky blond was struggling to support himself with his mighty sword. "Listen… It's too late for us… but you still have a chance…"

The darkness was spreading ever so quickly. The Heartless were now gone, replaced by this sea of black now expanding into the world. The fallen Ash and Cloud began to sink into it.

"Cloud's right…" Ash whispered. "Save… yourself…"

"No…!" Sonic nearly screamed. "I can't leave you guys! Not like I left my other friends…"

"Just GO!" Cloud shouted. The darkness further enveloping him, he dropped his voice lower, a faded smile on his lips. "Hey… I won't be gone forever. I know the legend of the summon gems. Tell Sora… to find Aeris for me."

"Yeah… tell Rob and his friends to find Misty and Brock… tell them… it'll be all…" Ash trailed off, unable to speak any longer. The darkness was becoming overpowering. A desperate Pikachu shot out a Thundershock, trying its best to protect his owner (as well as Cloud) from the darkness that would soon envelop them all. Finally realizing his actions were futile, the electric simply laid across his trainer's chest, closing his eyes and waiting for the end.

Ash's arms slowly rose to weakly embrace his beloved Pokemon, and Sonic could've sworn he saw the boy smile even as he took his last breath.

And then his friends were gone.

Sonic watched numbly as they disappeared into the darkness. He failed… again. And worse yet, there was nothing I could do about it, he thought as he clenched his fists.

Perhaps almost nothing.

A new thought having occurred to him, Sonic turned around and raced off towards the Mansion of Souls, a newfound determination driving him.


"That went well," Raven remarked.

The Titans had spent the last half-hour fighting off a strange space monster that was damaging the satellite station that they had been on. The monster had used sonic screams that wrecked nearly everything and negated most of their attacks. However, after combining Starfire's starbolts with one of Robin's patented explosive discs, the monster was blown to smithereens. Space monster guts had showered all over our heroes, much to their disgust.

"At least we've never had Samus Aran's luck with space stations," Cyborg added in an attempt to lighten the mood. "She told me while she was hanging at the tower that every time she went to a satellite, it always went boom!"

As our heroes walked slowly but victoriously towards their T-Ship, Beast Boy complained, "How can this day get any worse? First I lost my Gamestation controller, then we had to go out in SPACE and get our collective butts kicked by some fugly monster… what next?"

"Titans! We're receiving something!" Robin hissed as he motioned for silence. He picked up his receiver and spoke into it. "Titans reporting, what is it?"

"skknntt --t's Maya! Please listen to me! The world is doomed--snnkktt!"

"What do you mean?" Robin shouted back into the receiver.

"You just HAD to say something, didn't you?" Cyborg glared at Beast Boy, who let his elfin ears droop.

At this, Raven turned to a nearby window. Looking outside onto Earth, her eyes widened. "Guys… look…"

Cyborg was the first to look after Raven. "What the…!"

"Holy CRAP." Beast Boy zoomed into the window to get a closer look. Surely enough, the world was being slowly consumed by darkness.

"snnkktt---get out of there! I don't know how long we have… I'm afraid… so many people are going to die…snnnnkkkCRAKTT We already lost Ash and Cloud…"

Robin clenched his fists.

"This is not happening, dude," Beast Boy whispered. "It can't be…"

"I have only known this planet for a little while, and we are already going to lose it to the darkness?" Starfire sniffled.

"Argh!" Robin pounded a wall in frustration. "There HAD to have been something we could've done! Our game's over just like THAT!"

"Don't think our game's over," the other Titans whirled around to Raven. She continued to speak, tonelessly as usual. "In fact, I'd say it's just begun. Regardless of the fate of this planet, we can keep the same from happening to others."

"Would that not be 'meddling'?" Starfire asked. "I believe that an unwritten law between universes is that one cannot meddle in the affairs of other planets, lest there be a terrible unbalance between the universes…"

"Starfire," Robin countered gently but firmly, catching on to Raven's idea. "The Heartless don't play by those rules, and neither will Slade. Or the H.I.V.E and their Soulless for that matter. Why should we?"

"Robin makes a good point," Cyborg added. "We're gonna have to up our ante. We're useless right now, and we need some way to change that."

"All right, Titans!" Robin took the lead once again. "Listen up. Our best means of combating this should be to split apart and search for anything that will help with this war. We'll keep in constant touch through our modified com links. Once we have an idea of what we're up against, we'll form together again and take it head on."

The others nodded in affirmation.

"All right. Let's go."


Sora continued to sprint through the empty hallways, trying desperately to reach his destination. The halls seemed to blur together as Sora raced across desolate foyers, grinded down stair rails and knocked down doors. At last he reached a curious room closer to the outside of the mansion. He saw a large hole in the wall, almost as if a huge object had burst out of it. Sora looked beyond the hole, seeing outside…

Seeing that horrible darkness once again…

…that same darkness that claimed his island three years ago.

It can't happen, not again! Sora screamed in his mind as he leapt through the holes and outside into the dark new world. His heart wrenched as he looked up to see that same orb of dark energy that sent people to other worlds. The same nightmare from three years ago was happening… again.

However, a sudden voice rang out, holding a different opinion on the matter. Sora, this feminine voice called out.

"Huh?" Sora looked around in frantic confusion. Back inside the mansion, he saw a woman. Wraith-like in appearance. Four wings. Beautiful face. Red Chaos Saint outfit.

Sora… the fated journey of your younger self ends here. Your life as you know it shall come to an end. The woman seemed to use some sort of telepathy.

"What?" Sora's face contorted into a snarl, readying his Keyblade. "I'm not going to END."

This is not a threat, my child, but a promise of rebirth.

"What's that supposed to mean!" Sora shouted, lowering his guard only the slightest bit.

You musn't forget. The light is still important. Keep that light within this darkness, and you will be reborn.

"I still have no idea what you're talking about, but I'll keep that in mind!" Sora turned around and prepared to leave, however, the woman wasn't finished.

Go find the dark boy… your destiny awaits.

Sora turned his head for one last look at his strange acquaintance, but she had vanished. Sora shook her cryptic messages out of his mind and shot towards the growing darkness. Untouched and unafraid.

The light within Sora was burning now, growing stronger as he marched into the endless black sea. The Keyhole had to be here somewhere…

It was here, at the shadow of the valley of darkness, that he saw Rob. That despicable dark boy seemed to be the source of all this! Just like Ansem…

"Rob!" Sora called out. "What are you doing!"

Sora's angry tone seemed to wound Rob, as the dark boy strained against the pain ravishing his body to answer, "You… fool! Get out of here! Leave me alone…! Let me die within the darkness… alone!"

"You idiot!" Sora bellowed. "You ever think about all the people you're going to hurt! All of your so-called family you've been trying to find?"

"Curse it, Sora." Rob's eyes filled with tears. "It was never my… idea to harm them. I wanted to save the world… using the darkness! R-Raven could… where d-did I fail?" Sora remembered the blue-robed girl of the Teen Titans. He hoped they would be one of the many people who escaped the fall of their world…

Rob continued his pained rant. "This being… opened a hole in my heart… and it reacted with the Keyhole! So I became the boy who would end the world… instead of saving it!" Rob moved, though only slightly, in a small effort to raise his fist. Unbelievable pain met him, and he screeched in anguish.

Sora's anger evaporated at the sight of his friend rendered so helpless, leaving only pity behind. However, he maintained his stern tone. "Rob! Get a hold of yourself! We can get out of this somehow!"

"No, Sora," Rob returned with a sort of defeated calm. "It's over. Save yourself. My sister… she's probably better at this than I am… Please keep watch over her…"

(The hollowed journey of your fated vessel ends here.) Sora fell back in near shock as a familiar dark being emerged in front of him. (What you seek cannot be reclaimed.)

Sora came face to face with Darkside.

"Maybe," Somewhat aware that he wasn't facing the average Darkside, Sora immediately called his Keyblade and assumed a fighting stance. The cryptic words of the woman in red invaded his mind. What was worse was the fact that they were starting to make sense. "But it's not like I have anything left to lose!"

(To think that my son's only hope lay within the despicable Keyblade wielder of the light…) Darkside reared back a fist, attempting to smash Sora into the ground. (Both he AND my father were fools amongst fools. Nothing good comes of the darkness.)

"You…" Sora leapt up and swung his Keyblade at Darkside, tearing into his arm with a flurry of strikes. The dark being howled in pain. Darkside countered by flying away and turning back with a sudden, swift fist. Sora sailed through the sky before crash landing into the growing pool of darkness. Darkside balled his fists together and tried to slam Sora into the ground. Sora dodged to the left before hopping back into the fray and smashing Darkside's other arm with his Keyblade.

Sora leered at the impassive Darkside. "You can't be… Rob's father, can you?"

(But I am…) Darkside dug his hand into the darkness and pulled out a Shadow Ball. (I am THE ORIGINAL Darkside… and I can assure you… I was human once. That makes me all the more stronger…) Darkside surprised Sora by throwing the Shadow Ball at him. Sora backflipped to dodge the attack, but the ball's collision with the darkness pooled along the ground resulted in an explosion that knocked Sora off his feet.

Several smaller Shadows emerged from the ground. They leapt onto Sora, trying to scratch, claw and bite him. Sora threw off one that had clung to his face and swiftly used his Keyblade to dispatch of the others. Unfortunately, by the time Sora had freed himself from the Shadow assault, Darkside swept a giant hand and sent Sora tumbling over the ground again.

The Keyblade Master came to a stop alongside Rob, who still lay on the ground, immobilized by the excruciating pain lacing every fiber of his being. Sora shakily rose to his feet before turning back to the dark boy. "Don't worry, Rob. I'm going to put an end to this… I'll put an end to your nightmares…" Sora clenched his teeth and readied his Keyblade. This Darkside was going DOWN, even if it was the last thing he did. Perhaps this thing was to blame for the sudden drastic shift in Rob's behavior.

"Sora…" Rob whispered as the boy charged back towards Darkside. The dark colossus reared a fist back and tried to punch Sora, but the Keyblade master dodged, leapt up, and gave a furious air combo to Darkside's arm, followed by a Ragnarok attack to the creature's face. Darkside roared before slamming a fist down on Sora.

Sora blocked the attack. However, Darkside continued to press Sora down. Down into the ever-expanding darkness…

Sora felt his heart begin to race in the slow onset of panic. Trying his best to push away the creature, Sora added desperate strength to his shove, but it was of little use. Darkside was pressing him down. Down…

And suddenly, a loud SMACK and Darkside's hand was knocked aside, twisted into a grotesque shape.

Darkside howled in pain. Sora crawled out of the darkness and looked around to see what had happened.

Right in front of Darkside was Sonic the Hedgehog.

The blue hedgehog landed gracefully from his fierce homing attack.

Sonic looked back and gave Sora and Rob a reassuring smile, his eyes softening temporarily before turning back to face Darkside. Sonic's smile dropped, immediately replaced by feral rage. "You would DARE plunge this world into darkness, dare to destroy my friends!" Sonic shot towards Darkside and smashed into him with a Light Speed Attack, leaving the colossus shuddering in a world of pain. "I've already lost so many people! My old friends, Ash, Amy…" Sonic's manic rage continued into fever pitch. "I'M NOT LOSING ANYONE ANYMORE!" With that, Sonic let out an earsplitting scream as a powerful aura began to expand from his heart.

Sora cradled a broken Rob.

Sonic's small but formidable aura was enough to erode Darkside out of existence.

The darkness began to swallow all of planet Earth, eclipsing everything outside of Sonic's powerful aura. Only Alto Mare, the Masaki Shrine, and Jump City would still exist after the darkness had finished.


Maya looked on from the Hyperion as Planet Earth perished into a spectacular shimmering flash of darkness. The destruction of the planet, that sudden, empty feeling she had as her brother disappeared under that darkness, it was all too much. She crumpled to the ground, sobbing profusely.

"My God in Heaven…" she sobbed.

The others watched in a mixture of horror and sadness as the Planet Earth faded into an endless pool of nothingness. Tails hung his head in sadness, Eggman his in shame. Tifa stared numbly. The bounty hunters, Jim Raynor, Conker, Siege, and Beelzemon bowed their heads. Even Buu remained silent.

At least for them, another day awaited.


Blondie felt something stir inside his heart as the outside world came to an end. A sad, desolate feeling that he'd never find this 'other half' of his…

But he remembered. As Marluxia had said earlier, the end of the world was only the beginning. All was going to plan. If his suspicions were right, perhaps there was still hope for his other side after all.


"Goofy… I have ask," Donald began as they piloted their gummi ship through the vast reaches of space.

"What's that, Donald?" Goofy responded.

"… is Sora okay?"

"I sure hope so. Why'd ya ask?"

"I just have this feeling… Sora's sinking into the darkness again."

"Gawrsh… me too…"


"Yeah. But I think he'll be back. You remember he came back from the darkness before, right?"

"Yeah… with Kairi's help. Hey… maybe that's why King Sephiroth is sending us to some odd planet? To look for Kairi?"

"Maybe he did. Ahyuck!"

"That's right!" Donald pumped his fist in renewed vigor. "We're gonna save Sora… AGAIN!"

"I don't think we saved him the first time…"

"Don't ruin it you big palooka!"


"Titans… this may be the last time I speak to you as leader," Robin spoke through the communication link between the fragmented T-ship. Each Titan listened in on Robin's speech as they split ways from each pod on the ship.

"The Earth has met its end. There's no reason for us to stay here any longer."

Beast Boy stared blankly into the depths of outer space, still in denial over the day's events.

"We MUST find the Keyblade Masters, wherever they show up, and help them in any way possible! We can't afford to have any more dark days like this!"

Starfire mused sorrowfully over the controls. As she steered off into space, a single tear rolled down her check.

"Slade is still out there. He and his minions will try to destroy other planets, try to destroy more lives. We owe it to Rob, Sora, and Sonic to put an end to these nightmares in any way we can."

Cyborg swiftly dodged an asteroid as he continued to pilot his miniature ship into the recesses of space. He listened onto Robin's words, giving him a respect he'd probably never given in their time together, and would never give at any other time. However, the grimness of the situation made him somewhat grateful, albeit grudgingly so, for any kind of direction.

Even if her hood wasn't over her face, Raven's feelings were entirely unreadable. Being the only Titan with a plan, she immediately set her autopilot to her destination and began to meditate. She would arrive at Little Planet within the hour.

"Good luck Titans. Remember the strength of your heart."


And it was the End of the World.

Oni, however, only considered this the beginning.

Darkness and Light, be my angels… For you will lead the way to a new age…

A new age of Chaos.

Let the Sin Angel be born. Let their power lead the Keyblade children unto their ultimate destination. The Thirteen Orders, servers of ultimate Chaos.




(Lookit that. Season 1 is complete. Season 2 promises even more fun and random chaos, just because I said so. Expect more influences from Kingdom Hearts 2 (seeing I will be using a few worlds and obviously ideas and characters), but once again I seek to deviate from your average KH crossovers. I'll be hunting for any world capable of a KH crossover (and I'm open for suggestions.). Enjoy this complete and final episode, and may our heroes rest in peace.

Note: Episode 1,2, and 6 have some new content, so check them out.)